The enormous harm and costs affecting the people of the United States arising from attacks upon American targets  have as their initial catalyst the brutal actions of Israel, and the support, funding, and arming of Israel by the United States, that have given tacit approval of Israel's arrogance and brutality.

The people that the United States call "terrorists"  admit that Israel's arrogance and brutality, and U.S. enabling of it, is the primary reason why so many people want to kill Americans. The following information is provided to show how the actions of the government of Israel—and the actions of most U.S. politicians acting as shills for Israel—are the most direct causes for the terrorist-related harm suffered by the American people and the United States as a nation.

See reports from Palestine to Captain Rodney Stich about the horrors inflicted upon people in Palestine and Gaza.

Long history of Israel attacks and murders of Palestinians, made possible by the funding, arming, and support of U.S. politicians, and the ignorance or indifference by the American public:

Major Basis for Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Targets

People from multiple nations, outraged by the joint Israeli-U.S. brutality upon the Palestinians, changed from being friends of the United States to what the United States now calls terrorists and the outraged people call freedom fighters. Despite the fact that decades of continuing terrorist attacks continue as U.S. politicians became proxies for Israel's militant Zionists, the American public remains unaware of the relationship.

Patheticallyand tragicallythe American public remained complacent abut their politicians continuing pandering to Israel's militant Zionist leaders. This blind indifference continued despite the fact that Israel brutality against the Palestiniansmade possible by the actions of America's politicianswas the initial and continuing reason for people throughout the Middle East and Africa attacking U.S. interests.

Dumbed down by U.S. media, and obsessed with sports, Lady Gaga, and other trivia, they allowed their own politicians to keep putting fuel on the fire inflaming hatred for Americans.

Israel's Deadly Outrages Upon Palestinians
As On U.S. Navy Personnel

More details and updates on how the joint Israeli-U.S. politicians' efforts are developing, and the hoaxes played upon the American people. Discover the enormous harm being inflicted upon Americans in this one area of our pandering and bribe-taking politicians.

Deceived by pandering U.S. politicians and cover-ups by U.S. media, surrogates carrying out the schemes by Israel's militant Zionist leaders, Americans are being taken for an awesome ride. Israel is doing to Palestinians what they would do to Americans if the power structure was different. One example of what Israel's Zionist leaders would do to Americans was shown when Israel killed U.S. navy personnel during hours of continuing ship and air attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty—while Washington politicians called off rescue ships.

Sampling of other sites showing how Americans are harmed by their politicians' pandering to Israel's militant Zionist leaders:

Israel's Thumb-to-the-Nose Attitude
Toward U.S. National Interests

This internet page, as with the many others, provide information to the uninformed or unresponsive American people showing how Israel's thumb-to-the-nose conduct continues to gravely, sometimes catastrophically, affect the lives of the American people, and constitute the catalyst for deadly hatred for Americans. First, a first highlights on the issues:


In November 2010, Israel announced building an additional 2000 housing units in the occupied land. President Obama weakly objected, and Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, contemptuously responded, "Israel sees no connection between the peace process and planning and building policy in Jerusalem." Although an illiterate person with street smarts could recognize that Israel would not continue building thousands of permanent housing units in the seized territory if they had any intention of leaving, as would be required in any peace treaty, U.S. politicians and the American public lacked the courage to respond.

Israel politicians know that their conduct continues to inflame people throughout the Middle East to attack U.S. targets that they see as responsible for the harm being inflicted upon the Palestinians. U.S. calls them terrorists, while they are called patriots by the victims of Israeli and U.S. actions. As with so many other attacks upon the American people by people in their own government, the uninformed and naive American public remained indifferent, despite the resulting harm they suffer.

This incredible naïveté to this go-to-hell Israel attitude and cowardice of U.S. politicians and the American public  is worsened by the billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money, authorized by U.S. politicians, that has been sent to Israel over the years. According to Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the  United States had given in direct U.S. aid to Israel over 115 billion dollars, plus many billions more hidden in U.S. Department of Defense, CIA, and other budgets that are easily hidden.  Only in the United States could such a situation continue!

President Barack Obama's May 2011 position that Israel must agree to an agreement based on 1967 borders when Israel invaded and seized the land left Israel an out. Obama stated that the 1967 borders must be agreeable to Israel, and that means Israel can continue to defeat the withdrawal of forces from the occupied land by refusing to make any exchange concessions agreement to Palestine.

A May 19, 2011, release by the Jewish Voice for Pearce group stated:

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) was disappointed by President Obama’s speech today. While President Obama did speak for the first time of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, he did not break new ground in his overall approach to the conflict.
His speech did not reflect the reality on the ground and further showed a breathtaking hypocrisy by omission.

When President Obama says, "The United States opposes the use of violence and repression against the people of the region," we ask, "Will you hold Israel accountable for its violence against Palestinians, both in daily life under occupation and in Israel's brutal response to nonviolent Palestinian protest, [as] in Nabi Saleh and Bil'in?"
President Obama seems to recognize that the Palestinians are "suffering the humiliation of occupation," but he blatantly ignores the tyranny and violence of over four decades of control, land confiscation and worse. Further, he offered not one concrete step towards ending the occupation, an absence made all the more grotesque because Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu chose to headline today with plans to expand illegal and immoral Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem.
Moreover, Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to President Obama’s speech with an immediate rejection of the 1967 borders as the basis for negotiation, with one of the leading American Jewish organizations – whose leader was named by Newsweek as the most influential rabbi in America – calling the 1967 borders “Auschwitz borders.”
In the face of such intransigence, we need President Obama to match his words with action. We need him to make a commitment to human rights and democracy for all of the Middle East, including all the people of Israel and Palestine.

Negotiations: Biggest Hoax Played On
Palestinians and U.S. Public

The most blatant hoax played upon the American people by U.S. politicians pandering the Israel's militant Zionist leaders is the argument that only negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians can solve the Palestine problem. The perpetrators of this hoax know that the Zionist leaders of Israel would never agree on vacating the vast areas of Palestine on which they have built permanent settlements, or vacate the old city of Jerusalem. It is a cruel hoax played by the powerful United States and Israel upon the brutalized people of Palestine.

For Americans, this hoax is not merely academic. The pandering by U.S. politicians to the brutal Zionist occupation of Palestine was the initial,, and continuing basis for many of the retaliatory "terrorist" attacks upon U.S. targets.

Terroristsor Freedom Fighters

To the people affected by the actions ordered by U.S. politicians, such as supporting the brutal acts of the invading and occupying Israelis, the attacks upon U.S. targets brings up the saying, “One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter”

U.S. Politicians and Most U.S. Media Protecting
Israel Government's Deliberate Murder of
U.S. Navy Personnel During Repeated Attacks

Forty years ago, on June 8, 1967, one of the most brutal attacks upon a ship of the United States Navy occurred, while U.S. politicians barred other navy ships to come to the rescue of the sailors being killed during repeated attacks by Israel ships and planes. Fear of retaliation, U.S. politicians and U.S. media kept this information from the American public. Understanding those events could help Americans understand one of the countless forms in which they are brutalized by those in control of the system.

U.S. sailors had intercepted Israeli radio communications relating to a planned attack on Syria that occurred the following day, and Israel felt the Americans would expose the sneak attack. The attack on a U.S. navy ship was to prevent revealing the intended attack upon Syria.

