Sampling of subjects covered in Drugging America

Fifty years of CIA drug trafficking into the United States, as first discovered by the author, a former federal investigator, while he was flying captain out of Japan and out of the Middle East in the early 1950s. During the last 20 years, considerable court-admissible evidence was obtained from sources who contacted Rodney Stich, including agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), among others. These included people who headed secret CIA airlines, secret CIA financial institutions, and pilots who flew drugs in DEA and CIA-provided aircraft, military pilots flying drugs.

Funding of terrorist cells in the New Jersey and New York areas by drug activities, including  the funding of terrorists that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, who initiated plans to place bombs on 11 U.S. airliners departing Far East locations, and believed to have provided some funding for the September 11, 2001, terrorists.

Sham charges against the head of a government multi-agency task force targeting these New Jersey and New York drug activities, thereby halting further actions, followed a year later by one or more of the terrorist cells bombing the World Trade Center in 1993. 

Role of CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (details in Defrauding America). 

CIA's symbiotic relationship with organized crime in drug trafficking and drug-money laundering.

CIA-DEA drug pipeline, with Lebanese and Syrian drug trafficking, using Pan Am aircraft in the operation, which eventually facilitated the placement of a bomb on the Pan American aircraft that exploded over Lockerbie. The involvement of this common CIA-DEA-drug trafficker unison with the downing of Pan Am Flight 103.

U.S. military involved in drug trafficking into the United States, as described by military pilots and others who actually carried the drugs on military aircraft, including military helicopter flights to Arkansas, carrying drugs to associates of then-governor Bill Clinton.

 Involvement of key politicians in the drug loop, including drug money going to both political parties, helping to explain the continuation of the war-on-drugs that is really a war-upon-the-gullible American people.

DEA involvement in drug trafficking into the United States, as documented and described by INS agents, DEA agents, pilots who flew drugs in DEA-provided planes, including unloading the drugs at DEA facilities in the United States. In a developing case, evidence is surfacing showing a DEA agent controlling a major drug trafficking operation at a remote mountainous airfield in Mexico.

CIA funds for drugs coming from looting of bankruptcy court assets.

CIA funding of secret bank accounts for several well known politicians, including a former president, members of his administration, and a key member of the 2001 Bush administration, as disclosed by the former head of a large and secret CIA financial operation. (Both political parties are heavily implicated in the bipartisan corruption and both have a vested interest in preventing the public from discovering their involvement in criminal and even subversive activities.)

Iran-Contra, and the drug smuggling into the United States, an extension of the October Surprise operation, the truth of which was kept from the American people by members of Congress, Justice Department lawyers, the White House, Independent Prosecutor Walsh, and most of the mainstream media.

America's political prisoners, the standard tactic used to silence or discredit courageous insiders from revealing to the public the ugly truth about corrupt judicial and other government activities.

Secret CIA airlines, how they are formed and funded, their cargo of drugs, and much more, as described to the author by the head of one of them.

How federal prosecutors file false charges against people, using perjured and often "purchased" testimony.

How federal prosecutors fraudulently obtain admission of felonies by threatening to charge innocent wives or aged parents.

How almost anyone can be falsely charged with drug offenses, their assets taken, and end up in prison, with absolutely no connection to drugs.

Evidence showing that the perpetrators of the draconian prison sentences in the three branches of government are themselves guilty of worse offenses.

Pattern of cover-ups and obstruction of justice by virtually every government and non-government check and balance.

Role of CIA-DEA drug trafficking in the bombing of PAA Flight 103 over Lockerbie. 

Role played by covert CIA airlines in drug smuggling.

The role by the National Security Council in drug smuggling.

The role by the U.S. military in drug smuggling.

The role by DEA agents and other government personnel in drug smuggling.

The involvement of key political figures in drug offenses.

Drug smuggling by personnel within the CIA during the Vietnam War, some of whom hold key positions in the President Bush II administration.

Drug smuggling into the United States by the CIA with involvement of other government personnel, including White House politicians.

CIA proprietary airlines hauling drugs, including Southern Air Transport, Crittenden Air Transport, and others.

