Brief Introduction Into Series Of
High-Level Crimes and Consequences

Former federal agent Rodney Stich and his coalition of other former government agents and insiders had sought to report the corrupt activities in the government's aviation safety offices related to a series of specific airline disasters, and also criminal activities in other areas of overt and covert government activities. The authority for doing this was the federal crime reporting statute and the statute that permits any citizen to seek a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory duty and halt unlawful conduct.


In response to these efforts, large numbers of federal judges, Department of Justice personnel, and over 50 lawyers and law firms embarked on multiple schemes to block the reports of the high-level corruption and silence the former federal agent acting as a whistleblower to expose misconduct resulting in major harm, many deaths, and a series of catastrophic events. Click here for more introductory information. In combination, they inflicted great harm through civil, constitutional, criminal, and human rights violations upon a former federal agent, and made possible the continuation of the prior consequences of corruption, cover-ups, and retaliations, some of which are shown below. The need to coordinate these many parallel efforts to block the reporting of very serious high-level corruption, and protect the participants, from 1982 to 2005 as they engaged in conspiracies involving massive and repeated civil, constitutional, and human rights violations, and criminal obstruction of justice and criminal retaliation against a former federal agent and witness, strongly suggests that a powerful group in the federal government was involved. The consequences of their enabling conduct is shown below.

Judicial Tactics Blocking Reports
Of High Corruption Related
To Catastrophic Events

During the period 1978 to 1982, former federal agent Rodney Stich sought to report the culture and corruption within the government's aviation safety offices that enabled to occur a long list of airline disasters. Stich filed these actions in the U.S. District Court at San Francisco, which were then dismissed without receiving the evidence.

The statutory authority requiring criminal activities to be reported to a federal court (or other federal officer), and the mandatory responsibility of any federal judge to receive the information and evidence, arises under the mandatory crime reporting requirements of Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, and the right under Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361.

Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Misprision of felony. Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

 Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff.

Each of the filings were blocked by motions filed by Department of Justice lawyers, and then dismissed by federal judges. (Details of these lawsuits in Unfriendly Skies: 20th and 21st Centuries and Defrauding America.

Stich then filed petitions for writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court. That filing made the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court aware of the crimes against the United States and the obstruction of justice tactics by federal judges over whom they had supervisory responsibilities.

Federal law requires that federal judges recognize the allegations stated in the complaint as true, in opposing dismissal. Every court filing had multiple allegations constituting federal causes of actions, in addition to reporting federal crimes.

Dennis v. Sparks 449 U.S. 24 (1980)(“For the purposes of testing sufficiency of the complaint, the allegations of the complaint must be accepted as true.”)

Last Attempt Prior to 9/11 to Report
Corruption Related to Ongoing
Catastrophic Events

One of the bests descriptions of what followed can be found in a lawsuit filed in the federal courts at Reno, Nevada. Federal judges and Supreme Court Justices repeatedly blocked every attempt to report the criminal activities under the federal crime reporting statute (18 U.S.C. § 4). These facts are detailed in a lawsuit filed in the federal courts at Reno, Nevada. April 24, 2000. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

After the 9/11 hijackings occurred, made possible by the corruption that were being reported  to the federal judge, Stich filed a declaration that became part of the judicial record. January 21, 2002. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Despite the gravity of the facts stated and the relationship to 3,000 deaths in just the latest consequences, and in only one of the areas affected by the corruption. Judge Reed blocked the action and dismissed it. That dismissal violated the crime reporting statute that required him to receive the information, which then violated other obstruction of justice statutes. Further, the dismissal violated the federal laws that required that he provide a federal court form, provide relief, and order a halt to the violations of federally protected rights.

Continuing the pattern of federal judges blocking the reporting of the criminal activities adversely affecting national security, Judge Reed dismissed that lawsuit.

Stich then filed a timely notice of appeal with the Ninth Circuit court of appeals in San Francisco--the same court of appeal judges that had been blocking the reporting of criminal activities for many prior years. Federal appellate judges refused to allow Stich to file an appeal brief, claiming that a 1984 order permanently terminated his legal and constitutional right to federal court access. This unlawful and unconstitutional order knowingly blocked Stich from reporting the criminal activities. May 15, 2002. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

 Dismissing Judges Named as Defendants,
 Immune From Consequences
Of Their Criminal Acts

U.S. district judge Edward C. Reed, Jr., Reno, Nevada, signed an order (July 26, 2000) dismissing all defendant federal judges from the lawsuit holding that the "judges are absolutely immune ... even when such acts are in excess of their jurisdiction and are alleged to have been done maliciously or corruptly."

