Horror of Series of Corruption-Enabled Aviation Disasters
Caused FAA Inspector to Act As Independent Prosecutor

In 1965, while Stich was carrying out an assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history, he sought to circumvent the deep-seated corruption and cover-ups that made the crashes possible by using the law as it had never been used before. He acted similar to an independent prosecutor and conducted hearings that covered a four-month period, which were held before a hearing officer, William Jennings, a lawyer on the staff of the FAA Administrator.

Expecting the usual cover-up, Stich inserted warnings of the consequences of a cover-up in his final closing brief.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of deep-seated corruption within the FAA and at United Airlines, the hearing officer covered up, praising the very same people responsible for many airline crashes and deaths. That cover-up occurred despite the fact that during the hearing three more airline disasters occurred, each of which were caused by the exact same problems that Stich had reportedly reported and which FAA management had covered up. One of these crashes was a United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City, that was a text-books classic example of the relationship between corruption and airline disasters.

Details are in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

Federal Lawsuits Filed Against FAA in the late 1960s

Stich's first attempts to expose the corruption in the FAA occurred in the late 1960s as he filed a lawsuit against the FAA under the federal crime reporting statute and the statute that permits any citizen to seek a court order requiring a federal official to perform an official duty and to halt unlawful conduct.

DOJ lawyers filed motions to dismiss, seeking to prevent Stich from reporting the criminal activities within the FAA that showed the relationship to several specific airline disasters. Federal judges complied, and ordered the dismissal of the lawsuit. Court of appeals judges supported the dismissal, as did the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court when Stich filed papers seeking to reinstate the lawsuit.

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against NTSB in the Late 1960s

A PSA Boeing 727 crashed into San Diego in 1978, the world's worst airline disaster at that time, taking the record from the prior world's worst air disaster, the United Airlines DC-8 crash into the Brooklyn borough of New York City. The NTSB, responsible for determining the probable cause of airline disasters, covered up for material information that would show why the pilots operated the aircraft as dangerously as they did.

The most probable reason for the cover-up would be that if the public knew of the misconduct by the pilots, it would force an investigation into other areas of aviation safety, such as the conduct of the two primary aviation safety agencies: the FAA and the NTSB. Former FAA aviation safety inspector-investigator had been exposing the misconduct of these two groups, and these actions had been kept from the public. Exposing the cause of that PSA crash risked bringing these other problems to the attention of the public. The NTSB therefore covered up for the crew's misconduct, as it had covered up for far-worst misconduct at United Airlines and within the FAA in several prior major airline disasters. (These matters are detailed in Unfriendly Skies: 20th and 21st Centuries.)

Stich discovered the information that the political NTSB board members were covering up, and in accordance with the Federal Aviation Act, filed a petition with the board to present the evidence that the board was covering up. The board refused to allow the evidence to be admitted, causing Stich to file a federal lawsuit seeking a court order for the NTSB to admit the evidence.

The lawsuit was filed in the federal courts at San Francisco.

Within a few days of filing the lawsuit, the assistant U.S. attorney (AUSA) handling the case called Stich at his home and advised Stich that he was recommending to his superiors in Washington that the DOJ supports Stich's action in forcing the NTSB to receive the evidence.

That AUSA did not know that the Department of Justice officials had been covering up the corruption within the FAA and NTSB for many years, including covering up when Stich, as a federal agent, brought the information to them.

Within a week, the same AUSA that was supporting Stich's lawsuit then filed a motion for the lawsuit to be dismissed. Federal district and appellate judges then blocked the lawsuit from proceeding.

Lawsuit Against United Airlines, FAA and NTSB

In 1988, former federal agent Rodney Stich sought to focus attention on the corruption related to a series of airline disasters involving key people at United Airlines, the FAA, and the NTSB by filing a lawsuit in the federal courts at Reno, Nevada.

