Brief introduction into high-level corruption and actions taken to silence corruption-exposing whistleblower.


Second group of lawyers joined the conspiracy.


South Carolina lawyers and judges joined the conspiracy, enlarging on the earlier schemes.


The alleged libelous statements.


No possibility existed for lawyers to obtain money.


Sampling of corruption consequences known to lawyers attacking whistleblower.


Reentry of California judges in the scheme.


Law firm had government ties.


Secret source apparently funded the thousands of lawyer hours.


Sampling of prior catastrophic events resulting from the corruption was known to all of the lawyers and judges.


Subsequent catastrophic events made possible by lawyers' obstructing justice conduct.


Consequences were not limited to the aviation environment.


Books by professional insiders revealing 50 years of corruption-enabling tragedies.


Despite the 9/11 consequences, another lawyer group joined the scheme.

Lawyers were enablers to catastrophic events suffered by the American people.


Sampling of related pages.




Sampling of the 1,000 Files and Documents at This Site Revealing Corruption in U.S. Government Offices


9/11 index of insider information.


9/11 enablers among key people in U.S. government.


Comparison of enabling blame for 9/11 hijackers' successes: Iraq, Afghanistan, or corrupt conduct of people in the United States.


The Lockerbie bombing prosecution, hoax, and harbinger of great catastrophic events.


FBI agents involved in murders of American citizens with organized crime and Mafia figures.


Sacrifice of 4,000 lives to protect FBI supervisors involved in series of murders with Mafia capo known as "the killing machine."


Al Qaeda mole who provided advance information on major terrorist successes against U.S. targets.


Whistleblowers Index


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.


Sequence of the sham legal attacks to block the exposure of the corruption in high places. Highlights. Discovery.


Sampling of the areas responsible for the continuing disasters, the latest being the hijackings on 9/11.


Congressional enablers in the series of airline disasters (only one of many areas in which they continue to be enablers).


Enablers engaging in felonies: lawyers and judges.


Rodney Stich as a Navy Patrol Plane Commander in World War II:




As captain for Japan Airlines shortly after the end of World War II:


Stich in FAA, undergoing recurrent training in Convair 880:


Stich in the 1990s, while under constant attack by dozens of lawyers and judges seeking to halt his exposure activities:


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