Allegations Stated in the Complaint Must be Accepted As True

The allegations in the Amended Complaint, which under law must be accepted as true at that stage of the proceedings,  revealed federal judges acting in a conspiracy to undermine the laws and Constitution of the United States, aiding and abetting criminal and subversive acts by blocking their reports, and engaging in other crimes. The complaint included such charges as federal judges:

During the proceedings which sought to expose the corruption in the government's aviation safety offices, in the FBI, and elsewhere, terrorists hijacked four airliners on September 11, 2001. The conditions that made it easy for 19 terrorists to simultaneously hijack four airliners on 9/11 were corrupt activities in primarily the government's aviation safety offices and employees of the FBI-DOJ. Briefly described here.

Stich then filed a declaration, dated January 23, 2002, putting the judge on notice of the catastrophic consequences of what the defendants made possible, and which were further enabled by the judge's block to reporting the corrupt activities. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

After receiving that declaration, Judge Reed dismissed the attempts to report these matters, insuring that the same causative conditions would continue, along with the consequences.

Post-9/11 Judicial Block in NYC

Lawsuit submitted on August 15, 2002, for filing in the U.S. district court for the Southern District of New York by former federal agent Rodney Stich. The purpose of the lawsuit was to report and expose the corrupt activities that created the conditions enabling hijackers to seize four airliners, and the misconduct adversely affecting major national issues, including national security. That lawsuit also addressed the massive civil rights violations that were part of the parallel efforts to block the reports of these crimes against the United States. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF

Seeking to force the issue on the illegal refusal to file the Complaint, Stich sent a letter (September 11, 2003) to U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein, Southern District of New York, with copies to each of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Copies were also sent to lawyers representing plaintiffs and defendants, and others. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

The letters charged that:

 The receipt by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court again made them aware of the gravity of the misconduct, including that of federal judges over whom the Justices had supervisory responsibilitiesand vicarious liability for their wrongful acts.

Letters to Supreme Court Justices:
Continuing Judicial Block

In what could have been instructions from the Supreme Court Justices, Chief Judge Mukasey, filed the lawsuit and immediately filed a fivepage order dismissing it.  The dismissal order was riddled with misstatements of facts and of law and surely took weeks to prepare, responding to a filing that had not even been filed and should not have served as the basis for the statements made in the dismissal. A dismissal, by law and constitutional due process, required notice of a hearing, a hearing, and a chance to object. Stich then filed a notice of appeal. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

NYC Court of Appeals Judges
Continued the Solid Judicial Block

The court of appeals issued a scheduling order for filing appeal briefs for Stich and the U.S. attorney (the same U.S. attorney prosecuting Martha Stewart for so-called obstruction of justice).

Stich submitted his Appellant brief on January 3, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

That appeal brief was received by the court on January 7, 2004, but filing was blocked, as was done in the district court.

Stich then wrote letters complaining of the refusal to file the brief. January 21, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF

In response to those letters, the federal court of appeals finally filed the brief on January 29, 2004. To disguise the filing irregularity, the filing date was back-dated to January 7, 2004. (The postmark on the envelope sending the filed appeal brief to Stich had a January 29, 2004 date.)

DOJ Lawyers Failed to File Their Appeal Brief

The scheduling order required the U.S. attorney to file their brief by February 12, 2004. It wasn't filed. Stich then filed a motion for a court order forcing the U.S. attorney to file the overdue brief and for sanctions, March 8, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe  PDF),

A declaration of filing irregularities was submitted by Stich, February 23, 2004. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

The U.S. attorney's office finally filed their brief on May 24, 2004, upholding the actions by the district court judge that blocked the reporting of criminal activities, some of which played key roles in the conditions enabling hijackers to seize four airliners on 9/11,  upholding the massive violations of federally protected rights that were part of parallel legal actions blocking Stich and h is group of other former government agents from reporting criminal activities that they initially discovered as part of their official government duties.

