Documented Evidence of Judicial Schemes
That Paralleled Their Obstruction of Justice 

Judicial records provide prima facie evidence of corrupt acts by federal judges in schemed from 1968 to 2005, corruptly blocking a federal agent from reporting ongoing criminal activities in high government places that were continuing to cause or enabled to occur great harm in various area of the United States. Pictures are shown of the tragedies they enabled to occur in the aviation sector:

Tragic and Deadly Ripple Effects of the Legal and Judicial Corruption Described at This and Related Pages

Although many of the judicial activities described in this and the many other related sites relate to parallel legal and judicial acts against former federal agent Rodney Stich, it is important to remember two things about these schemes:

One of countless examples in which the ripple effects occurred:

More Details

Stich used his considerable real estate assets to fund his costly exposure of corrupt activities in key judicial and other government offices.

Much can be learned about judicial corruption and how it fits into corruption into other areas of government from the judicial acts taken to silence a former federal investigator whose concern for the brutalities in fraud related airline crashes caused him to take on powerful forces, in a classic example of a David versus Goliath battle. Although this focuses on one individual, it shows how  people in government, and primarily in the judicial branch, have corrupted and undermined the protections in our form of government, spreading its cancerous scum throughout government and throughout society. Other examples of retaliation against courageous government personnel will be added as time goes on.

The sequence started with the request by high FAA management for Rodney Stich, an FAA inspector in the Los Angeles Regional Office (and former airline captain navy patrol plane commander), to take over the air safety responsibilities at the most senior program at United Airlines.

The reason for this assignment was that United Airlines was experiencing a record number of fatal airline crashes, which continued for about 20 years. FAA inspectors had reported that United Airlines management could not accept the safety directives from the newly formed Federal Aviation Administration and that key people at United were responsible for a continuing pattern of air safety and criminal violations that caused and made possible most of the crashes that were occurring. (Details of these problems and how they caused the expected deaths of many people are found in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies.)

As Stich inspected the problems at United Airlines, he discovered what his predecessor had discovered: that key people at United Airlines were covertly violating major air safety requirements and then covering up for them by falsifying government required records. The falsification of records were criminal acts.

This practice continued for years, despite the fact that the safety problems resulting from these practices were resulting in a long series of brutal and deadly airline crashes. Just prior to Stich's arrival on scene, the world's worst air disaster had occurred with a United Airlines DC-8 crashing into the heart of New York City. (December 16, 1960) That crash was followed by many more, many occurring in Stich's area of direct air safety responsibilities.

The corruption associated with the ongoing air disasters were not solely confined to United Airlines. FAA management personnel in the Denver office, in the Los Angeles Regional offices, and in the FAA Washington offices were involved.

Inspectors were warned by FAA management not to report air safety or criminal violations that they discovered at United Airlines, or any significant safety problem. When inspectors did make such reports, the reports would frequently be given back to the inspectors with the comments that these were not wanted, or the official reports were destroyed. These were also criminal acts.

A few of the more aggressive inspectors were threatened by FAA and United Airlines management when they sought to carry out their air safety assignments. Inspectors were ordered out of United Airlines offices while conducting government required inspections. Stich was told by key United Airlines management, "We'll get rid of you as we got rid of Harrell," referring to the inspector that Stich replaced when that prior inspector had reported grave air safety and criminal violations associated with the New York City and other crashes.

There is much more arrogance associated with these matters, and the details can be found in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies.

The endless number of fatal crashes at United Airlines and the corruption associated with them caused Stich to make highly sensitive reports to FAA regional offices. These reports started retaliation against Stich that raised questions about the mental fitness of FAA management, as well as criminal ramifications.

Stich exercised the law in an imaginative manner and acted as an independent counsel forcing a hearing upon the FAA that he directed for five months. During this hearing, Stich had FAA personnel testify, and had dozens of revealing documents presented, one of which revealed how United Airlines management were falsifying one of the main procedures for insuring the training and competency of its pilots. That document was dynamite.