Names of many people in government reportedly involved with drug smuggling into the United States.

Secret bank accounts for key politicians funded by the CIA and its drug profits.

Practice of false charges against innocent people, compounded by knowing use of perjured testimony, that destroys lives and destroys families.

Major drug smuggling during Iran-Contra, detailing activities of known White House figures.

Arkansas drug smuggling, including Mena, Arkansas, and the during Clinton's governorship.

Cover-ups by media personnel, many of whom are or were on the CIA and other government payrolls.

Killings and mysterious deaths of people exposing these matters.

DOJ-protected Dominican drug traffickers.

Personal tales of drug smugglers working for the CIA with widespread approval of other government personnel.

Complicity by military personnel, Customs, Justice Department and other personnel, including White House and other politicians.

Murder of Mexican national in Mexico by DEA agent whose identity was discovered by the victim.

FBI agent discovering CIA drug trafficking with Mafia figures in New York.

Drug smuggling between Gotti crime group and CIA in Arkansas, and laundering of drug money through CIA banks.

Former United Airlines pilot instructor conversion to drug smuggling.

Montana gateway for illicit drugs from Canada.

Tales of gunfights by American drug smugglers.

Corrupt misuse of conspiracy statutes by prosecutors that puts thousands of innocent men and women in prison.  

Israel's Mossad involvement in drug smuggling into the United States.

Drug smuggling through the Texas Air National Guard, and cover-up by Texas governor. (Added in E-book download.)

Cover-ups and obstruction of justice by federal judges who blocked the reporting of these criminal and subversive activities and misused judicial power to retaliate against and silence a government agent seeking to report these crimes against the United States.

Drug money going to both political major parties.

Formation of Colombian drug cartels by CIA operatives.

Misuse of government power to silence government insiders through prosecutorial misconduct and judicial compliance.  

Corrupt misuse by Justice Department prosecutors of forfeiture statutes, taking life assets from innocent people.

Federal judges misusing judicial powers to obstruct justice, blocking reports of CIA drug smuggling and other crimes.

DEA agent controlling drug transships in Mexico, protected by Justice Department employees and the Mexican government.

Close parallel between Mexican political involvement in drugs and U.S. officials involvement in drugs.

Examples of how America's men and women, including 65-year-old widows are falsely charged with drug offenses and imprisoned.

America's great growth industries: incarcerating tens of thousands of men and women, many on sham charges.

Why your innocence means nothing to government personnel who lie and perjure themselves as they seek to profit by placing people in prison. 

Discover how your "friendly" member of Congress voted for draconian prison sentences to make themselves look good to a naive public, while at the same time covering up for drug smuggling in covert government operations.

Federal judges and even the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court documented obstruction of justice and protecting corrupt people and corrupt activities in government offices and covert operations.

Drug money goes to both political parties, causing members of Congress to have a vested interest in forever keeping the public from discovering the truth.

The true heroes in America and how they suffered for exercising courage and responsibilities so tragically absent in the general population.

America's "political" prisoners, including agents and operatives of the FBI, DEA, INS, and CIA, and concerned citizens, who are prosecuted to keep them from revealing the extent of corruption in government. 

Why drug traffickers almost look "saintly" compared to government personnel in positions of trust engaged in drug smuggling and other crimes.

The list of those people who profit from putting men and women in prison, including the innocents.

America's political prisoners, deep-cover operatives with known of corrupt activities by White House politicians and covert activities of any one of the over a dozen intelligence agencies, concerned government agents, and concerned American citizens, who have been sent to prison on fabricated charges. The intent being to silence or discredit them.

The symbiotic links between this culture and the conditions enabling the 9/11 hijackings to occur.

Drug smuggling in the Texas National Guard and cover-up by Texas governor. (2nd edition)

Obstruction of Justice
Complicity of Federal Judges


Documented obstruction of justice by federal judges and Supreme Court justices, as they repeatedly block the reporting of criminal activities in judicial and other government offices being reported by former federal agents under the mandatory requirements of the federal federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4. These judicial obstruction of justice acts are felonies  under Title 18 U.S.C. Sections 2, 3, and 4, and made worse by the position of trust held by the judges and Justices.

