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International Society of Air Safety Investigators: Assn. of Former Intelligence Officers

January 29, 2011

Frank Del Gandio, President
International Society of Air Safety Investigators 107 East Holly Avenue, Suite 11
Sterling, VA 20164-5405

Ref:  Comments on the "third-rail" aspects of certain aviation disasters that should fall within the
responsibilities of any group allegedly designed to promote aviation safety.

To Mr. Del Gandio,

This letter is sent to ISASI along with my latest book, History of Aviation Disasters. 1950 to 9/11, which is the fourth edition of what was originally called Unfriendly Skies when it was first published in 1978. 1 first learned about the always repressed "third rail" enabling causes of certain aviation disasters as an FAA air carrier operation inspector after being given the assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history—at that time. And particularly those involving United Airlines, which had the most forewarned and preventable aviation disasters. And where the enabling causes were the most obscene. Possibly the enormity of the loss of human life, and the arrogance level that enabled the crashes and deaths to occur, made that area the "third rail" that is never touched or revealed. Worse than cover-up itself, that protection of the enablers sets the stage for a continuation of the enabling causes and further crashes and deaths.

My recognition of the terrible and deliberate misconduct upon taking that assignment was helped by my prior experiences as a Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II and as a international airline captain after the war at several different airlines (partly due to furloughs in those days). I found no other airline that had the degree of corruption and criminality as I discovered at United Airlines—and an equal degree in key FAA management at that time. These matters are detailed in the enclosed book.

This deadly culture was enabled to continue by the universal cover-up culture that I have been able to document during the next 40 years, aided greatly by the dozens of former intelligence, law enforcement, FAA, and other personnel that sought to help my efforts to halt the cause and effect through informing the public and others with a responsibility to act. (That was wishful thinking!).

Whether it was fear of touching what I call the "third rail" of high-level corruption, cowardice, or simply not knowing, these people became enablers of the continuation of dangerous safety practices, or corrupt conduct, and the consequences. Included in these groups were politically appointed members of the National Transportation Safety Board and others. With each cover-up enabling more of the same consequences, the need to cover up became more urgent.

This universal practice of cover-up led to even worse consequences over a period of years. Upon reading the evidence that I have been privileged to obtain, additional layers of enabling causes arose. Look at the reliable sources I provide as it relates to the investigation and prosecution of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie. The level of criminality fronted by employees of the U.S.
Department of Justice that led to shifting the blame for the bombing from the guilty parties to innocent parties—for political reasons. And if that isn't bad enough, the documented facts (not wild conspiracy theories) about the enabling actions of people in key positions that made the easily preventable hijackings possible.

Since ISASI knows about these charges made by a highly experienced and creditable source, and the availability of the evidence known, it would be unconscionable for ISASI to not take public notice of these matters. But ISASI already knows about some of my charges, and surely knows of some of my supporting evidence. That presents a problem.

I was one of the founding members of SASI at San Francisco in the late 1960s and had far more aviation credentials than any of the other personsbut was removed from that list to apparently keep me out of sight. I remember once, some years ago, calling SASI and being told by the woman who answered the phone that I was on the list of charter members. She was probably looking at raw notes and not the official list That was a start to SASI's avoidance of sensitive issues.

Think of the catastrophic aviation disasters that could have been prevented if these early enabling problems had been identified rather than covered up.

For updates on contributing causes that I place on the Internet as evidence is obtained check the following:

Lockerbie fraud shifting blame from the actual guilty parties to Libya and two innocent Libyans:

•, along with the links to United Nations reports, sworn affidavits, etc.

Hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001, as it relates to the advance information obtained by FBI agents that was withheld so as to protect a key FBI supervisor; the withholding of key information by the DOJ-controlled 9/11 Commission, and other material matters.


• Information about my background is at

I paid a very heavy price for being the only one, with massive evidence of the contributing or enabling causes of several of the nation's catastrophic aviation disasters. With the aiding by those that covered up, either due to cowardice or other reasons, things will surely continue to worsen. Just as I wrote in my closing brief when, as an FAA inspector, I acted similar to an independent prosecutor, while an FAA inspector.

I remember many years ago reading what Jerome Lederer once said. It went something like this:
"The aviation community is like a social club. Everyone protects each other." How very correct he was.



                                            Rodney Stich

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