Purpose of This Site

The purpose of this site is to provide those who care enough to want to know, the continuing history of corrupt activities throughout the government, and the tragic effects upon the American people, of which today's misconduct in government is merely an extension of the culture of many prior years.

This is not conspiracy stuff, although there are obviously many conspiracies involved. The information is based upon facts obtained by the originator of this site, initially while he was a federal agent, and then over a period of over 20 years from other former government agents and insiders, and with considerable government and other documentation.

It is realized that most people will simply ignore this information and do nothing, which appears to be a culture in the United States. To them, especially those of the past who knew of similar charges by government insiders, they aided and abetted the arrogance and corruption in government that made possible many tragedies, including the 3,000 deaths on 9/11 from easily preventable hijackings, and the aftermath of that fateful day.

In an attempt to make the massive amount of information easier to find, the following changes have been made. (Comments on improving the readability of this site are always welcomes.)

These files have been prepared during the past several years, and contain material from the books written by insiders. These books help to connect the dots, circumventing the unprecedented cover-ups by government and media people, and corrects much of the outright lying by political pundits that profess to be reporting the news.


Site Organizer Sequence of events in discovering and documenting 50 years of deadly corruption in covert and overt activities in the U.S. government.
Quick tour. List of issues.
Partial list of insiders who have contributed to the information at this site and in the books written by insiders. Running highlights of corruption, cover-ups, and American tragedies.
Issues raised in books. Books written by insiders.
Sequence highlights. Lawsuits seeking to report major and deadly corruption of government officials.
Criminal activities. Sampling of insider sources.


Air Safety Corruption

Relating to corruption in certain government safety offices, and the history of
preventable airline disasters and deaths resulting from the arrogance and corruption. It was in this area that federal agent Rodney Stich first discovered the corruption, cover-ups and tragedies that would be greatly expanded over the next 40 years:

Corruption in FAA discovered by insiders. Closing brief in secret hearing exposing arrogance, corruption, airline disasters, and deaths.
Memorandum to FAA administrator reporting the deadly corruption. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF) Lawsuits against the FAA and NTSB seeking to report the corrupt and criminal acts relating to series of airline disasters.
Lawsuits exposing corruption in airline disasters. List of corruption related airline disasters
Corruption in NTSB political board. Another reference to NTSB corruption.
Lawsuit against NTSB. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF) Index of lawsuit against NTSB.
Lawsuit against United Airlines seeking to report the documented and secreted corruption that enabled a series of fatal airline disasters to occur, with ripples on 9/11. Roadmap of the politics of air safety and airline disasters.


Sequestered 9/11 Scandals

Relating to the not-yet-exposed corruption that made 9/11 possible:

Corruption related to 9/11 Letter list to 9/11 Commission, and their cover-ups.
Roadmap of inter-related airline disasters. Did they die in vain?
Last lawsuit, prior to 9/11, reporting the criminal activities that made 9/11 possible. Lawsuit filed in federal courts at New York City, shortly after 9/11, seeking to report the corruption responsible for the conditions that made 9/11 possible.
Lawsuit filed in federal courts in Washington, D.C. shortly after 9/11, seeking to report the corruption that made 9/11 possible. Unrecognized ripple effects of earlier corruption.


Lawyers Obstructing Justice

It was here where the first in an ongoing 25 years of attempts were made to halt the exposure activities of former federal agent Rodney Stich. These links relate to corrupt acts of lawyers, the obstruction of justice, and the deadly consequences for many Americans.

Original legal tactics by CIA-front law firm to block reporting of high-level corruption. Role of lawyers in efforts to halt the reporting of corrupt activities in high government places.
Thirty years of schemes by lawyers and law firms to halt exposure of high-level government corruption. Using a possible wife-murderer as pawn in latest attempts to halt exposure actions following 9/11.
Pasadena lawyer becomes implicated in scheme to obstruct justice. Laws violated by California judges for six continuous years to support the obstruction-of-justice scheme by the CIA-front law firm.
California judges involved in the obstruction of justice tactics. Laws violated to obstruct justice
Lawsuit list. Legal index to legal obstruction of justice tactics starting again in 2001.
Legal submissions to U.S. Supreme Court. Sequence of the legal tactics to block exposing corruption.


