DISAVOW-A CIA Saga of Betrayal

This book details and documents the inner workings of the CIA, one of its key financial proprietaries, and how it sacrifices key employees to deny its involvement. Disavow is a highly detailed and documented book revealing:

      • The innermost secrets of a large CIA financial proprietary headquartered in Hawaii.
      • How deep-cover CIA functions are funded.
      • How the CIA sacrifices the lives of loyal employees to cover up CIA operations when the CIA cover is blown. In this case, its titular head, Ronald Rewald.
      • How Justice Department prosecutors scheme with federal judges and CIA officials, misusing federal offices, to insure the successful cover-up of covert operations and the prosecution of scape-goats.
      • How plausible denial works in the CIA, and how CIA officials avoid responsibility for their acts while shifting the blame over to innocent parties.

Disavow is authored by Rodney Stich and T. Conan Russell, both of whom researched thousands of secret and confidential CIA documents. Stich is the author of multiple editions of Defrauding America--Dirty Secrets of the CIA and Other Government Operations, and Unfriendly Skies--History of Corruption and Air Disasters

He has appeared as guest on over 3,000 radio and television shows since 1978. He was a former federal inspector and investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), assigned responsibility for determining compliance with federal requirements at major airlines, during which a major air disaster occurred on an average of every six months in his area of federal air safety responsibility.

 The misconduct that he and other inspectors discovered, that played a major role in the fatal crashes, caused him to become an activist and crusader against corrupt government. In this capacity he eventually became a confidant to a large number of former CIA and other deep-cover personnel.

A brief excerpt from the book, Disavow:

It is early morning on Waikiki Beach as hotel employees, upon checking rooms, come across a body covered with blood and near death, lying on the bathroom floor. The man, Ronald Rewald, is the chairman of a deep-cover CIA financial proprietary, Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong. He survives, and what begins is a classic example of government misconduct, with different government agencies conspiring with federal judges to fraudulently imprison an innocent CIA agent, making him a scapegoat. Two writers, one from Hawaii and another, a former federal investigator, join forces, revealing still another example of how government is destroying the quality of life and constitutional safeguards.

"A fantastic story" is the way it was reported in a two-part special report documenting CIA agent Ron Rewald's work and a plot by the spy agency to kill him. Peter Jennings, ABC World News Tonight.

"Intriguing...semiconscious and covered with blood, Rewald is found in a Waikiki Hotel room...A dark tale of scandal and espionage about to unfold." Chicago Tribune, Douglas Frantz.

"Extraordinary story," reported the BBC World News Organization, calling Rewald the "King pin of CIA Operations in the Pacific." British Broadcasting Corp., David Taylor.

"Years from now, when all the so-called secret documents are no longer secret, you will find it was Ronald Rewald who was telling the truth and not the government." Michael Levine, Rewald's defense attorney.

Sample chapter in the book Disavow.

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