In response to United Airlines request for a more definitive statement, Stich filed additional papers that provided still more information about the corruption being alleged. February 1, 1989. (Adobe PDF)

In response to the motion by United Airlines to dismiss the lawsuit, Stich filed an objection to their motion. (Adobe PDF)

Major attacks upon Stich by a combination of California and federal judges, DOJ prosecutors, and CIA-front law firms, and severe personal and financial consequences arising from the attacks, caused Stich to abandon pursuit of the lawsuit.

Final Lawsuit Prior to 9/11 Seeking to Report
Corruption That Would Make 9/11 Possible

Prior to 9/11, the last attempt to report the criminal activities responsible for the conditions enabling the 9/11 hijackings to occur was a lawsuit filed in the U.S. district court at Reno, Nevada (April 24, 2000). That lawsuit sought to report multiple areas of corruption, including in the aviation and intelligence sectors of government.

During the attempt to provide these reports, the events of 9/11 occurred. A declaration was filed in that lawsuit related to the blame for 9/11, emphasizing the need for the judge to receive reports of the criminal activities (that he had been blocking). (MS Word) (Adobe pdf) That declaration was ignored by federal judges at Sacramento and in the Ninth Circuit court of appeals.

That lawsuit also sought relief from massive civil rights violations that were part of the scheme to halt Stich's exposure activities. That  scheme consisted of a sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross in San Francisco. That and related lawsuits violated huge numbers of state and federal laws for which multiple federal remedies existed. For the CIA-front to succeed, California and federal judges repeated violated the protections in law. Possibly never in history were so many laws repeatedly violated and then followed by the violation of every relevant procedural due process defense.

Lawsuit After 9/11 To Report Long-Existing
Corruption That Made 9/11 Hijackings Possible

Lawsuit submitted for filing in the U.S. district court for the Southern District of New York by former federal agent Rodney Stich. (August 15, 2002) The purpose of the lawsuit was to report and expose the corrupt activities that created the conditions enabling hijackers to seize four airliners, and the misconduct adversely affecting major national issues, including national security. That lawsuit also addressed the massive civil rights violations that were part of the parallel efforts to block the reports of these crimes against the United States. 

Letter sent to U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, Southern District of New York, where most of the 9/11 lawsuits have been filed, with copies to each of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices, lawyers representing plaintiffs and defendants, and others. (September 11, 2003) The letters (a) charges that major deep-seated corruption and criminal activities in the government's aviation safety offices prevented the known preventative actions being taken against the hijackings occurring during the past 50 years; (b) government agents who attempted to expose these federal offenses; (c) federal judges repeatedly blocked these reports being made and compounded their obstruction of justice with felony retaliation against government agents for trying to report the criminal activities; (d) the continued cover-ups by every known government and non-government check and balance--just as in the past. The lawyers receiving copies of that letter included lawyers who years earlier had admitted to Stich in writing that the charges Stich were making were very serious, who then covered up for the offenses, and added to the long list of people whose cover-up made possible the conditions culminating in 3,000 deaths (besides the many other deadly consequences that did not receive the publicity as the events of 9/11. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Federal Judge Mukasey Illegally Blocked Filing
Until Supreme Court Justices Notified

Dismissal order by Chief Judge Mukasey, New York District Court, received by Stich before he even received notice that his Complaint had been filed. That order blocked a former federal agent from reporting federal crimes under the federal crime reporting statute, which was a federal crime under various federal criminal statutes, including those relating to obstruction of justice. The dismissal order was riddled with misstatements of facts and of law, and acted to protect the many federal judges who were implicated in the felony cover-ups, while also protecting the people in government involved in the corruption. This cover-up, as those in the past, insures that the corruption and the catastrophic consequences will continue.

In clear violation of federal filing requirements, the chief judge blocked the required filing of that lawsuit for over 12 months. The lawsuit that should have been filed upon receipt was finally filed on September 22, 2003. It wasn't until Stich sent letters to each of the Justices of the Supreme Court complaining about the latest action by federal judges blocking the reports of criminal activities that the lawsuit was finally filed. Simultaneous with the filing, Judge Mukasey filed a five-page order dismissing it.

