FAAthe tombstone agency.


Sampling of aviation disasters in Stich's area of federal airline safety responsibility.


Sampling of deadly culture in the Tombstone agency: FAA


"Independent prosecutor" role motivated by aviation disasters.


Criminal acts during aviation safety hearing.


Deadly corruption at United Airlines.


Lawsuits against the FAA under the federal crime reporting statute.


Friend-of-the-court brief in the Paris DC-10 disaster.


Cover-ups by political NTSB board members.


Universal culture of cover-ups in the United States.


Complicity through cover-ups by members of Congress.


Cover-up culture among FBI-DOJ personnel.


Culture of cover-ups by federal judges.


Culture of cover-ups by media people and media corporations


Thousands of needless deaths in horrific aviation disasters.


TWA Flight Intrigue.


Consequences of corruption culture and cover-ups not limited to aviation.


Sampling of documentary books on endemic corruption in the United States.


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