Stich then filed Appellant's Reply Brief on June 8, 2004, responding to the false statements and deceptions stated in the Justice Department's brief. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Oral Argument Before
Court of Appeals, New York City

The appellate courts rarely provide for oral arguments after filing of the written briefs, and especially when a pro se appellant has filed the appeal. It is interesting that:

Oral arguments were heard on  August 24, 2004, before Judges Jose A. Cabranes; Chester J. Straub, and Richard C. Wesley. Stich presented a ten-minute oral argument highlighting matters of fact and law. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Included in the issues raised in Stich's appellate brief were:

Mandatory Responsibilities Of
Federal Appellate Judges

Under federal statutes, case law, and rules of court, appellate judges must examine the complaint filed by Stich de novo (from the beginning), and must accept the allegations stated in the complaint as true for opposing dismissal. If a single federal cause of action is stated in the complaint, the dismissal by the lower court judge must be reversed. Further, the federal crime reporting statute requires any federal judge to receive the information on a federal crime offered by any party, and surely former federal agents meet that definition!

Two days after oral argument, the three-judge appellate panel entered their decision, upholding each of the violations of criminal and civil due process provisions by Judge Mukasey, continuing the long history of judicial cover-ups and judicial violations. In this way the appellate judges enabled to continue the criminal and subversive activities and the long line of catastrophic consequences.

Petition for Rehearing En Banc

Stich submitted (September 7, 2004) for filing a petition for rehearing en banc to the court of appeals in New York City. Such a petition requires that every judge in the Second Circuit  Court of Appeals must be made aware of the petition and enter a decision as to whether it will be heard. (MS Word)  (Adobe PDF)

Four months later, on December 16, 2004, an order was filed showing that every judge on the Second Circuit court of appeals refused to hear the case.

Making Supreme Court Justices Again
Aware of Conduct Involved in 9/11

On January 5, 2005, Stich submitted his petition for writ of certiorari and writ of mandamus to the U.S. Supreme Court. The issues stated in that submission were extremely sensitive. The filing of the petition was due to the judges in the Second Circuit court of appeals in New York City refusing to  overturn the decision by U.S. district judges Mukasey. That decision supported the obstruction of justice by Judge Mukasey as the judge blocked Stich and his group of other former government agents from reporting criminal and subversive activities in government offices that they had discovered during their official duties. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

The issues raised in that submission, under the petition for writ of certiorari and writ of mandate included:

The petition was surely the last thing the Justices wanted to receive.  It was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, that the Justices denied Stich's petitions for writ of certiorari's that they refused to act upon, making possible the explosion of corruption in government offices and the series of otherwise preventable airline disasters. These justices were then implicated in the catastrophic consequences that followed their complicity of cover-up.

In subsequent years, as Stich filed other similar petitions addressing the even more serious criminal activities and the corrupt, unlawful, and unconstitutional actions by federal judges to silence Stich, the Supreme Court repeatedly blocked the petitions from being filed. They used such excuses as the spacing between the lines in the petitions did not meet Supreme Court requirements (though unrecognizable by the naked eye), that the petitions were not timely received (when they were timely submitted), and other sham excuses. Filing a  petition for writ of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court can be a costly and time-consuming procedure. The cover-up by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court can be expected to continue.

Long Involvement by
Supreme Court Justices

Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court were continually informed of these judicial acts through legal filings and certified letters, starting in the late 1970s with the filing of lawsuits against the FAA and NTSB.

In each case the justices refused to act, despite their supervisory responsibilities over the federal judges involved in the misconduct and their responsibilities to receive reports of criminal activities as defined in the federal crime reporting statute.

The legal right to file these lawsuits arose from the federal crime reporting statute that requires anyone who knows of a possible federal crime to promptly report it to a federal court. Also, the statute that permits any citizen to seek a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory duty and to halt unlawful conduct.

Initially, district court judges in the Ninth Circuit at San Francisco admitted the gravity of Stich's charges. But after Justice Department lawyers moved to dismiss the lawsuits, the judges refused to receive the evidence and ordered dismissal of the lawsuits. The federal crime reporting statute required that federal judges receive information offered by anyone relating to a federal offense as part of the judge's administrative duties. Refusing to receive the information was not in their judicial decision making authority and amount to obstruction of justice.

