Bizarre scheme to halt corruption-fighter threatening to expose powerful people in U.S. government.


Federal judges enlarged upon the massive civil rights violations of  California judges.


Protectors of civil rights terminated civil rights of corruption-fighter—while inflicting massive civil rights violations and harm,


Obstruction of justice by federal judges and resulting catastrophic events.


Criminal offenses perpetrated by federal judges: subverting U.S. government.


Criminal acts of DOJ personnel and federal judges by retaliating against former federal agent for reporting tragedy related federal crimes.


Desperately seeking relief from massive civil rights violations and encountering additional corruption in the Department of Justice and federal courts.


Opportunity for patriotic law firm to collect sizable legal fees while exposing and fighting high-level tragedy-related corruption.


Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen feloniously expanded on legal and judicial attacks.


Federal judges became high-ranking enablers in series of corruption-enabled national events,


Great harm inflicted upon former federal agent in scheme to cover--up for high-level tragedy-enabling corruption.


Massive evidence of conspiracy orchestrated by powerful force in the federal government.


Documentaries on 50 years of corruption in p0owerful government positions and the resulting tragtedies, provided by insiders.