Sampling of crimes against the American people—unprecedented in any other modern nation.


Corruption-enabled sampling  of catastrophic events during last half of five-decade period.


DOJ-enabled 9/11 Commission cover-up: prelude to worse corruption-enabled tragedies.


Deadly attacks on people of two nations totally innocent of 9/11 complicity.


Primary group benefiting from deadly invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq: Israel.


Endless list of corrupt conduct generating justifiable hatred for United States.


History of using American personnel as cannon fodder in wars harming—not protecting, U.S. national security.


Credibility of this information.


Members of U.S. congress as perpetrators and enablers of the above.


Media personnel and media corporations as enablers throughout the five decades.


Last in series of enablers: the trivia-obsessed American public.


Book documentaries by insiders, revealing decades of covert and corrupt activities harming the American people.