Corrupt Judges

It was here that judges, first being California judges, and then federal judges, became an active part of the scheme, with a CIA-front law firm, to halt the exposure of major criminal activities involving key people in high government positions. These links related to corrupt acts of judges, and the tragic consequences for many Americans:

Judicial corruption at the federal level. Judicial corruption in bankruptcy courts.
Lawsuits against federal judges. Sequence of judicial acts to obstruct justice.
Retaliation by federal judges for attempting to report corruption related to airline disasters and other national security matters. Judicial corruption in California courts.
Judges implicated in obstruction of justice and felony retaliation, and how their corrupt acts made possible such tragedies as 9/11. Criminal contempt of court scheme to halt exposing high-level corruption and deadly consequences.
Lawyers and judges implicated. Laws violated to cover up for high-level corruption.
Criminal contempt of court for filing federal action seeking to report the corruption that was later the area of blame for the 9/11 hijackings. Another file pertaining to the criminal contempt of court.
Standard tactic used to deny court access.  


Complicity of Supreme Court Justices

As with most of the other information at this site, statements about the conduct of Supreme Court Justices are supported with judicial records. Rarely, if ever, has the misconduct of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court been shown and documented like this.

Complicity by Supreme Court justices for past 30 years, with catastrophic national security consequences. Deadly implications of obstruction of justice tactics by Supreme Court Justices.
Supreme Court Justices compounding obstruction of justice with justifying retaliation against government agents who report corruption of government officials. Lawsuit against the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court on basis of their involvement in the cover-ups of deadly criminal activities.
Earlier complicity by Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. Submissions to U.S. Supreme Court over 30 year period, with repeated cover-ups.
Supervisory responsibilities of Supreme Court Justices over the conduct of other federal judges. Petition to U.S. Supreme Court relating to corrupt, illegal and unconstitutional seizure of assets that funded exposure activities. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)
Supreme Court relief from criminal contempt of court for reporting criminal activities in government offices. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)  


Congressional Corruption

These links relate to the 40 years of documented cover-ups and obstruction of justice by members of Congress, a minor part of which was exposed in 2006.

Corruption in Congress Letters sent to members of Congress
Lawsuit against members of Congress on basis of their cover-ups of deadly criminal activities. Congressional mischief stirring.
How anyone can "pull the Congress chain" relating to congressional corruption and resulting tragedies.  


Arrogant and Corrupt War on Drugs

Links to the arrogant and corrupt war on drugs that destroys lives and families, with numerous evidence of drug smuggling by agents of the CIA and DEA, with the protection of virtually every government check and balance and most of the mainstream media:

Corruption relating to the drug wars. Drugging America book.


FBI and other DOJ Corruption

Links to corrupt cultures in the FBI and other DOJ Divisions:

FBI and Justice Department corruption. The book, "FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery"
Documented murderous culture in FBI. DOJ firing of U.S. attorneys to obstruct justice.


Culture of Corruption and Cover-Ups in U.S.

Consequences suffered by the American people, and national security,
by the culture of corruption and cover-ups:

Retaliation against whistleblowers. Harm inflicted upon Rodney Stich.
Harm inflicted upon government agents. Harm inflicted upon United States national security.
The pathetic response by much of the public. Newspaper displays seeking to inform and motivate the American public.
Criminal statutes violations arising from legal and judicial tactics to block exposure of high-level corruption in government offices.  


Sampling of Tragedies & U.S. Politicians

Unprecedented corruption, tragedies, and deaths,
arising from serial lying by American politicians:

Pictures of Iraqi victims of aggression ordered by White House politicians. Sequence of wars started by U.S. politicians and the standard lying to the gullible public.


Letters Reporting Corruption

Sample of letters by insider reporting corrupt activities:

Sampling of letters sent to members of Congress during past 40 years relating to corruption in key government offices. Sampling of letters sent to DOJ offices.
Sampling of letters sent to lawyers. Sampling of letters sent to media people.
Sampling of letters sent to Supreme Court Justices. Sampling of letters sent to 9/11 Commission.
Sampling of overall letters. Sampling of letters sent to ACLU.
Sampling of letters relating to downing of TWA Flight 800. Sampling of letters sent to White House politicians.
Attempts to report suitcase nuclear bombs removed from Soviet Union weapon arsenals, as described in the book, Defrauding America.  


