Major basis for attacks on U.S. targets.


Israel's thumb-to-the-nose attitude toward U.S. national interests.


Negotiations: biggest hoax on Palestinians and U.S. public.


U.S. politicians and most U.S. media protecting Israel government's deliberate murder of U.S. Navy personnel during repeated military attacks.


Truth withheld from American public.


Israel stealing U.S. military secrets.


Israel selling U.S. secret weapons technology to U.S. adversaries.


Dotan stealing American secrets for Israel.


Pollard spying upon United States for Israel.


Israel's involvement in October Surprise: another secret kept from American public.


CIA's  collaboration with Israel's Mossad.


Crimes of Israel's intelligence agency: Mossad.


U.S. politicians protecting Israel's sabotaging conduct.


Israel's enormous political control over U.S. politicians.


Naive Americans fund these anti-American activities.


Israel withholding knowledge of planned terrorist attacks upon the United States.


Mossad's assassination of world-famous figure.


Mossad's killing of American family in California.


Practice of U.S. politicians protecting Israel continued in the Obama presidency.


Israel's brutality in invaded land


Israel's trampling on U.S. interests with absolute immunity.


Israel's murderous invasion of Lebanon in July 2006.


Warning issued to United States by Saudi Arabian government.


An entire country laid to waste by Israel.


Another perspective on Middle East problems.


Grave consequences suffered by U.S. for arming and funding Israel's aggression.


Israel's brutality and killing of civilians in Gaza.


Israel's killing of peaceful activists seeking to bring relief to Gaza's people


Israel's role in subverting America and America's interests.


Simulated parallel harm to the American people.


Covert conduct by Israel and U.S. politicians responsible for great harm to Americans and Middle East people.


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How the coalition composed of Israel, its lobbies, U.S. politicians, and U.S. media, manipulates the uninformed and gullible American public.


Blissfully ignorant media-dumbed-down Americans


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Insurance that Middle East-African hatred for Americans will continue or increase.


Should Americans care about the deadly consequences of being perpetual "feeding trough" for America's con artists in government?


Pictures by this writer of Jerusalem in the early 1950s while flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca as airline captain.


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