The Unaddressed Problems that Made the 9/11 Hijackings Possible

Facts not generally known will explain why four groups of terrorists were so easily able to hijack four airliners on September 11, 2001, and why these factual matters were never addressed.

    First, let me give the highlights of my aviation background and how I was able to acquire the insider information that had never been brought to the public's attention by any congressional or other investigation.


t my background showing my credentials for making the statements I make here. Joining the U.S. Navy in December 1941, I was a Navy Patrol Plane Commander during World War II; an international airline captain for various airlines after the war; an FAA air carrier operations inspector in the 1960s.

  • I have written numerous books including two related to the politics of air safety: Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries; and Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups. these books have been written to circumvent the standard cover-ups that have been the standard culture in the United States and inform people of why and how some of the nation's worst airline disasters have occurred. these books are very factual, heavily documented, and based upon what I personally discovered, starting as a federal aviation safety inspector-investigator, upon the information provided to me over the years by many other former government agents and insiders. Since 1978, when the first edition of Unfriendly Skies was published, I have appeared on over 3,000 radio and television shows as a guest and expert.
  • From 1962 until 1967, I was an inspector-investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration. During this time I investigated aircraft incidents and made numerous written reports on major air safety problems, major safety violations, and what had to be done to halt the ongoing series of airline disasters that were occurring at that time on an average of every few months.
  • In about 1963, while assigned to the Los Angeles FAA office, I was approached and asked to accept an assignment to correct the conditions that at that time were responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history, and involved primarily United Airlines, which experienced more airline crashes and disasters than any other airline, and possibly more than the other major airlines combined. I was forewarned that it was a difficult assignment, but that the FAA was right behind me in providing support. The first proved to be true; the second was dismally untrue, as the politics of air safety in the FAA were so deeply embedded that the periodic crash and deaths were acceptable consequences.
  • Within a short time of taking on my new assignment, I discovered what others had already learned. Massive safety problems, numerous violations of federal air safety requirements, criminal violations involving falsified records of major safety requirements.
  • In addition to these problems at United Airlines,  FAA inspectors were blocked from reporting and taking actions on these problems, despite the ongoing series of crashes. Official reports on safety problems and safety violations were destroyed, inspectors warned not to submit reports, urgent accident preventative measures reported by the professional inspectors were ignored.
  • Frustrated by these matters, and motivated in part by the great human tragedies arising from the arrogance and corruption, I used the law in such a manner that I conducted, similar to an independent prosecutor, administrative hearings during which I subpoenaed FAA management to testify. The 4500 page hearing transcript provided additional evidence of how FAA management forcibly continued the unsafe and illegal practices that pleased a small but powerful group at United Airlines. Part of my final closing brief warned of the consequences of a cover-up. (The administrative law judge was William Jennings, a lawyer on the staff of the FAA administrator.)
  • During the hearing, three additional major airline disasters occurred:
    • A United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City in which 43 people perished. NTSB board members identified the three obvious and primary causes of the crash and deaths: (a) The captain's dangerous high-sink-rate approach that caused the aircraft to hit hard and rip off the landing gear; (b) the flight engineer's failure to shut off the fuel values and fuel booster pumps as the aircraft slid down the runway on its belly; and (c) the poor evacuation of the aircraft by the crew.
    • The political NTSB board members falsified the report by leaving out material information. That information included (a) the written report that I had made of that same captain during an enroute check from Chicago to Omaha and to Denver, and which was either ignored or the report destroyed, thereby pleasing United Airlines management and preventing the captain from receiving the corrective training; (b) the numerous written reports, including one that was five pages long, describing the United Airlines flight engineer training program as the worst I had ever seen, that it was conducted in a sham procedure to save the airline money, and the retaliation I received from FAA management for making the reports; and (c) that I had made two official reports that United Airlines was not providing the yearly required evacuation training of the flight deck crewmembers, that they were falsifying the government-required records, and only performing the training every three years and then only in part. the poor evacuation of the passengers when the aircraft came to a stop  was the direct results, That requirement was the most strongly worded training requirement, equating failure to perform the yearly requirement with the deaths of passengers, which did occur at Salt Lake City. In addition, making the violations of that requirement even more arrogant was the fact that deaths of passengers in a prior United Airlines crash at Denver was the basis for that requirement, only to be violated repeatedly by the airline whose deadly crash caused the safety requirement to be issued.