Notices of appeal were then filed. During oral argument before Ninth Circuit court of appeal judges on the first of these appeals, the gravity of Stich's charges was acknowledged by the judges. One court of appeal judge stated that these were serious charges but they were matters for Congress to investigate. Although that was true, federal statutes clearly required federal judges to receive the information (not to investigate) and also receive information related to seeking a judicial order for a federal official to perform a mandatory duty and to halt unlawful or corrupt acts.

In one lawsuit to obtain a court order requiring the NTSB to admit material evidence into the hearing record involving a PSA crash into San Diego, the assistant U.S. attorney admitted to Stich during a phone conversation that he was recommending to his superiors in Washington that the Justice Department support Stich's lawsuit. However, the assistant U.S. attorney was unaware of the earlier Justice Department coverups. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. attorney filed a motion to dismiss, thereby blocking Stich from providing evidence of the conditions that continued to result in major airline disasters.

In later years as Stich sought to report criminal activities that he had discovered, and had learned from other former government agents, and filed petitions with the U.S. Supreme Court, they fabricated excuses to prevent the filings. In one case, the Supreme Court clerk stated the spacing between the double-space lines were not proper. In another case, the clerk falsely stated the petition was not timely, when it was well within the time. Still other excuses were made.

Sampling of Events in Which
Federal Judges Were Enablers

The following are some of the prior and continuing national events resulting from corruption that FBI-DOJ employees were covering up. Which then enabled them to continue, indefinitely.






Most of the above catastrophic events occurred on the program for which FAA air carrier operations inspector Rodney Stich had been given the assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history. Pictures of many other crashes are not shown.

The continuation of the culture of corruptionand the continuation of the cover-upsmade many people and groups enablers of many subsequent airline disasters. The following aviation disasters occurred after forewarned information of the terrorist attacks were given to FBI agents by a mole inside a key al Qaeda cell:

TWA Flight 800, departing a New York City airport was downed, shortly thereafter. Strong Suspicion of Terrorist Act. See the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries. This link provides information on 100 surface-to-air missiles being made available to Middle East terrorists about one year before the downing of TWA Flight 800; the rejection of the missiles by FBI-CIA personnel, and the letters written by former federal agent Rodney Stich to members of Congress seeking to prevent the transfer of the missiles. No response−followed by the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. Followed by the need for the standard cover-up to protect high-level government personnel.



Additional FBI Enablers To
Downing of TWA Flight 800


In a recent book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia, details are given of how a Mafia soldier acted as a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef, who directed the earlier bombing of the World Trade Center and had plans to simultaneously bomb 11 U.S. airliners departing Far East locations. The advance warnings were disregarded by high FBI-DOJ personnel who sacrificed the lives that would be lost so as to protect personnel in the Department of Justice. Very sensitive information, that would also play a role in ignoring the warnings of planned terrorist attacks on other U.S. targets. That cover-up enabled to occur approximately 4,000 deaths as the forewarned terrorist attacks occurred.

See also:

The hijackings of U.S. airliners occurring on September 11, 2001.September 11, 2001 Forewarned Terrorist Attacks

Details about the FBI-DOJ cover-ups and the contacts between the al Qaeda operative and Gregory Scarpa Jr. can be found in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia, available in print and e-book formats from (and in Kimble) and other sources. The decades of preventable airline disasters and their enablers are described and documented in the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries.

More information on the enablers to those catastrophic events:

  • 9/11 index.

  • Information provided by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by infamous Ramzi Yousef on the planned terrorist attack, information that was then "deep-sixth" by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Absence of preventative measures resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths.

  • Comparative blame for 9/11 between Afghanistan, Iraq, and the documented conduct of enablers in the United States.

  • 9/11 enablers.

American Airlines Flight 587
(Strong indications of Terrorist Action)

Consequences of Corruption And
Cover-Ups Not Limited to Aviation

Corruption of the type described at this site does not occur in a vacuum. High-level corruption in one area is simply one tentacle of a widespread culture of corruption. And the consequences of that corruption−and the endemic cover-ups−have consequences in other areas. The culture of corruption affects the people and the nation in many other ways, That includes the latest series of financial frauds that has occurred in the housing and financial sectors. Also, the effect of the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups−major parts of the culture in the United States−that enablers successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. interests.

Forewarned Bombings of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

Books for Serious People by Serious Professionals:
Unprecedented Insight Into America's Government Culture







All of the books are available at, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.






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