As Israeli fighter planes approached the Liberty, the pilots radioed and protested to their base, “It’s an American ship!” Tel Aviv disregarded the pilot’s protests and ordered the fighters to attack. The brutal and bloody assault continued for almost half an hour, during which time missiles, napalm, and torpedoes were used to kill thirty-four U.S. Navy men and injuring 171 others.

During the several hours of repeated attacks, the U.S. Navy ship sustained 821 holes from shells fired into the ship by the fleet of Israel aircraft and surface vessels. Today, while we need U.S. military personnel to serve as cannon-fodder for the arrogant and reckless actions of U.S. politicians, it is time to again try to inform as many people as possible and seek to find some outrage among them.  

The hours of continual attacks were perpetrated upon the U.S.S. Liberty by waves of Israel planes and gunboats, 13 nautical miles off the Sinai Peninsula. Other U.S. navy ships were kept from defending the ship, sacrificing many of the sailors. Oddly, the only ship that came to the defense of the U.S.S. Liberty was a Russian guided-missile destroyer. But to maintain the cold war culture, U.S. politicians ordered the U.S.S. Liberty to reject the help the Russian vessel offered. Their help rejected, the Russian vessel stayed nearby, ready to rescue any sailors in the sea.  

To get realistic about the consequences, U.S. military personnel were cremated alive, dismembered alive, by the wave after wave of Israeli aircraft and surface vessels. The United States politicians even denied the victims the benefit of being recognized. 

U.S. media, out of deference to the powerful Israeli lobbies, and members of Congress, fearful of an attack upon their reelection funded by the same powerful Israeli lobbies, covered up for the murderous attacks and said nothing about the heroic actions by the U.S. military personnel.  

The United States denial of defense, the protection by U.S. politicians and media people of Israel, were shameful acts and contempt for the horrendous sufferings of U.S. navy personnel. The heroic actions of the entire crew were denied recognition and respect, and their place in history. The unpublicized reference to the attack omitted reference to the identify of the attackers, referring only top “foreign” aircraft and vessels. 

Remember, it is the same Israel's whose conduct gave birth to the Middle East problems in which the United States is now heavily engaged in what could be a survival for the U.S. itself.  Thanks to the standard naiveté of the American public and lack of inquisitiveness, virtually all the guilty joined together to spin the truth to the American people. The Israeli government, the Anti-Defamation League, White House politicians, and media people, stated the hours of attacks upon U.S. military personnel were simply, an accident! For the public to acknowledge they were being duped required courage to show outrage.

Considerable information about the harm inflicted upon the American people by Israel can be found in the book, Defrauding America and also Drugging America, available in print and e-book formats at and other locations.

San Francisco Chronicle Revealed High-Level Israeli Control
Over the Repeated Murders of U.S. Navy Personnel

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle (March 27, 2002) referred to the fear of U.S. politicians from the powerful Jewish influence in the United States:

Sharon’s hard line was an unprecedented slap at the Bush administration. U.S. officials’ response was merely to turn the other cheek, indicating they are unwilling to criticize Sharon. If Sharon can get away with so publicly defying the United States, which gives Israel $2.8 billion per year in military and economic aid, then Arab cooperation with the war on terrorism may weaken, and the Arab world’s opposition to any future U.S. attack on Iraq will harden.

Israel has used military jets to fire missiles and drop bombs into heavily occupied areas in the West Bank, killing many innocent people. They have used military weapons, furnished by the United States, to kill thousands of Palestinians. In one such example, on July 22, 2002, an Israel jet fighter fired a missile into a highly concentrated civilian area during the night, killing a Hamas leader, his wife and family, and 13 other children. Israel, and many “news” reporters in the United States (including Dennis Ross) supported the slaughter. 

Most Americans know very little about this attack and the contempt held by the people perpetrating the acts and U.S. politicians for the murdered U.S. military personnel. That attack resulted in the highest per capita casualties since World War II, 70 percent of the ship’s 294 sailors sustaining major injuries and deaths. It was the costliest hostile action since World War II. Killed, 34; wounded, 172.

Israelis didn’t limit their assassinations to Arabs. Israeli forces deliberately machine-gunned and bombed a virtually unarmed U.S. Navy communication ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, killing several dozen U.S. sailors. (June 8, 1967) The Liberty carried clear markings indicating it to be an American ship, and Israel knew that. The attack, occurring off the coast of Lebanon.


 U.S.S. Liberty , Riddled by Israeli Fighter Planes and ships

The fact that arrogant Israelis could deliberately murder that many U.S. navy personnel, the U.S. media and U.S. politicians ignore the crimes, and the U.S. public remain indifferent, is an indictment of the entire culture in the United States.

Truth Withheld from American Public

The American public never learned the truth. Even White House officials acted to protect Israel , publicly accepting Israel’s apology that the attack was an accident. American military personnel were equally expendable in Vietnam and other ventures by the politicians in the White House, including Iraq.

Israel asserted that they thought the Liberty was another ship, the El Quseir. But that Egyptian supply ship was in Alexandria, a fact known to Israel. The ugly truth of the deliberate killing of U.S. military personnel by Israel was shown through radio messages intercepted by the American embassy in Beirut, which were slowly being known.

In 1991, former U.S. Ambassador, Dwight Porter, revealed the radio communications intercepted by his office in Lebanon on that fateful day in 1967, revealing that Israeli commanders knew the ship was an American ship and that they knew they were killing American sailors.

Porter’s revelations were supported by Seth Mintz,1 a major in Israel‘s IDF, 2 who was present in IDF headquarters for several hours before the attack on the U.S. communication ship. Shortly after Mintz made these statements, he was threatened by Mossad, causing him to recant his earlier statements. In a dispatch in Ha’aretz on November 7, 1991, Mintz expressed “grave anxiety over the media interest in him” relating to the Liberty affair. He told Ha’aretz, “Everyone is after me now, and that is what I’m afraid of. I don’t need the Mossad3 and Shin Bet4 knocking on my door.” His insider knowledge of Mossad’s assassination squads and their practice of assassinations justified his anxiety.

Israel’s orders to attack the navy communication ship came from a high Israeli official, reportedly General Yitzhak Rabin, who later became Israel’s Laborite Prime Minister. President George Bush’s White House staff tried to portray Israel’s Rabin as a peacemaker, despite his long history of terrorist activities. In 1996, a person intending to fund a TV documentary on the Israeli attack upon the Liberty was killed.

The media protecting those who perpetrated and covered up for the murder of U.S. sailors ignored the June 7, 1997, memorial services held by the surviving Liberty crewmen.

1. Residing in Houlton, Maine. He was a U.S. citizen who went to Israel in 1962, joining the Israeli Army in 1965, and assigned to the IDF war room during the Six-Day War.

2. Israel Defense Forces (IDF)"

3. Mossad is the Israeli highly secret intelligence service and a worldwide network of agents, much of it funded by the United States.

4. Shin Bet acts in a similar manner as the Mossad, performing for the military.

Example of Why Brutality by Segment of Israel's
Zionists Society Results in Jews Being Hated

(Don't view if you can't take the consequences of
Israeli Conduct and Foreign Policy of U.S. Politicians)

Most Jewish people are honorable. But they have a strong segment that has made Jews hated worldwide. This site provides information available to insiders in covert operations and also to the American public. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians, they have done to others over the years that displeased them. Were it not for the strength of the United States, and the financial funding of Israel, the United States would be a direct target. Instead, the United States is a victim of Israel brutalities by the support given by U.S. politicians to Israel, which was the cause of the initial al Qaeda attacks upon the United States.

