U.S. Invasion of Korea

U.S. politicians ordered the invasion of Korea on June 25, 1950. It started the years of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and communism. American politicians stated it was a war against communism itselfbarring people of other nations from having the form of government best suited for themselves. Today, Communist China and other communist nations provide the funding for the United States to engage in new wars that are inflicting great financial  and other problems for the United States. That war ended three years later, in July 1953, with Korea divided into North Korea and Sough  Korea.

American  fatalities were 38,000 killed (the dead stretching in a line four miles long), and many more wounded and maimed. Over five million Koreans reportedly died. Sixty years later, the United States continues to have 28,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in South Korea, requiring the payment of taxes by millions of Americans.

The United States has over 160,000military personnel stationed in over 150 countries, besides those in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.