Federal judges and Justice Department lawyers misusing government offices to retaliate against government agents and private citizens seeking to expose government corruption in judicial and other government offices. These judicial acts are felonies under Title 18 U.S.C. Sections 111, 372, 1505, 1510, 1512, and 1513.

Cover-up tactics to appoint Justice Department prosecutors and lawyers, and CIA lawyers, to federal judge positions, for damage control. 

Complicity of
Members of Congress

Years of recorded cover-ups and obstruction of justice by members of Congress as they cover up for the drug trafficking by people acting under cover of government agencies and operations.

Drug money to both political parties.

Legislating draconian prison sentences, outrageous conspiracy and seizure statutes, while simultaneously committing major capital offenses through cover-ups and obstruction of justice relating to matters gravely affecting the lives of American men, women, and families.

Continuous pattern of violating their oversight responsibilities when major criminal activities are involved over such government agencies as the Justice Department, the CIA, the federal courts, thereby aiding and abetting the crimes against the American people.

Their constant involvement in bribe-taking and other crimes, mostly of which never are prosecuted, prevents them from acting on reports of criminal activities in high government offices for fear of retaliation by DOJ personnel and prosecution.

Complicity of
Justice Department Personnel

Thirty years of documented cover-ups, obstruction of justice, and corruption by Justice Department lawyers, as discovered by federal agents. These felonies are compounded by their retaliation against government agents to silence and discredit the exposure of high-level government crimes. The standard tactics include false charges, threats to charge wives and aged parents, use of perjured and "purchased" perjured testimony.

How the corruption by Department of Justice lawyers spreads throughout government and society, with tragic human consequences upon countless men, women, and children.

Historic misuse of Justice Department power against government whistleblowers who threaten to expose any segment of the judicial and government corruption. Detailed and documented in the books.

Common practice by Justice Department attorneys of filing criminal charges against known innocent people.

Common practice of using government funds and power to "buy" known perjured testimony to obtain convictions of parties innocent of the charges.

And other "novel" misuse of raw government power by the most powerful and dangerous of all government agencies, the misnamed Department of Justice.

Obstruction of Justice Tactics
By Hoard of Lawyers and Judges

The tragic plight of courageous government whistleblowers and private citizens who exercise their responsibilities to report corruption in government offices, as the system destroys them and their families, with tragic consequences upon America, Americans, America's institutions, and the rule of law. 

Their human rights violations against Americans that equal or exceed those in countries criticized by America's "leaders." 

Discover America's political prisoners, incarcerated not because of their political belief, but because of their attempt to expose criminal activities in judicial and other government positions. 

Corruption by People in
Both Political Parties

The cover-up role of Bill Clinton as governor of Arkansas in drug smuggling and other corrupt activities by both political parties, including the CIA's Mena operation.

The role by President George Bush (Sr.) in the Iran-Contra drug smuggling.

The role played by a key member in the 2001 Bush Administration in drug offenses.

Drug money going to both political parties.

Drug money going into secret bank accounts for key political figures.

How a key member in the younger George Bush administration was reportedly heavily involved in prior drug smuggling activities.

Reveals how America's leaders duplicate Mexico's  drug-related corruption, and how much of the mainstream media keeps this information from the public.

CIA funding of secret bank accounts for political figures in both political parties, including both of the Bush presidencies, as revealed to the author by the former head of a secret CIA proprietary. 

Involvement of so many people in various forms of corruption, especially politicians, that they risk being targeted by DOJ prosecutors if they identify high-level corruption.

Great Harm Inflicted
Upon Innocent Americans

The human tragedies inflicted on countless American families by these these corrupt and criminal activities is revealed in each of the books.

Why these conditions will only worsen, unless a few courageous people start exercising a semblance of civic responsibilities.

The tragic Pontius Pilate attitude by most Americans and how they make possible these crimes against the people and the escalating downfall of America as formerly existed.

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For more information relating to the author and his activities put "Rodney Stich" into a search engine such as Google or The links run into many tens of thousands.

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