40 Years of fighting hardcore-corruption-resulting tragediesbeginning with official life-and-death assignment.


Sampling of United Airlines crashes associated with officially-reported federal aviation safety offenses.


Criminally blocked from performing life-and-death assignmentwhile the misconduct and deaths continued.


More details of the life-and-death fighting efforts.


More details on the consequences of the most corruption in any modern nation.


Decades of congressional blocks (i.e., obstruction of justice.)


Government personnel's tactics to halt the corruption-fighting whistleblower.


Exposing more corruption-related matters.


Sampling of other corruption by U.S. leadersand their shills.


Sampling of corruption-fighting activities.


Continuing his corruption-fighting efforts in federal courts under authority of the federal crime reporting statute: and suffering the consequences!


Documented complicity of Justices of U.S. Supreme Court.


Informing the public via not-for-profit books and hundreds of radio and TV appearances.


Sampling of harm inflicted upon corruption-fighting whistleblower.


Guilty by their silence or cover-ups.


The pathetic response of the American public.


Revealing books of secret activities by the U.S. government oligarchy.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and today's Americans under their corrupt leadership.