The hearing officer was William Jennings, an attorney on the FAA Administrator's staff, whose continued employment relied upon the Administrator's satisfaction with his decision.

It became obvious during the hearing that key FAA management personnel were committing perjury, and that the perjury was suborned by the FAA legal counsel, who abandoned his responsibilities to the FAA's function and instead focused on covering up for the corrupt management in the FAA (and at United Airlines).

During the hearing, two more fatal crashes occurred in Stich's area of air safety responsibilities that provided further proof for Stich's charges. More details are found in the book, showing how innocent people met their deaths by being cremated alive or dismembered while alive in fraud related United Airlines crashes.

The FAA legal counsel and the FAA attorney acting as hearing officer cover up for the proven corruption, making possible the continuation of the crashes and deaths which followed, as expected.. 

Stich notified top officials at the National Transportation Safety Board (CAB Bureau of Air Safety at that time), and discovered that they already knew of the problems, having been advised by Frank Harrell, the inspector who was "shanghaied" to Puerto Rico when his reports were aggravating United Airlines management. They covered up for the FAA's and United's misconduct, which required the NTSB to falsify certain aspects of subsequent accident reports arising from them misconduct covered up.

Stich notified members of Congress of the problems and the resulting crashes and deaths. Some responded with sympathy, but did nothing. Others didn't even respond. Their refusal to perform a duty made possible the continuation of the corruption and the resulting crashes.

Stich notified various divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice, including the FBI and the attorney general at Denver and Oklahoma City. The cover-up and obstruction of justice continued.

Stich circumvented the Justice Department block by going directly to the foreman of the federal grand jury at Denver and appeared to present his evidence. The mechanics of grand jury operations made it easy for the U.S. attorney to block any meaningful grand jury actions.

Stich finally left government service, choosing to continue his exposure of corruption in the FAA from outside of government.

Stich published books, appeared as guest and air safety expert on hundreds of radio and television shows. He filed federal actions seeking to expose the government corruption under two federal statutes that invoked federal court jurisdiction. These included Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4, requiring anyone who knows of a federal crimes to report it to a federal judge (or other federal officer), and Title 28 U.S.C. Section 1361, which permits any citizen to file an action to obtain an order to force a federal official to permit their duty.

The judicial filings met with sympathy, and cover-ups from Justice Department attorneys and federal judges.

In Stich's second edition of Unfriendly Skies, he named federal judges, Justice Department personnel, members of Congress, and United Airlines personnel, who were criminally involved through cover-ups.

This edition, naming federal judges in the Ninth Circuit and even Supreme Court justices who had been made known of the corruption and engaged in a cover-up, must have triggered concern somewhere high up in government offices.

That started a period of judicial retaliation that at this time has gone on continuous for over 19 years, with no end in sight. Although the retaliation gravely affected Stich, what was done to him shows what the culture is in the federal courts that will misuse judicial positions and the courts as a corrupt arm of government.

The start of the continuing series of documented judicial corruption commenced with a sham lawsuit that was filed in the Superior Court at Fairfield, California against Stich by the San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross. Two reliable sources had identified that law firm as a front for the Central Intelligence Agency. It was also a key member of the ACLU.

The lawsuit that was filed against Stich targeted the assets that funded his investigative and exposure actions. At that time the real estate assets were valued at over $10 million, of which $6 million was equity.

That lawsuit was barred by large numbers of California and federal laws and constitutional safeguards, including statutes, rules of court, federal statutes, Supreme Court decisions, and fundamental constitutional rights and protections. Further, California law specifically denied jurisdiction over Stich and the cause of action that was filed, on the basis that the personal and property rights sought in the sham lawsuit had already been adjudicated 20 years earlier and had been filed as a local judgment in six different states and seven different jurisdiction. Under federal law (and California law), these judgments and related personal and property rights had to be recognized by judges in all state courts.