Picture this child as your child! Would you now finally get outraged?

Many of the U.S. sailors killed by Israeli forces looked similar.


Letters from Palestinians:


For years, Palestinians have been the direct victims of the arrogant and  brutal Israeli Zionists, followed by the sailors on the USS Liberty. The American public has been the indirect victim of the brutality. Al Qaeda's attacks upon U.S. targets had been motivated—as they repeatedly stated—by the U.S. funding, arming, and approval of Israeli brutality upon the people in the occupied and annexed Palestinian land.


Israel Stealing U.S. Military Secrets


Numerous articles have been written about U.S. secret weapon technology sent to Israel that had been stolen and sold to foreign countries, violating agreements with the United States. In Dangerous Liaison-The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, authors Andrew and Leslie Cockburn wrote about:

In his books, Defrauding America and Drugging America, former federal agent Rodney Stich describes many of Israel’s activities against the United States, based upon information provided to him by CIA and other insiders.

Israel Selling U.S. Secret Weapons
Technology to U.S. Adversaries

Report in the March 15, 1992, New York Times revealed the pattern of illegal sales by Israel of U.S. weapon technology. The article revealed that Israel did this by either installing the U.S. components in an Israeli weapon system or disassembling the weapon to discover how it worked and then constructing their own, selling the secret technology to foreign countries, some being hostile to the U.S. interests.


Israel received Patriot missiles worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States, and instead of keeping the technology secret, sold the missiles with Patriot technology to other countries, including China, in clear violation of U.S. law. A State Department report5accused Israel of engaging, for nearly ten years, in a systematic pattern of reselling cutting-edge U.S. military technology to Third World countries.

5. New York Times, April 4, 1992.

Dotan Stealing American Secrets for Israel

One of many examples of Israeli attacks upon U.S. interests was the Dotan affair, in which U.S. corporations paid bribes to Israeli officials, which came from the billions of dollars given by the U.S. government to Israel. Over $11 million in bribe money was diverted from the General Electric Company through a small New Jersey front company to European bank accounts controlled by Israel Brigadier General Rami Dotan. The case involved bribery, money laundering, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, insider trading, and espionage.


A General Electric official, Herbert Steindler, was considered a partner in the illicit schemes. Both General Electric and Pratt and Whitney knew the United States was being defrauded, but it was profitable for them to remain quiet, thereby becoming co-conspirators in the crimes against the United States. Falsified bills of lading and shipment of fictitious equipment, and shell companies, were all part of the scheme.

Pollard Spying Upon United States for Israel
And Israel's Complicity

One of the most publicized examples of Israel spying upon the United States was the Pollard affair. Israeli agents paid a U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, Jonathan Jay Pollard, to steal military secrets, using a Washington apartment owned by lawyer Harold Katz. The seriousness of the spying operation was reflected by the life sentence given to Pollard (June 4, 1986) by Chief District Judge Aubrey Robinson, U.S. District Judge Aubrey"  in Washington. Israel’s Zionist lobby in the United States protected Israel from the serious repercussions that should have occurred. After Pollard was convicted and sentenced to prison, Israel repeatedly requested of U.S. presidents that Pollard be released. But the massive protests by U.S. intelligence personnel blocked any of the presidents to respond to Israel’s request.

Israel Involvement in October Surprise:
Another Secret Kept From American Public

In the book, Defrauding America, former federal agent Rodney Stich goes into great detail about the October Surprise operation and Israel’s involvement in it. That secret operation involving the fraudulent acts by well-known political and intelligence personnel delayed the release of American hostages held by Iran until after the election between the President Jimmy Carter  and the Republican candidate Ronald Reagan. It was felt that if the hostages were released prior to the election that Carter might be reelected. In exchange for delaying the release of the hostages, considerable money and military equipment were given to Iran.

Former Mossad agent Ben-Menashe described Israel‘s involvement in the October Surprise operation, which conformed to statements made to Stich by several CIA people with whom Stich  had been in frequent contact for several years, including Gunther Russbacher and Oswald LeWinter.

Not only was Israel involved in the secret shipments of U.S. weapons to Iran, but Israeli agents were at the Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris meetings, as related to Stich by Russbacher and Ari Ben-Menashe. Israel knew the October Surprise operations were acts of treason. Details in the book, Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich.

CIA's Collaboration with Israel's Mossad

Several of Stich's CIA sources gave details of the role played by the Mossad in drug trafficking into the United States. These people, some of whom flew drugs during Reagan-Bush’s Contra operation, described drug trafficking from South and Central America into the United States by Mossad agents. They told how Mossad agents, including Michael Harari and David Kimche, were present at many of the drug transshipment points, and especially in Panama. They also told Stich about the joint shipment of CIA and Mossad drugs in CIA and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)  aircraft. 

Crimes of Israel's Intelligence Agency: Mossad

Former Mossad officer, Colonel Victor Ostrovsky, was concerned about the conduct of a controlling faction in Israel's Mossad, including the Kidon assassination squads in friendly countries, undermining foreign governments, its drug trafficking. He exposed these activities in his books.6 Ostrovsky described how the U.S. invasion of Panama dried up much of the Mossad’s funds derived from shipping drugs into the United States and the thousands of Jewish assets in various countries, including the United States, who secretly feed information to the Mossad that is often harmful to the host country. Ostrovsky left the Mossad in the late 1980s but retained secret contacts with high-level Mossad officials, staying abreast of Mossad activities.

6. By Way of Deception; The Other Side of Deception; Lion of Judah.

U.S. Politicians Protecting
Israel’s Sabotaging Conduct


The report told how Washington officials protected this unlawful transfer of U.S. technology by ordering U.S. investigators in Israel not to check on the destination of U.S. technology sent to Israel, as is required of all other countries. Israel, using money supplied by U.S. taxpayers, retained powerful Washington law firms, and pays large contributions/bribes to U.S. politicians, all of whom work against U.S. interests.

Congressman and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell stated that Congress has been reluctant to embarrass Israel politically. This attitude existed because of past retaliatory measures inflicted upon members of congress by the Israeli lobby when Israel’s activities were questioned.

Israel's Enormous Political Control
Over U.S. Politicians

Israel sources in the United States, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), whose parent is B’nai B’rith, exert considerable influence over members of congress and White House politicians, none of who dare not state anything negative about Israel. Through its powerful Zionist group, Israel can fund campaigns to defeat politicians not adhering to Zionist wishes.


One tactic used to silence those who report or criticize the Mossad or Israel’s misconduct is to label them anti-Semitic. It is risky business for a public official to defend U.S. interests when it means confrontation with the Zionists. The vast control by Israel over the U.S. media makes certain that the American people hear Israel’s version.


ADL has been able to defuse any attention focused upon unlawful activities of people connected with Israel or the Mossad. The ADL lauded a major Jewish crime figure, Morris Barney Dalitz of Las Vegas, who regularly donated heavily to the ADL. Dalitz was called Chairman of the Board to such crime figures as Meyer Lansky and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Lansky and Siegel were members of the original “Murder Incorporated,” also known as the Meyer and Bugsy Gang. JDL, Jewish Defense League"7 chairman Irv Rubin was accused in 1992 of plotting a murder-for-hire operation.

