Unprecedented Official Life-and-Death Assignment
To Halt Corruption-Enabled Aviation Disasters

World record aviation scandal. In 1964, due to the continujing series of deadly airline disasters at a major politically-powerful airline, noted for its corrupt failure to provide federal aviation safety requirements, that other airlines were providing. a safety-orientated faction in the FAA at Los Angeles (as distinct from the more powerful political factions), gave FAA airline safety inspector, Rodney Stich, the unprecedented life-and-death assignment to halt the massive misconduct at a major politically-powerful airline, and in a local FAA office. That serious misconduct, and criminal violations, were enabling a continuing series of horrific aviation disasters. (The politically-orientated FAA management played an enabling role in the tragedies.)

Under Attack While On Life-and-Death Government
Assignment: With Resulting Crashes and Deaths

As Stich discovered, reported, and attempted to correct the massive aviation safety and violations, he came under attack by the airline, the pilots' union, and primarily by the political segments of the FAA, starting with the FAA Administrator, William F. McKee. During these attacks, three additional airline disasters occurred, two of them at that airline and due to the safety problems and criminal acts that Stich had repeatedly reported in writing and sought to correct. One was a textbook example of how corrupt conduct at an airline or the FAA results in airline crashes and deaths.

Concerned with the continuing series of airline crashes and deaths, and the cover-ups by every relevant check and balance, and defying advice by other FAA safety inspectors who warned Stich, "You can't fight the system," or "You'll get shot if you continue," Stich started a cruise that would expand far beyond the aviation area and lasting over 40 years. He eventually became the person to whom many other professionals in government provided information on tragedy-related corruption in government that they had experienced.

Desperate Attempt to Halt the Continuing Deaths:
Acting as Unprecedented Independent Prosecutor

Reacting to the criminal acts that were blocking him from completing his life-and-death assignment, he used the law in such a manner that he acted similar to an independent prosecutor. This resulted in several months of court-like proceedings where he produced evidence and had FAA management provide testimony under oath. Approximately 4,000 pages of court reporter transcript of testimony and government documents comprised the record. The following are documents from those proceedings:

Three Deadly Crashes While Under Attack

Three back-to-back airline disasters occurred during the attacks and the proceedings. The direct causes of the crashes were the exact problems that Stich had repeatedly reported in writing and were part of the official records. The enabling causes of the direct causes was the corruption in the FAA.

Corruption and Standard American Cover-Ups:
Crashes and Deaths Continued

While the guilty were being rewarded—some  during the funerals being held for the victims of their corrupt conduct—the political FAA management removed Stich from aviation safety matters and banished him to the FAA center at Oklahoma City. He filed a report stating he would not work under such criminal activities, and left, to return to his home in Northern California. The preventable airline disasters

The same personnel and the same culture in the FAA continued, enabling the corruption, politics, and incompetent to continue, along with the expected series of aviation disasters and deaths. Several decades later, the number of aviation disasters sharply dropped. This drop was due to such factors as the more reliable and easier to fly jet; the increase in system reliability; collision avoidance systems; ground proximity warning systems; radar following from takeoff to landing.

Decades Later: Fewer Aviation Disasters—
But Some—Cataclysmic

Some preventable and horrific aviation disasters did continue. The most notable of these easily preventable aviation disasters were the easily preventable and forewarned hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001. Based on insider but documented information, the most direct enablers included:

Two of World's Worst Aviation Disasters:
Both Into Heart of New York City:
Both Enabled by Corrupt Conduct

One of their DC-8 jets crashed into the Brooklyn section of New York City. 40 years later, another world-record aviation disaster occurred inside New York City, preceded by even worse corruption, where Stich was heavily involved prior to that  later event, reporting the corruption. See the details at www.defraudingamerica.com/nyc_connected_disasters.

The above corruption and cover-ups eventually played major enabling roles in a series terrorist successes. Sampling of information on this matter is at www.defraudingamerica.com/prior_and_future_terrorist_attacks_on_americans.

40-Year Documented Record of Deadly Corruption—
Provided by Corruption-Fighter

While riots occur throughout the United States from police shootings, the majority of the American public is oblivious of the far-worse consequences from arrogance of personnel in the three branches of the federal government against the American people. The information at this site is only a fraction of what is available.

See also www.defraudingamerica.com/independent_prosecutor.


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This material is presented by Captain Rodney Stich, whose unique activities involving aviation, government  intrigue, and foreign affairs, started in 1940, when he joined the U.S. Navy, a year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was the youngest Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II, an international airline captain, an unprecedented corruption fighter since the mid-1960s. He has become the focal point for dozens of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations. Decades of evidence of his credibility includes highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. He has 70 years of exposure to corruption in government and the resulting tragedies.

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