America's Repeated Financial Frauds:
An Extension of Endemic U.S. Corruption

The current housing and financial frauds, the end of which is nowhere near in sight, will inflict greater personal and financial harm upon millions of Americans than since the financial depression of the 1930, and very possibly, much worse. The pathetic aspect of what is being inflicted upon the people of the United States, and which is putting the nation in peril, is the sheer number of people complicit in either bringing it about, or who were enablers that made it possible.

Another aspect which the American people have not recognized is that the greed and corruption in the housing and financial sectors is only an extension of the corruption and cover-ups that many government insiders have been bringing to the public's attention for years via books and radio-TV appearance. And as usual, the vast majority of the people have chosen to remain unread about these matters, and when they do hear of some part of the corrupt activities, they have been either too lazy, too apathetic, too cowardly, to show any concern. Now, they are, again, paying for the decades of corruption and tragedies. And this is only ONE of the many areas of corruption and related tragedies inflicted upon them.

The constantly updated book, America's Housing and Financial Frauds, names the players in the real estate field, in the financial fields, and the members of Congress that made it all possible. And some of those members of Congress now showing the greatest outrage are the same ones whose misconductaided by the usual bribes from industrybrought this debacle down upon the American people.

Further, if, instead of being obsessed with trivia, more adult Americans had devoted time to reading books on serious matters, they could have helped prevent what is now probably the greatest financial crisis the United States has ever faced. with the outcome worse than the financial depression of the 1930s. This writer grew up during those days, and is well aware of the hard times ahead for millions of Americans.

To understand the broader picture, the extent of the endemic corruption, and the cover-ups, other books associated with this site must be read and understood.

Home Foreclosure Outlook

Home mortgage foreclosures will continue to occur, further depressing the market value of homes, and deepening the economic outlook for millions of people.

Among the hundreds of accounting and financial frauds that continue to reduce the quality of living for the American people were such heavily publicized as:

Other Tentacles of Systemic Corruption

Sampling of Documentary Books On
Systemic Corruption in the United States


More information about these books by clicking here.

Sampling of prior books reviews.

Sampling of reader comments.

American Public: Feeding Trough
For Endless Series of Frauds

Tentacles of Corruption in Financial Sectors
Plunging Americans into Financial Ruin

The root of the multi-faceted corruption had tentacles in a series of major financial debacles that preyed upon and harmed the American people. During the 1980s it was highly publicized savings and loan frauds and starting in 2002, with the bubble bursting in 2007, it was the housing and financial frauds, the end of which may be years away (except for the privileged few in major financial houses who survived nicely with taxpayer money provided with no strings attached by Washington politicians. Even the bailout, using taxpayers' borrowed money, have provisions that bailed out many speculators that had no business being bailed out. Again, bribes to members of Congress produce results!

During this time many victims will be plunged into the depths of financial and personal despair, with some, not able to cope, committing suicide. Families evicted from their homes, living in cars, or tents, without money for food or basic necessities. Entire lives ruined, with the help of bribe-taking members of Congress and others.

Former federal agent Rodney Stich lived through the financial depression of the 1930s and know how people suffered. His broad insider knowledge of the endemic corruption responsible for many American tragedies motivated him to write two books on the matters:

Included in the contents of America's Housing and Financial Frauds are the misconduct of such people and groups as:

Although this is no way to win friends and influence people, none of this could have occurred if more Americans had shown some semblance of responsibility and became informed. And with the obsession with video-type media existing today, conditions are even worse than when the prior corruption was rampant. Compounded by the elimination of investigative reporters, and their replacement with cheaper and biased political pundits. The future looks dismal for the American people, who in a way, earned what they are not reaping.

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