Hoax played upon gullible American public by Israeli and U.S. politicians.


Zionist's standard evasive answer: negotiation.


In American's ignorance and gullibility, Israel trusts.


Quick comments in a nutshell.


Contradictory conduct (lies) by Israeli and U.S. politicians while brutalizing the Palestinians and feigning peace negotiations.


Brutal consequences for Palestiniansand deadly ripple effects for Americans.


Arrogant threats by Israel and U.S. politicians if Palestinians seek relief from brutality from United Nations


Almost total colonization of Palestine by Israel


Sampling of Israeli brutality upon Palestinians—enabled by pandering U.S. politicians.


Israelis even murdered U.S. Navy personnelprotected by pandering U.S. politicians!


Sampling of other Israeli crimes against the United States.


Decades of  attacks upon U.S. by people outraged by atrocities enabled by Israeli and pandering U.S. politicians.


American media: keep the American public dumbed down  while protecting Israeli crimes.


Israeli occupation and brutalities catalyst for years of terrorist attacks on U.S. targets.


Over a hundred UN resolutions against Israel's brutalitieswith relief blocked by U.S. veto.


Palestinians forced to seek relief through UN recognition of statehood.


Israel's murderous attack on flotilla bring supplies to Palestinians in Gaza.


Israel and U.S. politicians threatening Palestinians if they seek end to brutal colonizing.


Outrage to threats.


United States in lunatic phase.


United States "more toxic" in the Arab World.


Israel's Zionist leaders used sham negotiating argument as blatant ruse to continue colonizing Palestine.


Explosive consequences aheadincluding for Americans.


Reaction to filing for statehood.


Israel's Zionist leaders thumb-to-the-nose reaction.


Israel and its pandering shills in Congress: Source of great harm to Americans.


Rare U.S. media objections.


Pandering U.S. politicians denying to Palestinians basic United Nations access.


More links to the Israeli-related subversion of American interests.


Jewish groups supporting Palestine and opposing militant Israeli leaders.


Ostrich-like reaction by the U.S. media: dumbed-down American public.


Dumbing down the American peopleas the Nazi did to the people ion Germany—with similar deadly consequences.


Self-serving conduct by U.S. politicians bodes more great  tragedies for America.


Additional comments.

Information sent to this writer.
 Videos and information relating to freedom protesters
More information on harm to Americans from coalition of Israel's Zionist leaders and their American puppets in Congress, the White House, and U.S. media.
Joint players with CIA personnel in crimes against the United States.

Americans Continue to Also Suffer the Consequences of Zionist Brutalities.


This writer's credibility.


Actions that concerned Americans must take to resolve these outrages.


Documented books on history of corruption by controlling U.S. bureaucrats and politicians.


More on the culture of U.S. leaders at

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