7. JDL, Jewish Defense League," Jewish Defense League, is a group founded in the late 1960s to fight those opposed to Israel.

In the book, American Jewish Organizations and Israel, author Lee O’Brien describes the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith:

In later years, ADL has turned to...aggressive measures....outright surveillance of individuals and groups, the results of which are fed into both the Israeli intelligence-gathering apparatus, via their consulates and embassy, and American domestic intelligence, via the FBI. Top ADL officials have admitted the use of clandestine surveillance techniques.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has been functioning as the action arm of Israel’s Mossad in the United States for many years. In 1993, an ADL spy scandal erupted in San Francisco, after which it was learned that the ADL had been acting as proxy for the Mossad. The scandal surfaced after it was discovered that San Francisco police inspector Tom Gerard8 was stealing police intelligence files and selling them to the ADL.

8. San Francisco Chronicle, May 8, 1993.

It was learned during the investigation that Roy Bullock was an ADL operative spying on numerous individuals and groups in the United States. According to an April 9, 1993, Los Angeles Times article, the ADL disguised payments made to Bullock by funneling the money through Beverly Hills lawyer Bruce Hochman, who in turn paid Bullock. Hochman was a prominent ADL figure, and a member of a panel appointed by Governor Pete Wilson to recommend the names of lawyers for federal judgeships. This helps explain the inordinately high percentage of Jewish federal judges.

        “This was evil, evil!” stated Gerard

During a three-hour press interview in the Philippines, Gerard revealed that he was a former CIA operative and had evidence that the CIA trained, supported, and encouraged death squads operating in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala during the 1980s. He stated these death squads killed and tortured thousands of people, including political opponents, union members, peasants, and clergy.

The brutality of the carnage was too much for him; he left the CIA in 1985. “This was not good guys versus bad guys,” Gerard said. “This was evil, evil; this was something the devil himself was involved in. And I wanted no part of it.” Gerard said that the San Francisco police and the FBI had joined forces to discredit him.

Naive Americans Funded
These Anti-American Activities

Israel depends upon the largesse of the U.S. politicians through pressure from the powerful Israel lobby, Zionist groups, and lobbyists, to fund the many diversified activities, including their assassination teams and development of nuclear missiles. Billions of dollars in loans have been given to Israel that will never be repaid, the cost of which must be borne by the American taxpayer, plus the interest on the money. In 1991, Israel literally demanded of President Bush, George"  that the U.S. guarantee $10 billion in loans to build housing for Jews in land taken from Jordan.

Despite the enormous amount of gifts to Israel, their appreciation was reflected in a 1991 statement by Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Gen. Yitzhak"  as he attempted to lay a guilt trip on the United States, claiming it had an obligation to help settle Soviet Jews in Israel through the guarantee of the $10 billion loan. In 1991, the United States taxpayers paid over $4.3 billion in aid to Israel. Israel then invested these funds in U.S. savings bonds for which the United States paid Israel over $34 million in interest (on the money that the United States gave to Israel in the first place).

From 1974 to 1989, Israel received $16.4 billion in loans that were never repaid. The loans were secretly converted to grants, thereby avoiding repayment. The reason White House politicians referred to the money transfer as loans in the first place was to avoid U.S. oversight, which is required only on money grants. By this time the money was provided, there was no control over how it was used and whether it had to be repaid.

Israel Withholding Knowledge of Planned
Terrorist Attacks Upon United States

Ostrovsky describes how the Mossad planned events so that the blame would be on another group, and in that way accomplish what Israel or the Mossad wanted to achieve. He described how the Mossad knew about the impending bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed nearly 300 American soldiers, and kept this information from the U.S. so as to continue the hostilities between the Americans and factions in the Middle East.


He described how the Mossad made possible9 the explosion in a West Berlin night club10 that killed one US serviceman and wounded several others, which President Ronald Reagan then used as an excuse to bomb Libya,11 killing many innocent women and children. The Mossad called this plan, resulting in bombing Libya, Operation Trojan. France recognized the Mossad’s role in Operation Trojan, and refused to allow U.S. aircraft to fly from France to bomb Libya, forcing some U.S. aircraft to fly from England and refuel in the air.


This bombing caused hostage-takers in Lebanon to break off negotiations with the Americans and the British related to the release of hostages. Instead, only French hostages were released because of the nonparticipation of France in the bombing of Libya.

9. The Mossad funded several terrorist organizations in Europe, and monitored their telephone and radio communications.

10. La Belle discotheque.

11. U.S. aircraft bombed Libya on April 14, 1986.

Mossad’s Assassination of
World-Famous Figure


Ostrovsky writes in The Other Side of Deception how and why a Kidon team killed long-time Mossad asset and British citizen Robert Maxwell. The Mossad’s code name for Maxwell was the “Little Czech.” Maxwell had threatened to expose the Mossad’s attempts to halt the democratization of the Soviet Union, which Israel felt would remove the Soviet threat and lessen Israel’s strategic value to the United States.


This would result in a major reduction in financial aid and military equipment. Maxwell had financially funded many prior Mossad activities, and was now in need of immediate financial help himself. Maxwell reportedly warned that if Israel did not provide this help, he would publicize Israel’s attempt to prevent the end of the Cold War.


In preparing to assassinate Maxwell, the Mossad reportedly instructed Maxwell to meet them in Los Cristos on the island of Grand Canary, and to get there via his yacht. A Kidon team, using a boat on the evening of November 4, 1991, climbed on board Maxwell’s yacht and killed him. Maxwell was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, while Israel‘s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized the man that Israel’s Mossad had reportedly killed. 

Mossad's Killing of
American Family in California


Ian Stuart's wife and three small daughters were killed in their San Diego home by large-caliber bullets shot into their heads on November 7, 1992. Spiro, a Mossad asset,12 was found dead in a car parked in the desert, having died from ingesting cyanide. Spiro had connections to the CIA, British MI6, and Mossad, and had been involved in various CIA operations, including October Surprise, the Reagan-Bush Iran-Contra  affair, and the Lebanese hostage crisis.

12. A sayan, or sayanim, is a Jewish asset in a foreign country, obtaining information for Israel and the Mossad. A spy would be another name for a sayan.

Spiro had worked with Oliver North in the arms-for-hostages schemes. He was helping CIA asset Michael Riconosciuto  collect documents to present to a federal grand jury conducting hearings into the Inslaw  matter13 when he was killed. Before his death, Ian Spiro told friends that he was receiving phone threats from the people in the CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

13. The Inslaw matter is described in Defrauding America, and involved the theft by Justice Department officials of the Promis software.

The maid who worked part-time for the Spiro  family identified Rafi Eitan from pictures as having been to the Spiro home several days before the Spiro murders. Eitan was known in the intelligence community as an assassin. Another possible witness who could identify the killers was found dead shortly after the Spiro family was killed. Jose Aguilar, a tree trimmer who worked at the Spiro property, was killed in Valley Center, California, by a bullet in the head (November 14, 1992) Aguilar reportedly identified a picture of Mossad agent Rafi Eitan14 as a visitor to Spiro’s home shortly before the Spiro family was found dead.