Despite the absence of jurisdiction and the dozens of state and federal laws barring that action, California judges and the CIA-front law firm continued to render orders that inflicted great harm upon Stich and his assets.

Combining the arrogant violations of laws, California judges, including California court of appeal judges, retaliated against Stich for exercising appellate due process remedies. Under federal criminal statute, Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241, it is a felony for anyone to retaliate against a person for exercising due process remedies.

For six years, California judges and the CIA-front law firm were rendering orders inflicting great harm upon Stich while violating large numbers of state and federal laws. These violations invoked federal court jurisdiction under the Civil Rights Act (Title 42 U.S.C. Section 1983-1986) and the Declaratory Judgment Act.

Stich filed the first of his federal lawsuits in the same Ninth Circuit federal courts  where he had earlier filed his lawsuits seeking to expose the criminal acts involved with a series of fatal airline crashes. Also, where some of the judges named in Stich's second and third editions of Unfriendly Skies were still in judicial positions.

In this first lawsuit, federal judges immediately dismissed the action, despite the statutes, case law, constitutional rights, and rules of court that invoked mandatory federal court jurisdiction.

The excuse used was that the action was frivolous. This label contradicted the common sense and Supreme Court definition of a frivolous filing. Under federal law, every allegation stated in the complaint must be accepted as true at that stage of the proceeding in opposing dismissals or summary judgments. If any of the allegations stated in the complaint can arguably raise a federal cause of action, it cannot be dismissed.

Concurrent with mislabeling serious federal causes of actions as frivolous, Stich was denied notice of the dismissal and the action promptly dismissed. In this way, federal judges were protecting the scheme that commenced in the sham California action, protected the CIA-front law firm, and protected the California judges who were cooperating in the scheme.

Eventually, the evidence would accumulate and indicate that the scheme was concocted at some high level in government, high enough to where it could control the actions of the many California judges that became involved, and the federal judges who also became involved. This would take on a more sinister role as Stich pursued federal defenses.

As the harm and the violations of federally protected rights escalated in the California courts, Stich repeatedly exercised the rights and protections guaranteed to all citizens by the laws and Constitution of the United States. And each time the same tactics were used to defeat the protections in law.

During these judicial attacks, Stich had continued his investigative work, and as he became known throughout the United States, other government whistleblowers started contacting him, providing him with information of corruption in key government offices that went far beyond the areas in which he had personally discovered. These government whistleblowers included former heads of secret CIA airlines, secret CIA financial operations, agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA, DIA, ONI, Customs, Secret Secret. And also former drug traffickers, some of whom were house guests of Colombian drug lords. What Stich discovered is detailed in the third edition of Defrauding America and the first edition of Drugging America.

Starting in 1986, Stich added another federal cause of action to his federal actions. Under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4, it is a felony for anyone who knows of a federal crime or a possible federal crime, not to promptly "report it to a federal judge" or other federal officer. The wording of the statute is very clear, and is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of a concerned citizen who wants to report corruption or criminal activities in government. With the many crimes perpetrated by the CIA, for instance, if that statute became known and used by enough people, it would have a devastating impact upon corrupt government personnel, including federal judges. It is believed that Stich was the first person to use that statute.

That first action seeking to report criminal activities to a federal judge was assigned to Judge Milton Schwartz in Sacramento. At first Schwartz was very concerned about the gravity of the charges and urged Stich to get legal help in pursuing the lawsuit. But his conduct changed shortly thereafter, indicating a powerful force had convinced him to reverse his position.

Shortly thereafter Judge Schwartz rendered an order repeating the frivolous label charge and dismissed the lawsuit. In addition, he rendered a permanent injunctive order that for the remainder of Stich's life, he could not get access to the federal courts and was stripped of all rights and protections under the laws and Constitution of the United States. Following the standard pattern of violating the laws they were paid and trusted to uphold and protect, the injunction violated large numbers of federal laws and constitutional safeguards.

