Sampling of Letters Showing Concern—Or
The Standard Cover-Up (Obstruction of Justice)

The following are a sampling of letters received by the corruption-fighter, Captain Rodney Stich, in response to his letters reporting the corruption to members of Congress who had a moral and legal responsibility to receive the information. This sampling of responses should be coordinated with the list of letters and faxes sent to members of Congress, and comparing the serious charges and deaths with the absence of responses and those partial responses.

The charges were so serious, and the consequences, if true, were of such catastrophic consequences, that failure to act would be  not only irresponsible, but under criminal statutes, obstruction of justice.

The federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, provides that anyone knowing of a federal crime must report it to a federal judge or other federal official. A member of Congress would be included in that. And any government official being offered information or evidence of a federal crime must receive that information and insure that it is being property investigated.

When the ripple effects, the Butterfly Effects, are recognized, and the details of the corruption understood, it can then be seen that the ripple effects of what Stich sought to correct were the same culture that created the conditions that made it simple for terrorists to hijack four airliners on 9/11.

In a few cases, the members of Congress admitted the gravity of the charges. None ever allowed Captain Stich  to provide details that were necessary to support the charges.

Most engaged in the standard obfuscation, plausible denial, willful ignorance, truth evasion, willful ignorance, that has been standard for decades in the oligarchy of the U.S. government.


Sampling of letters sent to the corruption-fighter:


1968:  Aviation disasters from the reported corruption were continuing to occur:











[In 1987, as the corruption and the consequences spread to other areas, Department of Justice personnel charged Captain Stich with criminal contempt of court for having filed a federal action to report and halt the continuing harm from the corruption. The filing was in accordance with the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Federal judges and Department of Justice personnel joined forces to block the reports and repeatedly labeled Captain Stich as engaging in frivolous filings (for attempting to halt the horrendous consequences).



1991: (aviation disasters, terrorist successes,

1992: (WTC bombing, DOJ murders,



1996:  al Qaeda successes

2001:  Series of al Qaeda successes "DOJ and FAA

2002: (Continuing cover-ups continued the corruption and led to two wars)




Consequences of the Cover-Ups





Culture of Corruption and Resulting Tragedies, And
How Those in Power Protected Each Other

This page is one of many that tries to provide the American public with information on the decades of corruption to help today's generations understand the corrupt conduct of those in control of power in the U.S. government inflicted or enabled prior tragedies, today's tragedies, and those yet to occur. Hopefully, there will appear a lasting sense of outrage to make the massive cultural changes necessary in the United States. Without knowing the truth of the past, today's generations will continue to suffer the consequences.

This site is limited primarily to a sampling of letters gathered by the unique corruption-fighter, Captain Rodney Stich, who gave up a life of luxury in an attempt to halt the tragedies resulting from arrogance and corruption in the aviation industry when deadly aviation disasters were a common event.

Brief Sampling of Discovered Corruption:
1960s to 2005, and Beyond

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Anyone capable and willing to evaluate the massive amount of information at the site can see the butterfly effects that started in 1965, going through tragedy-after-tragedy, 9/11, ISIS, and for the millennium generation, domestic terrorist even worse than what had existed as part of the harm reported for years to the unresponsive American public.

No. 12 of 2004.  The Act requires people in positions of authority in the public and private sectors to report corruption, and other crimes listed in the Act involving more than R100 000, to the police. If they don’t, they will be guilty of a crime.
The Code of Conduct for the Public Service requires all employees of the public service to report corruption to an appropriate authority.

Consequences of the Cover-Ups

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