Rafi Eitan was a member of the Mossad's LAKAM, a unit of the Mossad operating in the United States, gathering information about U.S. activities, and a unit directly under Israel's prime minister.

Another death related to Spiro and his activities was Howard Cerney, a lawyer from New York City, who represented Ian Spiro on some of Spiro’s legal matters. He was found dead in July 1993.


One of Stich's deep-cover sources, Ron Veatch, told him that Spiro was planning to duplicate a nationwide 900-sexually-orientated business called New Media Telecommunications (located in La Jolla, California). That company was operated by Jonathan Wise, whose father, John Wise, was a CIA asset. Spiro had become concerned about the harm being inflicted worldwide by the U.S., British, and Israel intelligence agencies, and began exposing some of their worse secrets.


Another one of Stich's sources, Gunther Russbacher, said that his intelligence agency contacts revealed that the Spiro murders were carried out by Israel‘s Mossad and Britain’s M-5 agents.  


Practice of U.S. Politicians Protecting Israel
Continued in the Obama Presidency


In May 2009, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, in the Obama administration, dropped charges against two staffers in the pro-Israel lobbying group Aipac, who were charged with passing U.S. secrets to Israel: Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. Possibly this was due to the need to avoid offending the powerful Israel lobby and being targeted for political defeatas other politicians had learned.

Israel's Brutality in Invaded Land

Israel invaded the West Bank of Jordan (Transjordan) in 1967, and had occupied it since that time. Despite numerous UN resolutions, which seem never to be publicized by the media and others, Israel have refused to vacate the occupied country. They even built settlements in the occupied land, making it obvious to all but the brain-dead that Israel had no intention of vacating the land they seized.

Israel's Trampling on U.S. Interests
With Absolute Immunity

So powerful are the Israel political groups that Israel has been able to:

Israel's Lobbying Determines U.S. Middle East Policies
At Repeated Catastrophic Consequences

The Israel lobbies in the United States are so powerful that no politicians can oppose these brutal and deadly acts without being targeted for defeat and without being called anti-Semitic. So powerful are these groups that Americans are fed a daily barrage of support by media people and politician pundits, willing to subvert national interests for their own greed and self-interests.

Al Qaeda, for instance, have repeatedly stated their attacks upon U.S. targets result from the harm inflicted upon the Palestinians by Israel, with the aid and complicity of American politicians.

Israel's Murderous Invasion
Of Lebanon in July 2006

In July 2006, Israel, with its powerful military machine provided by the United States and its taxpayers, conducted a turkey-shoot invasion and destruction of Lebanon, putting the relatively poor nation into shambles, along with the deaths of countless numbers of innocent people.

With no military able to defend against the missiles and jet aircraft attacks, the people of Lebanon were sitting ducks for the cowardly Israel attackers.

Entire cities of this impoverished countries have been laid to waste by the Israeli forces, using U.S. supplied weapons.

Israel sought to justify its slaughter of Lebanese on the argument that two Israeli solders were captured. Israel had hundreds of Lebanese imprisoned, some for over ten years. Only the brain-dead could accept that argument.

President Bush approved the slaughter by arguing Israel's murderous attacks were justified by the seizure of two Israeli soldiers.

This is not simply an invasion of a country that had virtually no defenses against invasion by air; it was murder of innocent people, including childrenwhich Israel has been very good at in subverting the people in the invaded and occupied West Bank and Gaza. The killing of innocents, including babies, and invading countries that have no defenses even close to comparing with the might of the United Statesappears to be also a well entrenched trait of U.S. politicians (and their shills throughout government, in the media, and among the public.

The "Turkey Shooting" by Israel of defenseless men, women, children, and infants has similarities to the Turkey Shoot of Navy personnel on the U.S.S. Liberty in June 8, 1967, as Israel was invading the West Bank, which started the escalating so-called terrorist acts by the defenders and friends of the defenders. although the media shills have kept the details from the public, the crewmembers who survived that brutal Turkey Shoot have a web site describing the deliberate and repeated shelling of the ship.

But the deliberate targeting of non-combatants by Israel is common practice. One incident during the Israel Turkey Shoot of Lebanese was the deliberate 6-hour attack upon a U.N. post that killed four U.N. observers who were monitoring the slaughter of Lebanese. A New York Times article (July 27, 2006, stated:

U.N. Says It Protested to Israel During 6-Hour Attack That Killed 4 Observers in Lebanon.

The United Nations said Wednesday that its top officials in New York and its officers on the ground in Lebanon made numerous calls on Tuesday to the Israeli mission and the Israeli military to protest repeated firing on its outpost in Lebanon where four unarmed observers ended up being killed.

Jane Holl Lute, the assistant secretary general for peacekeeping operations, said at an emergency meeting of the Security Council that over the six-hour period in which the United Nations' warnings were being conveyed to the Israelis, the observation post at Khiam, in southern Lebanon, continued to come under fire.

The firing persisted even after rescuers reached the hilltop site, she said, and in all it was subjected to 21 strikes, 11 of them aerial bombardments and at least 6 artillery rounds.

She described the observation posts as being "well known and clearly marked" and added that no Hezbollah activity was reported in the area.

Ms. Lute said the United Nations became so alarmed by the continuing attacks that she enlisted Mark Malloch Brown, the deputy secretary general, to join her in placing the calls.

In Lebanon, Khaled Mansour, the United Nations spokesman, said that he and Maj. Gen. Alain Pellegrino, the commander of the United Nations force there, known as Unifil, had contacted Israeli military commanders repeatedly during the same period.

When the United Nations lost contact with the outpost on Tuesday evening, it secured safe passage from Israel to send in a rescue party of Indian troops. Firing continued during the rescue operation despite repeated requests to the I.D.F. for an abatement," she said, speaking of the Israeli Defense Forces.

They [U.N. rescue team] found the shelter collapsed and the remains of the four observers.

In a news conference, the normally placid Mr. Annan made no effort to control his rage at Israel for what he called an "apparently deliberate targeting" of a United Nations observer post in southern Lebanon by Israel on Tuesday.

An Israeli airstrike near the Syrian border hit a truck carrying medical supplies and food from the United Arab Emirates Wednesday, killing its Syrian driver, Reuters reported.

President Bush and his secretary of state Rice, supported Israel's conduct, impugning blame upon all Americans.

Prior to World War II, there was a great hatred for Jews based upon the conduct of a few belligerent ones, something that is common in the legal fraternity in the United States where a large percentage of the lawyers are Jews.

That crime, combined with the repeated stealing of U.S. secrets, Israel's Mossad involvement in drug smuggling into the United States during the Reagan-Bush years, their involvement in October Surprise, and their brutal treatment of people in the lands they invade, knowing that their acts will generate hatred for the United States, leaves no doubt that Israel's leaders are a threat and source of real harm to the American people.

Israel claims two Israel soldiers were seized, as justification for destroying one of the most Westernized countries in the Middle East. Their military destruction--made possible by U.S. provided weapons and funds−were directed not at Hezbollah fighters in the south, but innocent civilians in the cities, especially Beirut. At the same time, in June 2006, Israel destroyed the only power station in Gaza, destroyed bridges, and other infrastructure.

