Why the United States Will Continue to be a Target for Violent Attacks


Why the United States will Continue Being an
Increasing Target for Muslim Violence: a Self-Fulfilling Legacy

This writer was an airline pilot in the 1950s flying Muslim pilgrims from throughout the Middle-East to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Most people in that this writer encountered, from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem, respected Americans at that time. But U.S. politicians had already started sowing seeds for generating hatred.

As this writer visited the Palestinian refugee camps containing people forced out of their homes by Israel, it became obvious that by the one-sided policies of U.S. politicians giving Israel billions of dollars, military equipment for fighting major wars against unarmed civilians, and providing intelligence, would change the warmth toward U.S. citizens. The giving of massive military equipment and money to Israel encouraged Israel to inflict various forms of brutality upon the Arabs in Israel and surrounding territory. Among the hostility aided and abetted by U.S. politicians was Israel's invasion of parts of Transjordan in 1967. Israel then acted to permanently occupy the seized land by building settlements and continuing to brutalize the people in the occupied territory. 

Despite being at a major disadvantage by Israel's overwhelming military might−thanks to U.S. politicians−but frustrated by years of sham negotiations, people in the Arab territory fought back with primitive weapons. Again encouraged on by U.S. politicians, Israel invaded Lebanon, invaded Gaza, killing hundreds of innocent civilians−including infants, children, women, and old people.

Under these conditions, is it any wonder that U.S. politicians have caused to occur the greatest buildup of people wanting to kill Americans, why the U.S. has suffered repeated attacks on aircraft and other facilities (more than the people know). To think that the United States can escape further and worsening attacks−shows the street-ignorance of many people.

Another one of countless subversive actions ordered by U.S. politicians was the 1953 overthrow of the duly-elected head of Iran that was engineered by CIA personnel. This writer was in Iran the morning that the revolution started. That conduct ordered by White House politicians started the hatred for the United States in Iran.

By continued providing heavy military equipment to Israel−huge tanks, high tech fighter aircraft, bombs and missiles−and turning a blind eye to Israel's development of nuclear missiles−and supporting Israel's invasion and occupation of portions of Transjordan (Palestine), and the killing of hundreds of civilians in Lebanon, Jerusalem, and Gaza, people in the United States can be assured of continuing attacks.

In hijacking of four airliners on  September 11, 2001, the bombing of U.S. Embassies in Africa, and other attacks, are the expected ripple effects from the powerful Israel lobbies in the United States and the pandering by U.S. politicians to them.

Making all this one-sided support for Israel even more bizarre is the history of attacks by Israel upon the United States, as described in the book, Defrauding America: deliberate killing of Navy personnel on the U.S.S. Liberty; stealing of U.S. secrets; drug smuggling into the United States by Israel's Mossad.

As described in the book, Defrauding America, suitcase nuclear bombs had been stolen from Russian nuclear facilities, and one of these days, it is very probable that they will start going off in U.S. cities. Unable to defend against the worldwide attacks, in a condition of its own making, the people of the United States will find themselves in an impossible situation−inflicted upon them by their thoroughly corrupt politicians and leaders, corruption that themselves repeatedly ignored, too apathetic to exert any outrage.


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