Recognizing Congressional Culture


The following is a partial list of the members of Congress who, over many years, received letters reporting corrupt activities of people in government positions associated with tragedies, deaths, and harm to national security. These letters were sent by many government agents, including Rodney Stich. Never once did any of them make any meaningful response, or any response. These are among the same members of Congress who, after 9/11, criticized groups for not being responsive, implying that they themselves were responsive to their responsibilities.


The following members of Congress did not respond to any of the hundreds of letters describing criminal activities in areas for which they had oversight responsibilities. By being made aware of allegations of criminal and even subversive activities involving people in key judicial and other government positions, they became guilty as the principles, under federal criminal statutes, including Title 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, and 4.


Representatives in the House

Henry Hyde; George W. Gekas; Lamar Smith; Bob Goodlatte; Steve Chabot; Bob Barr; William Jenkins; Asa Hutchinson; Edward Pease; Christopher Cannon; James Rogan; Lindsey Graham; Mary Bono; Spencer Bachus; Joe Scarborough; David Vitter; John Conyers; Barney Frank; Howard Berman; Rick Boucher; Jerrold Nadler; Robert Scott; Mel Watt; Zoe Lofgren; Sheiler Jackson Lee; Marty Meehan; William Delahunt; Robert Wexler; Steven Rothman; Tammy Baldwin; Anthony Weiner.



Strom Thurmond; Charles E. Grassley; Arlen Specter; Jon L. Kyl; Mike DeWine;Jeff Session; Bob Smith; Charles Schrumer; Robert G. Torricelli; Russell D. Feingold;  Herbert Kohl; Joseph R. Biden, Jr; Edward Kennedy; Patrick J. Leahy; Sharon Prost (Republican chief counsel); Makan Delrahim (Republican staff director); Bruce A. Cohen, Democrat counsel.



Consequences of the Cover-ups

Continuing the cancerous spreading of corruption in government, involving cover-ups, obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting the guilty, converting government positions into racketeering enterprises, undermining the internal security of the United States, and other crimes against the American people.

Aiding and abetting the drug smuggling into the United States by people acting under cover of government entities and operations, including the CIA, DEA, State Department, military, and even into the NSC and the White House during the Contra affair, and in liaison with organized crime groups.

Aiding and abetting the pattern of other criminal activities divulged by CIA and other insiders, and as describing in the books, Defrauding America, Unfriendly Skies, Drugging America, and Disavow.

Aiding and abetting the corruption in the federal courts, which includes documented patterns of judicial obstruction of judicial, judicial destruction of major laws and constitutional protections, and the spreading of this judicial corruption throughout government and throughout society.

Harm Made Possible by the Cover-Ups

As it relates to drugs: Continuation of the drug smuggling by people acting under cover of government operations, which has played key roles in the crimes arising from drug trafficking, including unprecedented increase in crime and criminal-infestation of neighborhoods, countless numbers of murders, tens of thousands of men and women sentenced to prison, destruction of families, countless numbers of human tragedies, seizing of people's assets, paramilitary attacks upon families, corruption of government, prosecutorial misconduct, developing a nation of informants, and much more. 

As it relates to corruption in the courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States: Expanding the inherent corruption in the legal fraternity, as typified in the documented judicial misconduct shown in related websites. these include, for instance, judicial obstruction of justice and cover-ups, judicial retaliation against government whistleblowers, judicial misuse of the courts to inflict great personal and financial harm upon whistleblowers.

Consequences of congressional cover-ups.

Congressional corruption described in the books written by former government agents.

Sampling of letters sent to members of Congress over the years, reporting such mattes of corruption in the government's aviation safety offices associated with certain airline disasters, CIA drug smuggling, October Surprise, surface-to-air missiles being acquired by terrorists, suitcase nuclear bombs being stolen out of Russian stockpiles, corruption in the federal courts and especially in the bankruptcy courts.

Mischief that the public can do by contacting members of congress with copies of letters sent to them reporting corruption, and ask why they did not respond.

Lawsuits filed by former federal agent against certain members of Congress on the basis of their cover-ups that enabled major tragedies to occur.

Sampling of Great American Tragedies
Enabled by Documented Congressional Cover-Ups

All forms of human tragedies have been inflicted upon the people of the United States from the corruption discovered by the people behind this site−and made possible by enablers in and out of government. The below pictures are only a sampling of the consequences from the documented corruption that are able to be portrayed graphically. The tragedies in other areas resulting from the corruption, cover-ups, and public indifference, are not shown here.

United Airlines crash into New York City, the world's worst at that time. Withheld from the Amererica public were the reports by federal safety inspectors-investigators showing a continuing pattern of corruption, fraud, criminal alteration of major government required records−and the standard abuse of those few inspectors attempting to require the airline management to comply with industry standards and clear requirements of federal aviation safety requirements−and FAA management to require compliance. None of the guilty, the enablers, to these and the continuing fraud-related crashes ever were held accountable for the hundreds of deaths that they enabled to occur.




These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Among the "Least" Guilty of the Enablers

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