Like a crazed animal, Israel was killing human beings like crazed drunken hunters shooting and killing caged animals.

Supporting all this were President George Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza "Bugs Bunny" Rice, and the shills in congress who were recipients of large amounts of money from the powerful Israel lobby and other Israeli groups.

Warning Issued to United States
By Saudi Arabian Government

The only real courageous outrage to the Turkey-Shoot killing of people in Lebanon was shown by the rulers in Saudi Arabia. Their announcement on July 23, 2006 stated:

Jeddah, July 25, the following is the statement issued today by the royal court:
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has undertaken the role required of it by its security council's permanent member states to convey the same message.

The Arabs have proclaimed peace as a strategic option for the Arab nation. they presented a just and distinct plan for regaining the occupied Arab territories in exchange for peace. They refused to respond to provocations and ignored anti-peace extremist calls. It should be stated that patience could not last forever. If the Israeli military brutality persisted with killings and destruction no one could predict the consequences and than regrets will be in vain.

Therefore, the kingdom addresses an appeal and a warning to the international community in its entirety, as represented by the U.N. and in particular the U.S.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls on all to act in accordance with honest, conscious and international moral and humanitarian laws. It also warns all that if the peace option is rejected due to the Israeli arrogance then only the war option remains and no one knows the repercussions befalling the region, including wars and conflict that will spare no one including those whose military power is now tempting them to play with fire.

Religious and national duty with regard to the situation in the region and repercussions of events in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories. In this regard, it has cautioned, warned and extended advice. Furthermore, it has striven from the first moment to stop the aggression, moving on more than one front and by more than one means, to persuade the international community to force Israel to agree to a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the kingdom has dispatched HRH, the foreign minister, and HRH the secretary general of the national security council, to meet H.E. the U.S. president in Washington and inform him of its views on the grave and unpredictable consequences of the unremitting Israeli aggression if matters went beyond control. The kingdom has also asked personal envoys to visit the capitals of the Security Council's permanent member states to convey the same message.

An Entire Country Laid to Waste

An entire country laid to waste. For what? Two Israel soldiers captured? Israel has held in prison, for years, hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians. The firing of rockets? What can be expected of a people whose land had been invaded, been occupied for 39 years, people crushed in their homes with military tanks (paid for and provided by U.S. politicians with public approval).

And of the serial liars that the U.S. has for a president, he and his shills claim they want to protect innocent lives while they rush additional arms to Israel for the target practice of Israel military pilots and guided missiles.

Never before has a president of the United States perpetrated so many impeachable crimes, and has harmed the United  States and other countries in the process. Yet, he can't be impeached, without impeaching the vice president and other shills on the president's staff.

Although there was once hope that the White House group would be out of office before they brought on World War II, with nuclear missiles wiping out many U.S. cities, that hope is all but lost at this time.

And for America's media personnel, many on the secret payroll of the CIA and other government offices, not a word about the unprecedented brutality upon a country with little resources that has just seen much of the infrastructure destroyed.

And for the American public, the same group that approved of the murders of tens of thousands of Iraqis, who continue to support their lying president, and who share guilt in the deaths and tragedies inflicted in their name by the most arrogant and dangerous president in the last 100 years, you are long overdue to suffer the consequences.

Anyone can love their country and hate the people that are destroying it from within, like Trojan horses. And destroying it in ways the in-denial apathetic public doesn't even know.

Another Perspective on
Middle East Problems

Let's make a few substitutes to get another perspective on the root cause of the Middle East problems that has bred what some call terrorist activities that then fed on itself:

This is a rough example, but it helps to put another perspective on a view away from the herd mentality of most U.S. media people (and remember many are on the secret payroll of the CIA and other government agencies).

The one-sided military buildup of Israel by the United States, furnishing military weapons and money that are knowingly used against Arabs who are fighting Israel’s invasion of Arab land in 1967 and the subsequent brutal occupation by Israel. This policy formed the birth of the continuing increasing in people wanting to harm the United States. The United States call these people terrorists, for seeking to halt the brutal occupation by Israel. The hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001, were a ripple effect from the United States aiding and abetting Israel's brutal occupation and killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Palestine, Gaza, and Lebanon.  

Israel's nuclear arsenal, made possible by U.S. politicians, with the information kept from the American people, while U.S. politicians threaten another war, with Iran, for seeking to have a nuclear power plant.

Grave Consequences Suffered by U.S.
For Arming and Funding Israel's Aggression

U.S. interests were harmed by Israel's brutal attacks on Lebanon. For instance:

As with any other conduct, the United States, by its politicians, have "earned" the consequences, the worse yet to come.

Israel's Brutality and Killing of Civilians In Gaza


Using huge tanks, the most advanced fighter planes in the world, and sophisticated weapons designed to kill, Israel has used these methods to kill unarmed civilians in Gaza, As a result, in three days of attacks upon the mostly unarmed Gaza civilians, over 500 had been killed and nearly 2,000 injured. The brave men of Israel have killed and maimed thousands of mostly innocent victims, including women, children, and infants. These souls were no match against the overwhelming military might of Israeland its enablers.

Under various criminal statutes, anyone who aids and comforts a person or thing committing criminal or violent acts against another becomes equally guilty, as a con-conspirator, and guilty of aiding and abetting the crimes. And those who know of these crimes and do nothing to stop them, also become accomplices, as a matter of criminal law.

Israel could not have perpetrated the latest attacks and killing of innocent civiliansor the earlier attacks on the people of Lebanon or the West Bank that was formerly a part of Transjordanwithout the weapons supplied by the United States, the billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars, or support by U.S. politiciansand the people they represent, being the American people.

Using that analogy, the United States, its politicians, the people who support these acts, are similarly guilty of the brutalities inflicted upon the victims.

A few facts that people in the United States should consider concerning the aiding and abetting of Israel's conduct:

Israel's Killing of Peaceful Activists Seeking to
Bring Relief to Gaza's People

In May 2010, a flotilla of ships with unarmed peace activists proceeded to Gaza with loads of humanitarian supplies for the Gaza people. Israel had prevented most of any Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla sparks international outrage. One of the ships was the Mavi Marmara, and the flagship of the flotilla. As the Mavi Marmara proceeded toward Gaza and in international waters, ships of the Israeli navyfunded in part by U.S. taxpayers as authorized by U.S. politiciansattacked the vessel. An article in the British Guardian newspaper (, May 31, 2010) described what happened. A  portion of that article follows:

In a blitz of military strength, masked commandos rapelled on to the Turkish ship's deck from a helicopter and boarded from the side by fast attack launch. They were armed with guns, stun grenades and tear gas. Assault craft drenched their target in dazzling light and used booming tannoys to warn the ship's passengers to halt their mission or face Israel taking "all the necessary measures in order to enforce this blockade".

The activists from as many as 50 different countries stood little chance in the face of such a show of strength. But if Israel had been hoping to benefit from the cover of darkness by attacking at night, they did not reckon on the presence of a network of on-board video cameras recording their opening moves.

Turkish television footage showed how one by one as the commandos descended by ropes to the deck they were ambushed by waiting passengers armed with what appeared to be metal bars, sticks and in one case, a table. The reception for two commandos descending from a helicopter was brutal – the first was battered to the ground and heavily beaten and the second, landing seconds later, was assaulted by a man with a bar and forced to retreat into a doorway before fighting back out.

