Former FAA Safety Inspector Rodney Stich and
International Association of Air Safety Investigators

The following e-mail was sent to Paul Mayes, vice-president of the International Society of Air Safety Investigator (ISASI) providing him details from a former FAA inspector deep in the bowels of the government's primary agency responsible for aviation safety. It provided general information about problems that have and will continue to effect the accuracy of any aviation accident investigative group, and allow safety problems to continue resulting in horrific aviation disastersincluding those that are terrorist caused.

Date: Sunday, March 06, 20113:42 PM
To: <> Subject: Your invitation to respond.

Hello Mr. Mayes,

Your comments in the ISASI Forum of January-March 2011 made some good points in the usually very good list of articles in the publication. As an old timer in the aviation field, having stated in Navy PBY's in 1941, Patrol Plane Commander, international airline captain, FAA inspector, and writer, I have a somewhat wider perspective on the aviation safety picture. I was also one of the founders of SASI in the San Francisco area and by far the most experienced. My perspective was broadened, first by being given the assignment by the FAA in 1963 to transfer to the United Airlines training base and correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of aviation disasters in the world's history; and then later, as I became a confidant to a long line of former intelligence, law enforcement and aviation safety personnel. What I learned was very sobering, and revealed areas affecting aviation safety that ISASI has no information on, or refuses to touch it like the third rail. It would also be difficult for ISASI to get access to the information. Despite having worked as pilot for at least a half dozen airlines prior to that (due to frequent furloughs) I was shocked at what I discovered, and which involved key people at United Airlines and within the FAA hierarchy. What I found was so shocking in arrogance and corruption, despite the continuing horrific consequences, that I had no alternative but to take unprecedented actions. And that simply led to worse discoveries.

You stated in your fine article, "The ideal situation is that any safety hazard or safety concern is reported and action is taken to address these before they become an incident or accident. I believe we have the reporting side of this equation under control, ..."

Since you have not been an insider within the FAA, you have no idea of what competent inspectors with a sense of responsibility encounters. The truth behind many aviation disasters never gets into any official record that is available. The direct cause of the crash is usually obvious, but the behind-the-scene enabling causes are known to only a few.And if they speak out, they will suffer. Unless you can get information from these few competent and concerned inspectors, you don't know of these enabling causes.
And then there are enabling causes that are outside of the aviation areas, in the case of terrorist attacks. This is an area where obtaining inside information is even more difficult. Because of my rather unusual and unprecedented attempt to do something about the serious problems directly related to aviation disasters, by publishing books and appearing as guest and expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows, starting in 1978, I developed a large number of confidants in the intelligence and law enforcement fields—professionals—and here I became privy to areas that were totally outside of my prior understanding.
ISASI will never address these areas, but just for your information, if you have the interest and curiosity, let me give you a few sites where I have put up factual information and documentation.

• My initial documentary book, Unfriendly Skies, that came out in 1978 and then went into four revised editions, now has a more suitable title: History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11. It is available in either print, e-book or Kindle from and other Internet sources. That contains information and supporting documentation that I'm sure is beyond anything you could have imagined. I also have a chapter devoted to the ridiculous 9/11 conspiracy theories.
• The almost simultaneous hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001, provides another enabling cause of great aviation disasters that your group can't possibly address—unless ISASI wanted to expand into the third-rail areas that are avoided as standard culture in the United States. Let me give you a few sites that will provide accurate inside information on the 9/11 matters, that address the third-rail issues:

Unless you have an open mind and analyze the supporting material—and today very few people have that—your reaction will be that tis can't be true. I might have come to that conclusion if I had never first got my feet wet in the deadly politics of aviation safety within the FAA (and at United Airlines in those days), and then slowly got into the intelligence sector through the many CIA and law enforcement personnel that became confidants for me. Of course, that former Mafia soldier that provided me lots of detail about the al Qaeda matter was a great help.

But what did I accomplish in deciding that I had to so something as the corruption enabled many forewarned and preventable aviation disasters to occur, when everyone else was a coward?
I'm 88 now, and a little history on what happens to anyone in the United States that dares to speak out can be shown at the following links:

I no longer expect these serious matters to be addressed and expect, as I warned in my closing brief when I acted similar to an independent prosecutor in the FAA, that a cover-up will occur, and things will get worse with more aviation disasters. I was right, but I paid the consequences.

Rodney Stich
His books include
Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Frauds and Catastrophic Consequences History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11
Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda
America's Housing & Financial Frauds

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