Stich then filed a notice of appeal. October 14, 2003. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Mukasey later became U.S. Attorney General, in position to block exposure of high-level corruption in government.

Obstruction of Justice
By Court of Appeals Judges

The court of appeals issued a scheduling order for filing appeal briefs for Stich and the U.S. attorney (the same U.S. attorney prosecuting Martha Stewart for so-called obstruction of justice).

Stich submitted his Appellant brief on January 3, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

That appeal brief was received by the court on January 7, 2004, but filing was blocked, as was done in the district court.

Stich then wrote letters complaining of the refusal to file the brief. January 21, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF

In response to those letters, the federal court of appeals finally filed the brief on January 29, 2004. To disguise the filing irregularity, the filing date was back-dated to January 7, 2004. (The postmark on the envelope sending the filed appeal brief to Stich had a January 29, 2004 date.)

Department of Justice Personnel Continuing Cover-Ups of
Corruption of Key Government personnel

The scheduling order required the U.S. attorney to file their brief by February 12, 2004. It wasn't filed. Stich then filed a motion for a court order forcing the U.S. attorney to file the overdue brief and for sanctions, March 8, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe  PDF),

A declaration of filing irregularities was submitted by Stich, February 23, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

U.S. Attorney Finally Filed the Brief

The U.S. attorney's office filed their brief on May 24, 2004, upholding the actions by the district court judge that blocked the reporting of criminal activities, some of which played key roles in the conditions enabling hijackers to seize four airliners on 9/11,  upholding the massive violations of federally protected rights that were part of parallel legal actions blocking Stich and h is group of other former government agents from reporting criminal activities that they initially discovered as part of their official government duties.

Stich then filed Appellant's Reply Brief on June 8, 2004, responding to the false statements and deceptions stated in the Justice Department's brief. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Former Federal Aviation Safety Expert Gives Oral
Argument Before Court of Appeals, New York City

The appellate courts rarely provide for oral arguments after filing of the written briefs, and especially when a pro se appellant has filed the appeal. It is interesting that:

Oral arguments were heard on  August 24, 2004, before Judges Jose A. Cabranes; Chester J. Straub, and Richard C. Wesley. Stich presented a ten-minute oral argument highlighting matters of fact and law.

Included in the issues raised in Stich's appellate brief were:

Mandatory Responsibility of Appellate Judges

Under federal statutes, case law, and rules of court, appellate judges must examine the complaint filed by Stich de novo (from the beginning), and must accept the allegations stated in the complaint as true for opposing dismissal. If a single federal cause of action is stated in the complaint, the dismissal by the lower court judge must be reversed. Further, the federal crime reporting statute requires any federal judge to receive the information on a federal crime offered by any party, and surely former federal agents meet that definition!

History of Appellate Judges' Complicity
In Judicial Corruption and Tragedies

Two days after oral argument, the three-judge appellate panel entered their decision, upholding each of the violations of criminal and civil due process provisions by Judge Mukasey, continuing the long history of judicial cover-ups and judicial violations. In this way the appellate judges enabled to continue the criminal and subversive activities and the long line of catastrophic consequences.

Petition for Rehearing En Banc

Stich submitted (September 7, 2004) for filing a petition for rehearing en banc to the court of appeals in New York City. Such a petition requires that every judge in the Second Circuit  Court of Appeals must be made aware of the petition and enter a decision as to whether it will be heard. (MS Word)  (Adobe PDF)

Four months later, on December 16, 2004, an order was filed showing that every judge on the Second Circuit court of appeals refused to hear the case. (Adobe PDF)

Making Supreme Court Justices Again Aware
Of the Judicial Criminal Activities

Stich submitted his petition for writ of certiorari and writ of mandamus to the U.S. Supreme Court. (January 5, 2005) The issues stated in that submission were extremely sensitive. The filing of the petition was due to the judges in the Second Circuit court of appeals in New York City refusing to  overturn the decision by U.S. district judges Mukasey. That decision supported the obstruction of justice by Judge Mukasey as the judge blocked Stich and his group of other former government agents from reporting criminal and subversive activities in government offices that they had discovered during their official duties. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

The issues raised in that submission, under the petition for writ of certiorari and writ of mandate included:

The petition was surely the last thing the Justices wanted to receive.  It was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, that the Justices denied Stich's petitions for writ of certiorari's that they refused to act upon, making possible the explosion of corruption in government offices and the series of otherwise preventable airline disasters. These justices were then implicated in the catastrophic consequences that followed their complicity of cover-up.