Whether these were the first blows struck in an incident that ended with the deaths of at least nine people and the injury of at least 50, is disputed. Those on board, including a reporter for Al Jazeera, said the Israelis fired on the boat before boarding. Israel said it opened fire after its commandos were attacked by activists wielding knives, clubs and pistols wrested from its soldiers. It was impossible yesterday to verify either account.

What is certainly true is that shortly after the assault, all communications with the flotilla were blocked. Mobile phones, satellite phones and internet access all went down, making it all but impossible to glean any account from the passengers about what had happened, beyond the few minutes that were captured on film. Israel's version of events became the only one available in any detail.

The Guardian has attempted to piece together the story from electronic communications from the flotilla, video footage taken on board, interviews with the flotilla organisers, reports from journalists on board the Mavi Marmara, reports from journalists embedded with the Israeli military and statements from the Israelis.

During Sunday on the journey from Cyprus towards Gaza, the trip had been progressing well, with spirits high among the pro-Palestinian activists, according to messages received from the flotilla at the Cyprus base of Free Gaza, one of the campaign groups behind the mission.

"They were excited because they knew they were on their way," Greta Berlin, a Free Gaza activist in Cyprus who was in frequent contact, said. "We would get little messages saying 'we are on a Mediterranean cruise, it is really quite lovely'. There was no feeling until around midnight that anyone was in any danger."

Little did they know that three hours earlier than that, at around 9pm, three Israeli naval craft had left the northern Israeli port of Haifa to intercept them. The plan was for Israel's elite Flotilla 13 unit to disembark on the top deck of the Mavi Marmara, and from there rush to the vessel's bridge and order the Marmara's captain to stop, said Israeli journalist, Ron Ben Yishai, who was embedded with the Israeli military.

By around 11pm Israel's taskforce was alongside the flotilla of six vessels and one of the navy ships broadcast a warning to the flotilla not to approach Gaza.

"If you ignore this order and enter the blockaded area, the Israeli navy will be forced to take all the necessary measures in order to enforce this blockade," the message said, according to a recording later broadcast on Israeli radio.

Then around midnight the flotilla co-ordinators appeared to become worried and Lubna Masarwa, a Palestinian Israeli on board the Marmara issued a series of urgent messages via Twitter.

"We didn't expect them now," she said. "We thought they will arrive at the morning, please stay in touch with the other boats … People here put there life jackets [sic], everybody preparing here. We are in international waters … Three boats are coming, not two, Three Israeli boats, we are 78 mile from Israel … Two Israeli ships coming toward us … they contact the ship asked who we are and disappeared, getting close to the ship we can see them."

The Free Gaza campaign was worried enough to issue "a call to the world from the people on the boats". "This flotilla is bringing supplies the people of Gaza and are being met by military force," it said.

Over the next few hours as the Israeli ships circled, the flotilla issued a series of brief messages through their spot locator, a telecommunications device which charted their progress on a web site.

"This is a HELP message," it said at 12.30am. "We have been contacted by the Israelis but are still fine, don't worry."

Shortly afterwards another states: "Challenger 2 [one of the boats] contacted by Israeli Defence Force radio A/O approached by IDF ships", and another: "Going ahead". Three more "OK" signals between 1.30am and 2.30am were then replaced at 4.30am by a red exclamation mark stating: "Last position before IDF attack. 04:30 GMT, Latitude:32.64113, Longitude:33.56727" – around 70 miles from the coast of northern Israel and 90 miles from Gaza.

The assault had been under way for at least 30 minutes, according to Dr Arafat Madi, one of the European organisers of the convoy who spoke to the activists by satellite phone shortly afterwards.

"The Israelis took the phones from us as we were talking," he said. "We heard from them that the Israeli army attacked all the ships at once with hundreds of soldiers."

He said the Greek captain of one of the smaller vessels, the 8000, had been shot and two others were injured. But he had no information about injuries on the other vessels and said they were struggling to get any information from the Israelis to give to worried families of the activists.

Video footage of the assault on the Mavi Marmara showed at least half a dozen armed and masked commandos gathering themselves on the bow deck of the ship, apparently having been helicoptered on.

During the assault, which began in earnest 40 miles from the coast, several journalists continued to broadcast from the aft deck, sharing a microphone in a relay as they broadcast to the world.

Reporting for Press TV, an Iranian state-run channel, one said: "We are being hit by tear gas, stun grenades. We have navy ships on every side and helicopters ahead. We are being attacked on every side."

Activists on the ship were shown on video mustering at the top of a flight of stairs, armed with makeshift weapons. The ship's captain could be heard speaking over the tannoy, urging them to give up: "Please, all the brothers, go back to your cabin and sit on your seats. Stop your resistance. They are using live ammunition. We can't protect ourselves."

Over the noise of gunfire, Jamal Elshayyal, reporting for Al Jazeera, said two passengers had been killed. He claimed a white flag of surrender had been raised on board "after Israeli commandos descended upon the ship from a helicopter as well as surrounding it on all sides [in boats]." He continued: "Despite the white flag being raised, the Israeli army is still shooting, still firing live munitions."

Shortly afterwards the broadcasts stopped and all internet and satellite phone connections were lost.

The Israeli military had been surprised by the resistance they met, according to an account by Ben Yishai. He said the commandos were carrying paintball rifles. He said they were equipped with handguns but were only authorised to use them in life-threatening situations.

"The navy commandos were prepared to mostly encounter political activists seeking to hold a protest, rather than trained street fighters," he wrote on the Ynet News website. "The rioters on the top deck, whose number swelled up to 30 by that time, kept on beating up about 30 commandos who kept gliding their way one by one from the helicopter."

He claimed activists stole a handgun from one commando and threw him 30 feet over a rail, causing serious head injuries. Only after this were commandos authorised to use live ammunition and then shot at activists' legs, he said. He added that passengers pounded soldiers' hands as they tried to climb on board.

Footage from inside the ship, broadcast on Turkish television, showed the impact of the battle. A woman carried a bloodstained stretcher, men were shown bleeding from wounds, people moved about tending the injured. People were stretched out on the floor and it was not clear if they were alive or dead.

Flotilla 13, the Israeli naval commando unit that intercepted the Gaza Freedom flotilla, is one of the country's elite military formations, with rigorous selection and training procedures and a reputation for ruthless efficiency. It is known to have been involved in numerous clandestine seaborne operations, including many raids on neighbouring Lebanon. It works closely with the Mossad secret service.

It was also involved in a curious foreshadowing of the Gaza incident in February 1988, when Flotilla 13 is reported to have sabotaged an attempt by the PLO to highlight the issue of Palestinian refugees by sailing a ship to an Israeli port, forcing Israel either to sink it or board it or let it land the refugees. The night before the vessel, al-Awda ("The Return") was due to sail, it was blown up and sunk in Limassol harbour, Cyprus — with no loss of life or political embarrassment.

In recent years the naval commando force has played a key role in intercepting arms shipments from Iran and Syria to Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Flotilla 13 is often compared to the US Navy Seals and Britain's Special Boat Service.

