Six years of repeated violations by California judges and CIA-FBI-Front law firm.


Absence of subject matter jurisdiction.


Statutes requiring recognition of the prior judgments that settled the matters.


Absence of jurisdiction over separate property under the Family Law Act.


Repeated procedural due process violations.


Complicity of California court of Appeals judges.


Each subsequent judge enlarged upon the prior judges' violations.


Each subsequent judge enlarged upon the prior judges' violations.


Each violation of any single law constituted separate federal causes of action.


Violated landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions.


Federal judges enlarged upon the massive civil rights violations.


Converted former federal agent into a man without a country.


Obstruction of justice by federal judges and other felonies.


Criminal offenses perpetrated by federal judges.


Judicial felonies committed by retaliating against former federal agent for reporting high-level criminal activities


Exercising Chapter 11 to seek relief, and encountering further judicial corruption and attacks.


Opportunity for patriotic law firm to collect sizeable fees which exposing high-level tragedy-related corruption.


Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen feloniously expanded on legal and judicial attacks.


Federal judges became high-ranking enablers in Series of coirruption-related major national disasters.


Great harm inflicted upon former federal agent in scheme to cover up for high-level corruption.


An obvious well-orchestrated conspiracy involving lawyers California judges, federal judges, Justice Department prosecutors, and the CIA.


Powerful force in government orchestrating the multiple cover-ups and retaliatory actions.


Documentaries by unique insiders on 50 years of high-level corruption in government and resulting consequences.