    • Compounding all this, I had prior to the hearing, and during the hearing, and prior to the crashes, notified the predecessor of the NTSB, the Civil Aeronautic Board Bureau of Air Safety of these matters, which required them to conduct an immeidate hearing. The only reaction to my exposure of these deadly practices was by Donald Madole advising me that he already knew of the problems at the FAA, that my predecessor on the program had reported these matters to them several years earlier.
    • Making this scenario even worse, during the hearing I accidentally obtained an official government document showing that United Airlines had been falsifying the periodic training and competency checks of its crewmembers (which at that time had to be done in the aircraft). An inspection by several FAA inspectors showed that the aircraft were not in the air long enough the have performed the training and competency checks required by federal regulations. Juxtapositioned with those falsified training-competency check flights were two major airline disasters: The United DC-8 that crashed into a TWA Constellation over Staten Island on December 16, 1960, and then crashed into the Brooklyn borough of New York City (that was the world's worst airline disaster until the record was taken over by a PSA jet that crashed into San Diego; and the United DC-8 crash at Denver about six months later (that brought about the strongly worded requirement for yearly emergency evacuation training, and which was violated and records falsified.
    • Following the typical culture in the United States, the FAA hearing officer, William Jennings (later safety officer at Airline Passenger Association) and the CAB Bureau of Aviation Safety, and then the NTSB political board members, covered up for these deep seated cultures and safety corruption.
    • the NTSB political board cover-ups made possible the continuation of the serious problems and made possible other preventable crashes and deaths. A typical crash made possible by the NTSB cover-up was the crash of a United DC-8 into Portland in 1978. Possibly fearing that I would be present at the accident hearing, since the first edition of Unfriendly Skies had recently been published, the NTSB made the unprecedented step of not conducting a public hearing.
    • Numerous other crashes were made possible by this scenario. The numerous people involved in the cover-ups, that made possible more easily preventable airline crashes, increased the need to continue the cover-up of the culture in certain segments of the government's aviation safety officers, and accept the crashes and deaths as a necessary price to protect the guilty.
    • In Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries, the consequences of the safety problems and the cover-ups are shown. In Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups, I detail the ripple effects of these matters that made possible the conditions enabling four groups of terrorists to hijack four airliners, kill 3,000 people, and serve as the catalyst for other tragedies, including the start of a war with Iraq on the usual lying by White House politicians. If the facts are known and understood, the little-understood butterfly, or ripple effects will be seen, as bringing about catastrophic deadly consequences fr4om seemingly remote actions.
    • Over a period of many years, other former and present FAA inspectors revealed to me problems that they encountered and the resulting crashes. It is also of interest that during the time I was with the FAA, conscientious NTSB accident investigators described to me how the political NTSB board appointees would cover up for highly sensitive or politically sensitive causes of particular high-profit aircraft disasters and prepare false final accident reports omitting reference to certain causative matters. The present and former FAA and NTSB people in key spots foretell that these matters will never see the light of day from any ISASI actions.
    • How does all this involve some prior members of SASI and ISASI?  As I played an active role in helping to form the San Francisco chapter of SASI, having probably more heavy safety-related and accident-related experience of any of them, behind the scene actions were taken to deny recognition to my activities that would reflect unfavorable upon NTSB and United Airlines personnel.
    • Problem faced by ISASI with being provided with this information: Although many changes had been made over the years to dramatically reduce the frequency of airline crashes, there is still the underlying problems in certain key areas of the FAA and NTSB. For instance, inspectors, including myself, had reported the obvious measures needed to block airline aircraft from being hijacked. These preventative measures were in part blocked by the culture within the FAA, and in part due to the lack of background experience of some people, and the proverbial problem of doing nothing and thereby avoid confrontations. ISASI now has this information from a former insider who had nothing to gain and much to lose by having done what he did. Now, ISASI has this information, and has a responsibility to give it meaningful publicity in an effort to get the problems corrected. Failure in the past to do this enabled the problems to result in the 9/11 hijackings.
    • Obviously, I am always willing to help.