That order was unlawful, unconstitutional, beyond his authority, and had various other ramifications adversely affecting the public's interests. These included, for instance:

As the civil rights violations and the related harm escalated, Stich again filed a federal action under the Civil Rights Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act, adding a demand under Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4 for the judge to receive reports and evidence of criminal activities that Stich and his group of over a dozen government whistleblowers sought to report.

A crisis was escalating in the federal courts. The repeated refusal to perform a duty and the prior obstruction of justice raised additional federal causes of action available to Stich. The reaction enlarged on the judicial corruption. Schwartz and other federal judges who joined his efforts, charged Stich with criminal contempt of court for filing the lawsuit that was a right guaranteed to him and all other persons under the laws and Constitution of the United States. 

Retaliation against a person who exercises due process remedies is a criminal act. (Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241) Justice Department prosecutors joined in the charges against Stich. This is the same Justice Department identified by Stich in his books as covering up for major criminal activities that inflicted great harm upon the American people and undermined the internal security of the United States.

Further, retaliating against a person who seeks to report a federal crime is a criminal offense under Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1505, 1510, 1512, 1513, 1515. That person could be a whistleblower, a witness, or informant.

It is a felony to retaliate against a former federal agent or witness.

Stich was denied a jury trial, assigned an attorney that promptly sought to protect the judges and Justice Department, and in a kangaroo court atmosphere held that Stich was guilty of criminal contempt of court (for seeking to reporting criminal activities that implicated federal judges and Justice Department attorneys and for seeking relief from great harm destroying his personal life, his business, his assets, and much more.

Stich appealed this criminal contempt of court charge to the same Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals judges that he had named as covering up for the corruption involved in a series of airline crashes. They upheld the right to imprison any citizen seeking to report federal crimes in high government offices and who exercises federally guaranteed remedies and protections for the violations of federally protected rights.

Stich then appealed via a petition for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court justices, who Stich had also named in his books as complicit through coverups in the criminal activities. The Supreme Court justices had a supervisory responsibilities over the judges and had a vicarious responsibility and liability for the wrongs that they commit. Over half a dozen appeals were made to the Supreme Court justices from 1983 through 1995, raising the obstruction of justice issues, the criminal retaliation, the criminal obstruction of justice, and other serious offenses. Never once did they respond as they were required to do.

Stich was then sent to federal prison for six months, arranging for him to suffer far more indignities than would ordinarily occur.

For the sake of brevity, certain matters are omitted, but can be found in the third editions of Defrauding America and Unfriendly Skies.

While in prison, Las Vegas federal judge Robert Jones ordered the seizure of Stich's life's assets that consisted of over $10 million in real estate located in California and Nevada. The order seizing the assets violated the statutory and constitutional requirement of a noticed hearing, a hearing, and legally required cause before taking someone's properties. These fundamental constitutional protections were violated, as every other relevant protection was repeatedly and openly violated by federal judges from 1983 to 2000 (and prior to that in the 1970s when Stich was reporting the criminal activities associated with a series of fatal airline crashes.

Another federal judge who became involved with the seizure of Stich's assets was Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen. He rendered orders barring Stich from filing objections to the seizure and liquidation of Stich's assets, another obviously unlawful and unconstitutional order.

When Stich filed an objection, Judge Jellen rendered an order charging Stich with criminal contempt of court. He then denied Stich money from his own assets, refused to provide Stich with legal counsel, and then refused to allow Stich to testify in his own behalf. Judge Jellen then held Stich was guilty of criminal contempt of court for exercising these due process remedies and sentenced Stich to federal prison. The prison sentence was never carried out as the judge lacked jurisdiction to sentence anyone to federal prison. The retaliation against Stich for exercising due process remedies was a criminal act under Title 18 U.S.C. Section 241.

Another judge who charged Stich with criminal contempt of court was U.S. district court judge Marilyn Patel in San Francisco. When Stich filed a lawsuit addressing still other violations of federally protected rights and reported still other criminal activities that he and his group of government insiders had discovered, she promptly dismissed the lawsuit without the required hearing, violated the case law, statutes, and constitutional rights and protections to a federal court forum, and charged Stich with criminal contempt of court.