In subsequent years, as Stich filed other similar petitions addressing the even more serious criminal activities and the corrupt, unlawful, and unconstitutional actions by federal judges to silence Stich, the Supreme Court repeatedly blocked the petitions from being filed. They used such excuses as the spacing between the lines in the petitions did not meet Supreme Court requirements (though unrecognizable by the naked eye), that the petitions were not timely received (when they were timely submitted), and other sham excuses. Filing a  petition for writ of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court can be a costly and time-consuming procedure. The cover-up by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court can be expected to continue.

For those with a serious interest in how today's events, especially 9/11 occurred, a careful examination of the lawsuits filed against the FAA and NTSB in the period between 1974 and 1977, and the cover-ups by federal judges, it can be seen that the conditions enabling four groups of terrorists to hijack four airliners on September 11, 2001, were ripple effects of what occurred in those lawsuits. And it doesn't require the intelligence of a brain surgeon to understand the relationship!

Judicial Cover-Ups Compounded by Judicial Retaliation:
Both Tragedy-Enabling Criminal Acts

Among the many courageous whistleblowers seeking to halt corruption among leaders in control of key government officers was former federal agent Rodney Stich. Rodney Stich and his coalition of former intelligence, law enforcement, and aviation safety personnel had repeatedly attempted to report the corruption of people in key overt and covert government operations that were resulting in a continuing series of harmful and catastrophic consequences, but encountered nothing but blocks. Stich sought to circumvent the systemic cover-ups to exposing the systemic corruption by filing federal filings under the federal crime reporting statute. That statute requires anyone who knows of a federal crime to promptly report it to a federal judge or other federal official. and that judge or federal official is required to received the information of part of their administrative duties, or be guilty of obstructing justice.

The response to these efforts involved dozens of federal judges, Department of Justice personnel, and even Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, greatly expanding the list of participants in the underlying systemic corruption. The following are the highlights that spanned many years, and enabled to occur

Sequence of Massive Corruption in U.S. Leadership

 The federal judges and Justice Department employees' block to reporting the corruption were criminal acts under the obstruction of justice statutes. The harm inflicted by federal judges and Department of Justice employees were criminal acts under the statutes pertaining of inflicting harm upon a former federal agent or anyone reporting a federal crime

Powerful Force Orchestrating the Attacks, Suspension Of
All Legal Defenses, and Protecting the Perpetrators

Only a small part of the evidence involved is shown here. When examined in its entirety, is it obvious that a powerful force high in the federal government orchestrated the multiple parallel efforts to keep the people from learning about this level of corruption and horrorific consequences. That powerful force had to control the parallel schemes that involved  a hoard of lawyers engaging in repeated sham lawsuits barred by law; to control California judges that had to insure the success of the sham actions that violated dozens of state and federal laws; had to control dozens of federal judges to protect the scheme and the perpetrators, including the complicity of Supreme Court justices. These 20 years of continuous attacks could not have progressed beyond day-one without that powerful source within the U.S. Department of Justice.

These attacks met the legal definition of a conspiracy, and constituted additional crimes.

See conspiracy indications.

The Early Cover-Up of Corruption Went Out of Control And
Now Could Force Key People Out of U.S. Government

IT appears that the initial cover-up, that enabled the continuation of deadly consequences, required a continuing increase in the documented cover-ups and criminal attacks upon the whistleblower. And this led to the most highly documented series of criminal acts involving people in the moist powerful segments of the government of the United States.

Sampling of Other Courageous People Who Suffered
Gross Human Rights Violations

Consequences Suffered by the American People
And Others: Enabled by Corruption in U.S.