Israel's role in Subverting America
And America's Interests

Israel has committed deadly and subversive acts against the United States over the years. These included, for instance:

The birth and explosive growth of people wanting to kill Americans has resulted from, and will continue to increase, with America's funding, arming, and support of Israel's violent occupation of land taken from Arabs. U.S. politicians fuel the fire by continuing the very policies that breeds the world's greatest increase in people wanting to kill Americans.

As long as the United States politicians and shills for Israel continue their deception, America and its people will pay the consequences. Any U.S. politician that dares to make statements against Israel is not only falsely accused of anti-Semitism but also targeted for extinction, as many learned. In this way, Israel subverts the political process in the United States. The massive power and influence of Israel in the United States insures that the American people will never know how the United States has suffered for its military and financial support for Israel and its aggression.

Many citizens of Israel and in the same position as citizens of the United States, and against the conduct of their leaders. The primary blame is against the leaders, and not the average citizen who does not seem to have any control over what their leaders are doing.

Ignorance is not bliss! And Americans have paid and will continue to pay a heavy price for their ignorance of these and other areas of corruption. As long as the American people want to remain illiterate, indifferent, or too lazy to react to being taken for saps, these outrages and many others will continue to adversely affect the lives of most Americans.

Simulated Parallel Harm to United States

To understand the utter brutality and arrogance of Israel's destruction of Lebanon, consider a similar situation in the United States if Mexican drug lords:

Don't think this scenario too bizarre. The books referenced at this site shows that the American people have been duped by their leaders for decades in situations not much more bizarre than this.

 Covert Conduct by Israel and U.S. Politicians Responsible
For Great Harm to Americans and Middle East People

The one-sided support, funding and arming Israel with heavy military weapons, has had tragic consequences for the people of the United States.

Israel's murderous and inhumane attacks against the Arabs, funded and armed by the United States, has bred and generated the last 40 years of hatred against the United States. Also, for those who care enough to read, we mustn't forget Israel's conduct that inflicted great harm upon Americans. Consider the following examples:

U.S. politicians, for self-serving interests, have kept these hostile attacks against the United States and its people secret, and aided and abetted the host of consequences suffered by the people of the United States.

Sampling of other postings relating to this important subject:

More Information on Harm to Americans from Coalition of
Israel's Zionist Leaders and Their American Puppets
In Congress, the White House, and U.S. Media

U.S. investing in Israel bonds, financing illegal and brutal occupier of Palestine land. No where but in the United States could such outrageand stupidityoccur:

U.S. military leaders response to supporting Israel's war with Iran.

Israeli illegal settlers attacking Palestinians.

Sampling of harm to Americans as Israel Zionist puppets—members of U.S. Congress—carry out their self-serving pandering:

Gaza, the good and the bad:

Information Sent to This Writer

The main person behind this site is former international airline captain Rodney Stich. He spent time in the Middle East during the 1950s living with the people as he flew Muslim pilgrims (Hajji) from throughout the area to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The following are a sampling of relatively recent emails sent to him by people living in the Middle East:

List of letters from Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ramallah, Palestine: letter list.

Other articles:

Video and Footage of the Freedom Ride (excellent in superimposing images from the US civil rights movement to the current era) (Filmed by ISMers in 4 parts). (from Ann Paq of Active stills) (collage of
videos from Jewish Voices for Peace). 1 of four videos from an
ISM activist).

More stories and commentary on the Freedom Rides

Take Action: Global March to Jerusalem (video)

Positive action example: Cambridge: Boycott Sabra & Tribe!>

Our friend and colleague Ashraf AbuRahma, a real believer in nonviolent demonstrations and who never threw a stone is charged with throwing stones. This case has other twists. Amira Haas tellxs of "The banality of a Palestinian's arrest"

Moshe Dayan's Widow Ruth: Zionist Dream Has Run Its Course: These startlingwords were uttered last week in Tel Aviv by 95-year-old Ruth Dayan, widow ofone of Israel's founding fathers

Rafeef Ziadeh poem "We teach life"

(interview in Portuguese) ‘História da região independe da ONU’

Occupy the Occupiers: A Jewish Call to Action

Ran Greenstein: How to fight the Israel-Apartheid analogy in four easy steps a guide for useful Hasbara idiots.

Occupy Tahrir Square vs. Occupy America: “We could all temporarily losesight of who is pulling the strings in this counter-revolution currently playing out in Egypt … but make no mistake, the thousands in Tahrir square will not lose hope nor can they afford to.” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Petition: To Congress & President Obama to stop military aid to Israel: (this is an old petition that was never publicized but it might be worthwhile to reinvigorate now) Petition : "Right of Return and one secular democratic state"

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD Blogged at

HumanRights newsletter.
International Atomic Energy Agency exposed as Israeli spy front:

How the Coalition Composed of Israel, Its Lobbies,
U.S. Politicians, and U.S. Media, Manipulates
The Uninformed and Gullible American Public

The American public, blissfully happy to be dumbed down, and able to concentrate on trivia, is easy prey for manipulation by the coalition composed  of Israel, its lobbies, especially AIPAC, U.S. politicians, and U.S. media, is easy prey by the widespread power of Israel in the United States.


The 2014 horrific brutalities upon the Palestinians in Gaza was a prime example. Never was it said by U.S. politicians and U.S. media that Israel was an invading country, using U.S.-provided heavy military machinesintended against powerful nationsused against a virtually defenseless people, including  women and children.


In desperation, a small group in Gaza, sent primitive missiles into Israel, the invading  nation, that did very little damage.


Never was it said that the invaded Palestinians had a right to defend thenselves, even with weapons that were primarily of little value.


Nor were the American people ever told that the series of al Qaeda attacks were motivated by a group outraged by what the Israel-U.S. politicians were doing to the normally peaceful Palestinians. They, at least, were showing concern, while U.S. politicians were making the continuing brutalities possible.


Another common tactic was to blame the Palestinians for not agreeing to a settlement. There was no settlement; Israel had no intention of leaving the invaded and annexed land, on which it has been bui8ling permanent communities.

Blissfully Ignorant Media-Dumbed-Down Americans

The American public's reaction to Israel's murderous attacks upon U.S. sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty and throughout the Meddle East, plus the many assassinations in foreign countries. There is a thoroughly embedded culture of avoiding knowledge of corruption by people responsible for acting, so as to evade responsibility. And a culture of lack of curiosity among the public and concurrent obsession with trivia.

Sampling of actions that good people could do to attack the arrogant human rights violations and protect themselves and their country:

U.S. government entities investing in Israel bonds, with money used to build and settle Israel settlers in the occupied Palestinian land. No where but in the United States could such outrageand stupidityoccur:

Additional Information

This writer was a former airline captain who lived and worked in the Middle East many years ago, at a time when Arabs and Iranians were friends of America. He presents the following information. His CIA contacts provided information to hiim for years about Israel's Mossad drug smuggling into the United States; the Mossad's assassinations in the United States; the Mossad's complicity with the CIA in corrupting U.S. presidential elections, including October Surprise; and much more. Israel's Zionists are is not a friend of the United States.

Videos and information relating to Gaza and Palestine.

See also

Books on History of Corruption of
And Resulting Series of Tragedies
Written by and With
Former Government Insiders







All of the books are available at, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.






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Consider the following in evaluating the war mongering by U.S. Neocons and Israel's militants:

Recognize this: the American public has been tragically duped for decades, with every check and balance keeping a third-rail secrecy on these and many other matters.

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