Should YOU Care About the Israel's Massive Killing of Civilians In Gaza?


Should Americans care about Israel's massive killing of civilians in Gaza? Or Palestine? or Lebanon?

Using massive tanks, the most advanced fighter planes in the world, and sophisticated weapons designed to kill, Israel has used these methods to kill unarmed civilians in Gaza, As a result, in three days of attacks upon the mostly unarmed Gaza civilians, over 500 had been killed and nearly 2,000 injured. The brave men of Israel have killed and maimed thousands of mostly innocent victims, including women, children, and infants. These souls were no match against the overwhelming military might of Israeland its enablers.

Under various criminal statutes, anyone who aids and comforts a person or thing committing criminal or violent acts against another becomes equally guilty, as a con-conspirator, and guilty of aiding and abetting the crimes. And those who know of these crimes and do nothing to stop them, also become accomplices, as a matter of criminal law.

Israel could not have perpetrated the latest attacks and killing of innocent civiliansor the earlier attacks on the people of Lebanon or the West Bank that was formerly a part of Transjordanwithout the weapons supplied by the United States, the billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars, or support by U.S. politiciansand the people they represent, being the American people.

Using that analogy, the United States, its politicians, the people who support these acts, are similarly guilty of the brutalities inflicted upon the victims.

A few facts that people in the United States should consider concerning the aiding and abetting of Israel's conduct:

The Israel lobbies in the United States are so powerful that no politicians can oppose these brutal and deadly acts without being targeted for defeat and without being called anti-Semitic. So powerful are these groups that Americans are fed a daily barrage of support by media people and politician pundits, willing to subvert national interests for their own greed and self-interests.

Americans will continue to pay heavily for supplying Israel with the military weapons used to kill civilians in Gaza, in Lebanon, and in Palestine and for its brutal acts.

Here are some facts that Americans should consider, presented by a former airline captain who lived and worked in the Middle East many years ago, at a time when Arabs and Iranians were friends of America:

Israel's role in Subverting America and America's Interests

As long as the United States politicians and shills for Israel continue their deception, America and its people will pay the consequences. Any U.S. politician that dares to make statements against Israel is not only falsely accused of anti-Semitism but also targeted for extinction, as many learned. In this way, Israel subverts the political process in the United States. The massive power and influence of Israel in the United States insures that the American people will never know how the United States has suffered for its military and financial support for Israel and its aggression.

Many citizens of Israel and in the same position as citizens of the United States, and against the conduct of their leaders. The primary blame is against the leaders, and not the average citizen who does not seem to have any control over what their leaders are doing.

Ignorance is not bliss! And Americans have paid and will continue to pay a heavy price for their ignorance of these and other areas of corruption. As long as the American people want to remain illiterate, indifferent, or too lazy to react to being taken for saps, these outrages and many others will continue to adversely affect the lives of most Americans.

The only interest this writer has is to expose matters that constitute corrupt acts, including those that subvert the interests of the United States.