Obsessed with trivia, a culture of indifference, and possibly cowardice, the American public ignored the reports by insiders that were available to them for years. Egyptian protesters brought about the removal of their nation's leaders for human rights violations far less than the above. The United States needs to bring in Egyptian protesters to protest and bring about the downfall of the corrupt personnel in control of key government functions, something for which there do not seem to be anyone in the United States capable of such protest.

They are taken in a repeated series of financial corruption, the worst resulting in conditions that for many people will ruin their lives forever. They are lied to and led into two wars that killed and maimed thousands of Americans (and people in other countries) and contributing to the financial crisis that will inflict still more harm upon the people. There are so many instances in which they are made to suffer that one wonders what in hell does it take to wake up the trivia-obsessed and mostly unread American public that still worships the worst of the lying political leaders.

Sampling of sites to wake up the sheep-like masses:

Corruption-Enabled Events That Motivated The
Former Government-Agent Whistleblower

As a result of the widespread corruption in overt and covert government operations, the systemic cover-ups that treat high-level corruption as the "third-rail," and the retaliation against whistleblowers, great American tragedies have repeatedly occurred, and will continue to occur.

Sampling of Early Consequences





TWA Flight  800

U.S. Embassy Bombings

9/11 Easily-Preventable Multiple Hijackings


These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

One of Over 200 Victims Choosing This Way to Die—
Made Possible by Many Enablers in United States

Consequences of Corruption, Cover-Ups, And
Retaliation Felonies Not Limited to Aviation

There were many other forms of victims from the systemic high-level corruption. These included for instance victims of the:

  • Department of Justice prosecutorial misconduct, people being falsely charges with crimes in order to improve the prosecutors' career.

  • The explosion of violent crime related to drug smuggling into the United States, in which CIA assets were major players.

  • Series of financial frauds appearing every few years, with the latest housing and financial implosions surfacing in 2008.

  • Seizure of assets from innocent people.

  • And many other forms.

These offenses are described in the books written by insiders.

Corruption of the Type Described at this site does not occur in a vacuum. High-level corruption in one area is simply one tentacle of a widespread culture of corruption. And the consequences of that corruption−and the endemic cover-ups−have consequences in other areas. The culture of corruption affects the people and the nation in many other ways, That includes the latest series of financial frauds that has occurred in the housing and financial sectors. Also, the effect of the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups−major parts of the culture in the United States−that enablers successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. interests.

Harm to People Overseas From Culture Of
High-Level Corruption and Lies in the United States

In addition to the decades of harm resulting from the systemic corruption of key people and groups in the U.S. government, affecting aviation safety, financial, human rights, in the United States, there is the harm from outside sources brought about by the actions of U.S. politicians affecting people in other countries—such as the history of invading and killing foreigners—there are the successful "terrorist" attacks made possible by high-level corruption, and then there are the foreigners who are also victims from the same high-level corruption that adversely affects the American, but in a different form.

Remains of a girl—about the age of the 9-year-old Killed in Tucson in January 2011.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Suggestion to people outside the United States. Become familiar with the documented systemic corruption in the United States and show the outrage lacking of people in the United States, and:

  • Help expose the endemic corruption that seem to be acceptable to the American people, and maybe wake them up.

  • Help to protect yourselves against the decades of ham inflicted upon people of other countries by the actions of U.S. politicianssupported by much of the American public. Examples:

    • Serial lying by U.S. politicians to use as a pretense to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, killing tens of thousands of innocent people.

    • U.S. politicians shifting enabling blame from their own corrupt actions that encouraged and enabled four groups of terrorists to simultaneously hijack four airliners, and shift the blame to the people of Iraq and Afghanistanwith the help of a dumbed-down American public that is mostly too lazy to learn the truth.

Books for Serious People by Serious Professionals







All of the books are available at amazon.com, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.

Thanks to the Very Few Who Care Enough

Thanks are given to those very very few who have contributed funds to the non-profit organization that helps to fund these exposure activities.






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