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March 13, 1997
Jim Hall, Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board
490 L'Enfant Plaza, E. SW
Washington, DC 20594 FAX 1-202-314-6018

Ref: Serious facts relating to TWA Flight 800 and the continued threat of missile attacks arising from coverup of Justice Department and CIA actions prior to the TWA mishap

Dear Mr. Hall:

If I heard you correctly on TV today, you stated that anyone with information relating to TWA Flight 800 should report it. Since the NTSB, by law, has the responsibility to investigate airline crashes, I'm taking you up on your suggestion. Attached to this letter are copies of two self-explanatory letters relating to impending missile attacks on US airliners, written before TWA Flight 800 went down.

The significance of the first letter, dated October 20, 1995, is that officials in the Justice Department and the CIA acted to insure that missiles would be acquired by terrorists, knowing that civilian aircraft would probably be shot down. Further, that members of Congress knew about this and refused to intervene. Another significance of this scenario is that these same surface-to-air missiles are still in the possession of terrorists, and it is very possible that airliners will be shot down with these missiles.

When Justice Department and CIA officials turned down the missiles, they knew that terrorists were offering to buy some of them. Obviously, rejecting the missiles would result in terrorists acquiring missiles to shoot down aircraft. During the past two decades, "shoulder-fired missiles...brought down 25 commercial airliners during the last two decades in Africa, the Middle East and the Soviet Union." (FBI agent James K. Kallstrom quoted in the New York Times, March 13, 1997.) In light of this very common terrorist act, it is therefore obvious that Justice Department and CIA officials knew that rejecting the missiles might result in commercial airliners being shot down.

I acquired inside information and documentation concerning the missile negotiations and missile rejection from one of my concerned CIA sources who was involved in the negotiations. Upon receiving this information and evidence, I promptly sent a three-page letter by registered mail to every member of the House and Senate intelligence committees, explaining the serious matter, the probable shoot-down of civilian airliners, if they did not immediately intervene. My letters urged these members of Congress to immediately contact me and my CIA source to prevent SAM missiles being acquired by terrorists who were bidding on them.

In my urgent letters I made these congressmen aware of my former professional background as an FAA inspector and investigator, my many CIA contacts, and the books that I had written, supporting my credibility. The matters that I brought to their attention were not theories; they were hard facts for which I had support, and if ignored, could be expected to result in one or more aircraft being blown out of the sky. Obviously, I had sufficient credentials to have my warning letters given the attention that they deserved.

Despite the loss of life that would arise from terrorists acquiring them, Justice Department and CIA officials refused to accept them, thereby permitting some of them to fall into the hands of terrorists. In turn, the members of Congress that I contacted refused to even respond to my urgent letter, making possible the acquisition of SAM missiles by the terrorists.

We don't know, of course, if any of these missiles acquired by terrorists were responsible for the TWA downing. What we can expect is that one or more of these missiles may shoot down other aircraft. A cover-up of this sequence of events by anyone will make them an accessory to subsequent missile attacks.

One reason why Justice Department (and NTSB) officials may be refusing to recognize the evidence of a missile strike is due to the implications in those letters. But then, these actions help set the stage for subsequent missile attacks on commercial airliners from the missiles that fell into the hands of terrorists due to the conduct of Justice Department and CIA officials, and those who ignored these warning letters.

This scenario has made it "necessary," to protect the guilty, for the greatest disinformation barrage relating to an airline crash. Never in my over 50 years in aviation, including as an FAA inspector-investigator, have I seen this unprecedented amount of misinformation to confuse the public about the most probable cause of the tragedy, a missile.

If a missile strike was admitted as the cause of this great tragedy, this letter that I sent prior to the TWA mishap, would pose enormous problems for high-level officials in the U.S. Department of Justice, the CIA, and the members of Congress who aided and abetted in the transfer of missiles to terrorists.

NTSB Cooperation In This Scheme

I will repeat to you, as I have in the past, the misinformation and falsification of official NTSB accident reports that I first discovered while I was a federal air safety investigator. As I detail and document in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies, it is totally in character for the NTSB and Justice Department officials to withhold key information and falsify the accident report relating to TWA Flight 800. (The same tactics were used in many air disasters occurring in my area of federal air safety responsibilities, including the TWA crash over Staten Island near the location where TWA Flight 800 went down, another major cover-up.)

Aiding and Abetting the Shoot-down of Other Aircraft

There is another probable consequence of covering up for the Justice Department and CIA refusal to accept the SAM missiles. The terrorists acquired more than one missile, and these other missiles could be expected to shoot down other commercial aircraft, adding to the many that have already been shot down. If that occurs, the NTSB, and of course, you, its chairman, and Justice Department and CIA officials, will share blame for these consequences.

Much of the Media Is Also Implicated

A typical example of how the media has withheld the tragedy-related misconduct from the public was shown today. I was called several times by CBS personnel to appear on a 6 p.m. (PST) show for an hour, describing the contents of the letters that are enclosed. Six times in the past year and a half, higher media personnel cancelled my previously scheduled appearance, and that again occurred today. These media officials are aiding and abetting the wrongful acts that may have played a major role in the downing of TWA Flight 800, and very possibly in the subsequent misuse of these rejected missiles in downing of civilian aircraft.

An exposure of the scenario surrounding TWA Flight 800 could expose other wrongful acts, such as the truth behind Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, and many other air disasters that were made possible by cover-up and obstruction of justice by NTSB personnel (as described in Unfriendly Skies). What a strange concoction has been brewed by the corrupt cover-ups of the past.

When the next missile hits, those who knew of the rejection of the missiles by Justice Department and CIA personnel, and who are now continuing the cover-up, will share the blame, just as many people, such as NTSB officials, share the blame for covering up the pattern of corruption brought to its attention by me and other FAA inspectors.

As the record shows, no one can report these serious problems to those in control of the Justice Department.

In summary, if you were meeting your responsibilities, you would publicize these facts and insure that Justice Department officials explain to the public why they rejected the SAM missiles when they knew terrorists would subsequently acquire some or all of them.

To insure that this matter gets as much attention as possible, this letter and the attachments will be found on the Internet and certain web sites.


Rodney Stich


* Copy of October 20, 1995 letter to Senator Specter and other members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, urging them to immediately intervene to prevent terrorists from obtain SAM missiles.

* Copy of July 30, 1996 letter to FBI, explaining the FBI threats to remain quiet about the missile episode.

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