Logistics of Treating COPD


A pulmonary COPD exacerbation is a worsening of symptoms and described as ďan event in the natural course of the disease characterized by a change in the patient's baseline symptoms and a change in medication and a pulmonary rehabilitation program by a physician specializing in pulmonary problems." A COPD exacerbation can easily be due to not following a pulmonary specialistís instructions, a need to change medication, or a more qualified pulmonary specialist. Lack of competency by a physician, or one without a strong feeling to help a COPD patient, can easily bring about a preventable breathing crisis.

People with COPD often have exacerbations, or temporary worsening of their symptoms. Glenda had breathing difficulties and hospital trips for years. These exacerbations can be caused by many different facts. A lung infection, improper use of an inhaler, failure to take prescribed drugs, failure to follow a doctorís instructions, and may require either a change in drugs or entry in a common pulmonary rehabilitation program.


It is important that a knowledgeable caregiver knows the treatment the doctor is providing. Some doctors are far behind on available treatments; some are too busy to either keep up or to focus on a particular patient during an otherwise busy schedule. Whether Glenda fell victim under one of these scenarios, in addition to the other problems, is unknown, since Rodneyís attempts to get this information was repeatedly ignored. Among the treatments to improve COPD or any other breathing problem are the following:

Weeks or months of treatment, variation  of treatment, changing of physicians, are often necessary. And the informed patient, or caregiver, must be constantly informed of the treatment being prescribed and do internet research that many physicians have no time or interest to do, which is necessary to stay informed on current medical progress.

Different skilled nursing facilities (SNF) specialize in different types of rehabilitation, so it is vitally important that a patient goes to one that has medical facilities focusing on that type of condition in order to obtain improvement in the condition.  There is considered no cure for COPD, but there are facilities that can usually bring about an improvement in breathing problems.

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