Introduction  to enablers of major national tragedies.


Cornucopia of corruption against the American people.


World Trade Center bombing—enabled by corrupt FBI culture.


Pan Am Flight 103 bombing—with double dose of DOJ complicity.


Decades of brutal murders in  Boston involving James "Whitey" Bulger and FBI-DOJ personnel.


Decades of brutal murders in New York City offices involving the "killing machine" and FBI-DOJ personnel.


FBI-DOJ personnel deep-sixing advance information on planned catastrophic al Qaeda attacks.


Immediate consequences of the DOJ personnel cover-up scheme.


DOJ personnel corrupted the 9/11 Commission  hearings to prevent exposure of their enabling cover-ups.


Additional ripple effects from DOJ personnel deep-sixing scheme.


How DOJ personnel protect themselves and maintain control.


Grave consequences from DOJ culture of arrogance, corruption, and cover-ups.


Credibility of this information.


America's "courageous" checks and balances.


Motivated by series of corruption-related tragedies, and bullied by DOJ Gulag tactics.


No Norman Rockwell serenity here.


DOJAmerica's version  of  the Nazi Gestapo and Soviet Gulag.


40 years of direct battles, and retaliation suffered by corruption-fighting activists in life-and-death matters.


Decades  of preventable aviation disasters and deaths with complicity of DOJ personnel.


















Decades of prior lying and corruption affecting the deaths of people in other countries and American Military People.


America's real patriots as victims of DOJ personnel's arrogance and corruption.


Last, but not least, public complicity through ignorance or design.




DOJ Personnel corruption had plenty of enablers.


Credibility of this information.


The great harm resulting from corrupt DOJ culture.


Evidence of DOJ personnel's corrupt misuse of state and federal personnel to attack a person seeking to halt tragedy-related corruption in high government positions.


Why the serious DOJ matter will continue—along with the consequences for the people.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and Today's Americans under their corrupt leadership.


Books by insiders  revealing mosaic of America's self-induced tragedies.


International consequences from corrupt conduct of U.S. rulers.


Small sampling of related files.


Aviation pictures.