These are many other similar acts continued from 1983 through 2000, and it doesn't stop there.

Stich's life's assets were looted and gone, converting Stich from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty. This was the goal of the sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm in 1982. It took 18 years to totally strip Stich of his assets, during which time he lost his income, his real estate business, his home, his airplanes, his credit worthiness, his right to the protection of law and the Constitution, a target for judicial retaliation including prison, and the many things that go with that.

Lawsuit Filing Rejected by Oakland District Court Judge

On March 16, 2000, Stich sought to file an explosive lawsuit in the U.S. district court at Oakland, California, before the statute of limitations ran out. The defendants included about a dozen California and federal judges and a someone lesser amount of attorneys. Despite the case law, statutes, and constitutional rights to file that lawsuit, the clerk of the court refused to file it on the basis that 13 years earlier Judge Marilyn Patel had rendered orders forever barring Stich access to the federal courts and voiding for him all rights and protections guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. U.S. district judge Claudia Wilkins then rendered an order confirming that Stich does not have the same right to federal court access as all other persons, including illegal aliens. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Filing Lawsuit in Federal Courts at Reno, Nevada

Stich then filed a lawsuit in the federal courts at Reno, Nevada, where the court computer system didn't list Stich as being barred for the remainder of his life from court access. April 24, 2000. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Jurisdiction for that lawsuit being filed, and the mandatory requirement of a federal judge to allow it to proceed, was based upon:

During the blocked progress of the legal filing, the events of 9/11 occurred. This caused Stich to file as part of the lawsuit a declaration showing the relationship of the corruption Stich sought to report, the relationship of the obstruction of justice by prior judges, and the relationship of the defendants who played various roles in the multiple legal schemes seeking to halt Stich's reporting and exposing actions. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

At that stage, there was massive evidence of the corrupt activities by federal judges, the CIA-front law firm and attorneys, the involvement of large segments of the California judgesplus the protection of those perpetrating the underlying criminal actsthat Judge Reed and every other subsequent judge had to expand on the judicial corruption. The lawsuit was dismissed in violation of the federal crime reporting statute and the numerous federal laws barring the dismissal of the other issues.

From there, lawsuits were filed in the federal courts at Washington, D.C. and New York City. The response provided further evidence of the serious corruption throughout the federal courts that subvert major U.S. interests.

Are the Judges Complicit in 3000 Deaths?

Consider the following:

Tragedies Made Possible by Documented Corruption

All forms of human tragedies have been inflicted upon the people of the United States from the corruption discovered by the people behind this site−and made possible by enablers in and out of government. The below pictures are only a sampling of the consequences from the documented corruption that are able to be portrayed graphically. The tragedies in other areas resulting from the corruption, cover-ups, and public indifference, are not shown here.

United Airlines crash into New York City, the world's worst at that time. Withheld from the Amererica public were the reports by federal safety inspectors-investigators showing a continuing pattern of corruption, fraud, criminal alteration of major government required records−and the standard abuse of those few inspectors attempting to require the airline management to comply with industry standards and clear requirements of federal aviation safety requirements−and FAA management to require compliance. None of the guilty, the enablers, to these and the continuing fraud-related crashes ever were held accountable for the hundreds of deaths that they enabled to occur.




These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Among the "Least" Guilty of the Enablers

Placed Into Poverty, and Dunned by IRS

Stripped of all assets, the prosecution continued. The Internal Revenue Service had thousands of dollars of liens against Stich arising from the seizure and liquidation of his assets. The state of California notified Stich in April 2000 that they would seize his remaining assets if he did not pay a $13,000 tax bill that also came about through the seizure and liquidation of his assets.

Certain facts are self-evident from these highlights of judicial corruption, all of which threaten the United States, its offices, its internal security, its people. These include, for instance:

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