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This first of a series of food-for-thought comments relates to the area of primary blame for 9/11. Despite considerable attention to this area, the primary areas have not been touched. These matters have been carefully kept from the American people by people in control of the system, in the three branches of government, just as many other areas of corruption and related tragedies over the past few decades have been kept secret. 

The comments in this "food-for-thought" issue brings in a little-understood--but immensely important--issue: that of the ripple effect from matters far removed to the actual event that enabled the tragedy to occur. Other definitions would be the blowback or "butterfly effect." Understand this relationship and the start of events relating to great tragedies can be recognized. Simple as this is, it doesn't seem to be understood by most people. 

The following are included in this food-for-thought session (some of which will be obvious to you):

Consider the Sequence 

Consider the People Whose MisconductCreated the
Conditions Enabling Terrorists to Hijack Four Airliners

Without their misconduct, the known measures to prevent decades of airliner hijackings could have been implemented years earlier, and certainly during the several years prior to 9/11 that it was known terrorists were planning to hijack U.S. airliners.

Consider the People Whose Misconduct Enabled
The Scheme to Proceed, Despite Prior Knowledge

Cover-Up by Members of Congress

The congressional hearings into the catastrophic events of 9/11 were more suitable for such trivia as excessive watering of the White House lawn. Members of Congress had to cover up for the primary area of blame for 9/11--the failure of the people in the government aviation safety offices--as members of Congress covered up for decades of warnings from government insiders about the deadly ripple effects of the culture and corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the political board members of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Sampling of letters to members of Congress reporting corrupt activities in government, over a 40-year period, with not a single meaningful response.

Unprecedented lawsuit filed against members of Congress in the federal courts at Washington, and also at Reno, Nevada, based upon their cover-ups and obstruction of justice. the purpose of the lawsuits were to make a judicial record of the charges and of the responses by the defendant members of Congress.

In their answer, they admitted being told of the criminal activities in government operations, that they took no action, but that they were immune from the consequences under the Constitution's Speech and Debate Clause.

The misconduct charged to the members of Congress far exceeded the gravity of the misconduct that media people finally exposed in 2006 shortly before the elections, when a number of members of Congress were sentenced to prison.

Cover-ups by 9/11 Commission

Government agents, especially Rodney Stich who held a key hands-on aviation safety position in the FAA--the area of primary blame for the conditions allowing terrorists to hijack four airliners on 9/11--tried to provide evidence showing the culture in the government's aviation safety offices that created the conditions enabling terrorists to hijack four airliners on 9/11. The commission members repeatedly blocked this testimony and evidence from being made part of the record, thereby continuing the decades of cover-ups and obstruction of justice. 

Lawyers and Law Firms 

Lawyers and law firms were involved over the years in the multiple schemes undertaken to prevent Stich and his group of other insiders from revealing the extent of corruption in government offices to the people. Their roles are described in Stich's Defrauding America, Unfriendly Skies, and Lawyers and Judges: American Trojan Horses.

Sampling of letters sent to lawyers over the years reporting criminal activities associated with such matters as airline disasters, from which they received lucrative fees after airline crashes. Not a single one ever sought to help expose the corruption, enabling the corrupt conditions to continue that enabled other airline disasters to occur.

Sampling of other and previously posted pages related to these matters:

The intrigue associated with 9/11 and the many other areas of misconduct that continue to threaten and harm Americans is far more complicated than stated here, and is revealed in the various books written by former government agent Rodney Stich with input from dozens of other insiders over a period of many years. Like no other books, these books written by government insiders in easy-to-understand language helps to show a much larger picture of the extend of the corruption facing the American people. 

It is important to recognize that for various reasons the people in control of the system will not, repeat, will not, halt this corruption. Anyone who tries will be quickly discredited.

Despite many books written by many professional government insiders, despite thousands of radio and television appearances, the system hasn't changed. Today, more of the active adults were not aware of the pattern of corruption in government, and can be expected to do nothing---as with their predecessors. They become part of the blame for what is becoming increasingly more dangerous, harmful, and very possibly, catastrophic for the people of the United States. The books, therefore, help to show what the indifference has brought about in the past, and the far worse tragedies waiting for them in the future.

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List of lawsuits filed over the years specifically addressing the corruption in government offices related to a series of fatal airline disasters.

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