Example of DEA Involvement in Drugs and Murders

In the book, Drugging America, various agents of the DEA and INS provided Rodney Stich with insider information about the involvement of people in those government agencies in drug smuggling. This page describes one such incident as described to Stich by an INS agent, which was then followed up with letters, several of which are listed here.

This page, one of over a thousand at this site, relates to one specific area of drug smuggling involving a key DEA agent. It relates to the murder of a Mexican citizen, in Mexico, when that Mexican laborer discovered the government identity of a drug smugggler.

This corrupt culture is simply one small segment of the overall corruption in key government offices of which the average American is pathetically uninformed. To discover information about the overwhelming amount of documented corruption brought together by a group of former federal agents, read the books that detail the corruption and the brutal effect upon many Americans.

Email address for the author and activist against corruption in government: stich@unfriendlyskies.com.

For more information relating to the author and his activities put "Rodney Stich" into a search engine such as Google or yahoo.com. The links run into many tens of thousands.

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