Lawsuit seeking return of civil and constitutional rights.


Lawsuit against members of Congress.


Lawsuit focusing on reporting criminal activities of CIA people.


Lawsuit seeking return of $10 million in seized assets.


Lawsuit reporting corruption within the FAA.


Lawsuit against Supreme Court Justices.


Pre-9/11 filing in DCA courts to report corrupt activities that would later be the enabling causes for the 9/11 terrorist hijackings.


Lawsuit filed after 9/11 attempting to report high-level corruption enabling the 9/11 hijackings.


Horrific consequences of corruption required unusual actions and perseverance.


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9/11 information


Lockerbie information


9/11 index of insider information.


9/11 enablers among key people in U.S. government.


Comparison of enabling blame for 9/11 hijackers' successes: Iraq, Afghanistan, or corrupt conduct of people in the United States.


The Lockerbie bombing prosecution, hoax, and harbinger of great catastrophic events.


FBI agents involved in murders of American citizens with organized crime and Mafia figures.


Sacrifice of 4,000 lives to protect FBI supervisors involved in series of murders with Mafia capo known as "the killing machine."


Al Qaeda mole who provided advance information on major terrorist successes against U.S. targets.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.

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