Highlights of 40 years of attacks on corruption-fighter: and the consequences.


Criminal contempt of court charge for filing a federal action to report and halt corruption-enabling national tragedies.


Sham lawsuit to seize assets funding corruption-fighting.


Start of series of sham lawsuits with major national consequences.


Conspiracy includes the most powerful people in U.S. government.


California judges protected the scheme, becoming enablers to great tragedies.


Participants in a conspiracy obstructing justice.


Conspiracy of lawyers and law firms expanded.


All of the conspirators were aware of the prior consequences of the fraud that they were preventing from being exposed.


The scheme in which the lawyers played a major role would have catastrophic consequences several times, including on September 11, 2001.


Despite 3,000 deaths on 9/11, additional lawyers joined the deadly schemes.


Powerful force protected the conspirators and enablers of great American tragedies.


Sampling of 50 years of corruption-enabled tragedies.


Grave significance of the evidence of criminally-corrupt American leadership.


Not-for-profit books showing life in the United States as it really exists.