Pros and Cons of HMOs, such as Kaiser Permanente

Cancer Victim

Stage IV Lung Cancer

Sample of incompetence experienced by this writer from Kaiser physicians.

Forced to obtain out-of-plan diagnosis of advanced kidney cancer.

Esophagus Cancer

Kaiser physicians denying prompt surgery at critical cancer stage.
Sample of incompetence, death-panel decisions, and sacrifice of patient health to protect other physicians.
Pattern of denying standard cancer care using sham medical arguments.
Criminal aspects of withholding universally recognized paid medical plan care.
Sampling of related communications concerning premature death tactics.
Kaiser physician's blood money.
Simultaneous struggle arranging repeated hospital and other cancer care for pain-racked 18-year companion.
Reversal of denial of cancer treatment after six months of voluminous complaints, appeals—and internet publicity—by courageous Kaiser oncologist.
Arrogance and denial of medical treatment continued into 2012, during grief over Glenda's recent death.
Replacing universally recognized care with thug-like hatred.
The enormous pain and suffering that accompanies cancer adds to criminality of rogue Kaiser physicians.
Thousands of deaths yearly due to medical "errors"—or deliberate physician misconduct.
Phony quality performance ratings given to Kaiser Permanente.
Relative freedom from being sued encourages deadly medical misconduct by rogue Kaiser physicians.
Sampling of articles on HMO denial of medical treatment.
Sham nature of appeal to Medicare for denial of nationally recognized cancer treatment.
Kaiser Permanente doctor sues Kaiser for denying medical care to thousands.
Sampling of Kaiser scandals exposed by the media.
Could there be a sinister reason for wanting to bring about an early death?
Google search for medical horror stories relating to Kaiser Permanente medical group.
Army of lawyers and law firms fueled by Victims of Kaiser's medical misconduct.
Sampling of cancer treatment sites relating to kidney cancer.


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