Incredible brutalities inflicted upon Palestinians by Israel's Zionist rulers and approved by pandering U.S. politicians.


One of dozens of Jewish groups opposing the brutality of Zionist militants controlling Israel government.


Beating and abuse of Palestinians by the Israeli
Security Forces.


Demolition for alleged military purposes. Background on demolition for alleged military purposes.


Human shields


Land expropriation and settlements


Background on the demolition  of houses as punishment.


Encouragement of migration to the settlements.


The scope of Israeli control in the Gaza strip.


Revocation of residency in East Jerusalem.


Revocation of social rights and health insurance.


Discrimination in planning, Building, and land expropriation in East Jerusalem.


The Apartheid separation barrier.


Route of the separation barrier around East Jerusalem


Opinion of the International
Court of Justice.


Judgment of the High Court of Justice in Beit Sourik.


Background on East Jerusalem.


Separation Route of the barrier around East Jerusalem.


The separation barrier surrounding a-Ram.


Nu'man, East Jerusalem: Life under the threat of expulsion, September 2003.

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