Brief introduction for understanding other more detailed links.


Worst high-level scandal of many modern nation.


There were consequences—Many!—to this version of human rights as existing in the United States!


Details of the corruption as discovered by former federal agent.


Federal statute for reporting corruption in government.


Obstruction of justice by political U.S. Department of Justice employees.


Circumventing the repeated cover-ups by going to the people (dreamer!).


Sham lawsuits from 1982 to 2005 by hoard of lawyers knowingly hindering reporting of ongoing corruption.


Criminal contempt of court charges for reporting high-level corruption related to major national tragedies.


Kangaroo court trial conducted by people implicated in the corruption and repeated national tragedies.


The documented corruption of enablers to some of the nation's worst tragedies.


Federal judges' Repeated obstruction of justice acts were criminal acts.


Capital crimes when felonies result in deaths.


A secret world unknown to the American people.


American public as a feeding trough.


U.S. Public's gullibility compared to Germans during Adolf Hitler's reign.


List of non-profit documentary books on endemic corruption written by a coalition of former government agents and insiders.

Request help from foreign citizens and sources.
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