Media Cover-Ups

This section helps to show the culture of cover-up by media people when it comes to criminal misconduct of high government officials, and helps to show how their cover-ups made possible some of the greatest harms suffered by Americans and the United States.

Media complicity over the years. Media notices.
Sampling of letters to media people. Letters sent to media people.
Lawsuits against media sources on basis of their cover-ups of deadly criminal activities.  


American Public

This section seeks to show the culture and conduct of segments of the population that continues to aid and abet the corruption and the enormous tragedies suffered by many people and the harm upon the United States.

Ombudsmen needed at every level of state and federal government. Public apathy that made possible many national tragedies.
Political prisons, to prevent high-level corruption being revealed. Those brave and intelligent people among us that helped make the corruption and tragedies possible.
Tools for good people to fight Trojan horse corruption that is destroying the United States from within.  


David vs. Goliath Consequences

Reference to the book, David vs. Goliath: 9/11 and Other Tragedies:

Background of a "foolhardy" David vs. Goliath. Legal and judicial tactics covering over 25 continuous years solely to halt his exposure of high-level corruption and the deadly consequences.
Corrupt and unconstitutional seize of $10 million in assets, today worth over $15 million, solely to halt his expensive exposure activities. Law that could be used to have all of the seized assets returned to Stich or his estate if he has passed away.
Whistleblower retaliation tactics. Whistleblower warnings.


Miscellaneous Other Pages

List of books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, in collaboration with dozens of other former government agents, former drug smugglers working for government agents, and former Mafia figures. Treason definition.
Defrauding America book. Treatment of military veterans.


Corrupt Israeli Politicians

Role of Israeli politicians in wars, tragedies, and deaths, and how citizens of
Israeli have similar problems with their leaders, as do Americans:

Middle East tragedies. Middle East matters.
Pictures of Israel war victims in Lebanon.  


Change in Focus: Aviation Pictures

Relating to pictures taken from airplanes,
including those taken through the Grand Canyon

List of pictures taken from airplanes, such as through the Grand Canyon. Information about the pioneering airline, Transocean Airlines. "The Daring Young Men of Transocean Airlines."
List of pictures taken by airline captain in international operations in the early days of aviation.  


Corruption and Cover-Ups Come With a Price

All forms of human tragedies have been inflicted upon the people of the United States from the corruption discovered by the people behind this site−and made possible by enablers in and out of government. The below pictures are only a sampling of the consequences from the documented corruption that are able to be portrayed graphically. The tragedies in other areas resulting from the corruption, cover-ups, and public indifference, are not shown here.

United Airlines crash into New York City, the world's worst at that time. Withheld from the Amererica public were the reports by federal safety inspectors-investigators showing a continuing pattern of corruption, fraud, criminal alteration of major government required records−and the standard abuse of those few inspectors attempting to require the airline management to comply with industry standards and clear requirements of federal aviation safety requirements−and FAA management to require compliance. None of the guilty, the enablers, to these and the continuing fraud-related crashes ever were held accountable for the hundreds of deaths that they enabled to occur.




These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Among the "Least" Guilty of the Enablers

Veteran Radio-Television Guest Available

Former federal agent Rodney Stich, the author of over 14 books on government intrigue, with over 3,000 radio and television appearances since 1978, is available to speak on any of the books that he has written. His comments are factual, based on his professional and official duties as a former government agent, his worldwide experiences, including in the Middle East as an airline captain, and based upon the information provided to him over the past 20 years by many former government agents (including CIA, FBI, ONI, DEA, others, and former drug smugglers and Mafia figures). No conspiracy theories; just the facts. He has no political bias and attempts to circumvent the cover-ups and unprecedented disinformation by government officials and many political pundits. Click here for further information,

For Those Who Wish to Help Support These Efforts

Money donations via PayPal to support this site and efforts to bring to the people accurate insider information on the mutating Trojan horse corruption in America. 

Email address for the author and activist against corruption in government: stich@unfriendlyskies.com.

For more information relating to the author and his activities put "Rodney Stich" into a search engine such as Google or yahoo.com. The links run into many tens of thousands.

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