Beginning of tragedy-resulting scheme enabled by complicity of nationwide federal judges.


Federal judges enlarged upon the scheme's massive civil rights  violations


Federal judges converted corruption-fighting activist into a man without a country.


Obstruction of  justice by federal judges and resulting great tragedies.


Criminal offenses repeatedly perpetrated by federal judges.


Federal judges retaliating against federal agent for reporting high-level criminal activities.


Seeking relief from massive civil rights violations in Chapter 11: Encountering more corruption.


Brief introduction into judicial attacks to silence whistleblower.


History of obstruction of justice by federal judges—and resulting national tragedies.


Judicial blocks to reporting corruption in government resulted in series of catastrophic events.


Powerful forces in government orchestrating the cover-ups and retaliatory actions,


Sampling of events made possible by corruption and attacks upon corruption-fighting activist.


 Documentaries by unique insiders on 50 years of high-level corruption and resulting tragedies.


Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler and American people under corrupt government leaders.


International consequences from corrupt conduct of the American public's leaders.



Brief introduction