Documented Corruption by California Judges
Met Criteria Of RICO Criminal Enterprise—
With Catastrophic National Consequences


To understand how the following judicial misconduct fits in, understand the role that the California court judges at every level in a scheme to silence a corruption fighter, and discover the awesome consequences of that scheme and the role played by the California judges.

Department of Justice scheme to block the exposure of criminal activities that were resulting in  great harm to individual Americans, in addition to the series of al Qaeda successes from the corrupt activities by non-elected personnel in the federal government.

Multiple efforts were made to halt the efforts of corruption fighter, Captain Rodney Stich, who was exposing serious and criminal misconduct that initially played enabling roles in  a series of corruption-enabled aviation disasters, and at a later stage, the corruption he was exposing played enabling roles in a series of al Qaeda successes. Captain Rodney Stich has a long  record showing his competence and credibility.

Start of Bizarre Scheme
To Silence Corruption-Fighter

The scheme involved filing a sham lawsuit in the California Superior Courts at Fairfield, filed by the CIA-front San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross. That firm filed a sham lawsuit against Stich, used the former wife living in Texas as a straw plaintiff. The sham lawsuit was filed under the California Family Law Act, permitting a California judge to immediately gain control of the assets, and resulting  in their loss.

Facts Showing the Sham Nature of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit declared that the Texas resident was the wife of Captain Stich, and she wanted a divorce and half of the community assets. The facts showed the sham nature of that claim:

California Judges, At Every Level, Became Complicit in
The Corruption—and Enablers of Great "Events"

Further evidence of the criminal conduct by California judges, including the California Supreme Court, were the six years of the following violations of California and federal statutes, controlling decisional law, and landmark decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. To have repeatedly perpetrated those factual matters and massive legal blocks were prima facie evidence of a conspiracy and meeting the legal definition of a RICO criminal enterprise.

Six Years of Unprecedented Record-Setting
Civil Rights Violations: California and Federal Laws


To carry out the scheme  by the CIA-front San Francisco law firm, the following several dozen state  and federal statutes had to be violated (with immunity provided at the federal level).


Absence of Personal Jurisdiction In California Courts

  • (a) A defendant, on or before the last day of his time to plead or within such further time as the court may for good cause allow, may serve and file a notice of motion either or both:

  • (1) To quash service of summons on the ground of lack of jurisdiction of the court over him.

Absence of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

California and federal law required recognition of the prior judgments. The reason for labeling the action a dissolution of marriage action arose from the need to immediately seize Stich's assess to his funds on the sham argument that these were community properties.

Special Appearance Ignored and Violated

California Statutes Required Recognizing the Prior
Judgments That Settled the Matters Two Decades Earlier

Under the Uniform Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition Act (California Code of Civil Procedure Sections 1713.1 (2) defines a "foreign judgment" as "any judgment of a foreign state granting or denying recovery of a sum of money. The foreign judgment is enforceable in the same manner as the judgment of a sister state which is entitled to full faith and credit, ...

Code of Civil Procedure Code § 1908. Conclusiveness and Effect of Judgment. (a) The effect of a judg­ment or final order in an action or special proceeding before a court or judge of this state [is] ... conclusive be­tween the par­ties..... [extended to foreign country judgments by Civil Code Sections 5172, Code of Civil Procedure Sections 1653(j), 1713.3.]

The effect of a judicial record of a sister state is the same in this state as in the state where it was made, except that it can only be enforced here by an action or special proceeding ....  

Final judgment of a foreign country has the same effect as final judgment rendered in California.

The application of this title is limited by the requirement of the Constitution of the United States that full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.

"A foreign judgment ... is conclusive between the parties ..." (This protection is extended to foreign country judgments by Code of Civil Procedure § 1653(j), 1713.1, 1908, 1913, 1915; Civil Code § 5164; California Civil Code section 5164 provides that the registration of the 1966 divorce judgment with the Superior Court, Contra Costa County, and Superior Court, Solano County, shall provide not only the same recognition and protection against collateral attacks and relitigating (See e.g., Civil Code Section 4554) as is granted to California divorce judgments, but also enforcement of the judgments: A custody decree so filed has the same effect and shall be enforced in like manner as a custody decree rendered by a court of this state.

(a) The effect of a judgment or final order in an action or special proceeding before a court or judge of this state [is] ... conclusive between the parties..... [extended to foreign country judgments by Civil Code Sections 5172, Code of Civil Procedure Sections 1653(j), 1713.3.]

Absence of Jurisdiction over Separate
Property Under the Family Law Act

Either husband or wife may enter into any engagement or transaction with the other, or with any other person, respecting property, which either might if unmarried.

(a) Transmute community property to separate property of either spouse.

Civil Code § 5110.730. Marital Property−Written Declaration of Consent. [leg. in 1984. Does not affect transmutations occurring prior to its enactment.]

(a) A transmutation of real or personal property is not valid unless made in writing by an express declaration that is made, joined in, consented to, or accepted by the spouse whose interest in the property is adversely affected.

(c) This section does not apply to or affect a transmutation of property made before January 1, 1985, and the law that would otherwise be applicable to such a transmutation shall continue to apply.

Either spouse may make a gift of separate or community property to the other, which results in the property becoming the separate property of the donee. Estate of Cudworth (1901) 133 Cal. 462, 65 P. 1041; Estate of Walsh (1944) 66 Cal.App.2d 704, 152 P.2d 750.

Repeated Procedural Due Process Violations


California judges refused to recognize Stich’s special appearance status and absence of personal jurisdiction.  All orders were rendered without jurisdiction.

Violated Major Federal Laws and Constitutional Protections

Violated Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions


The California judges repeatedly violated rights established in U.S. Supreme Court decisions requiring recognition of prior divorce judgments and adjudicated personal and property rights, and rights acquired as a divorced person in prior states of residence. They acted as if they had advance approval that they would be protected against lawsuits in the federal courts for their deliberate and repeated civil rights violations:

  • Williams v. North Carolina (1945) 325 US 226, 65 S Ct 1092, 89 L ed 1577 (prohibiting state judge from voiding prior divorce judgment or personal and property rights adjudicated therein).

  • Coe v. Coe (1948) 334 U.S. 378 (prohibited state judge from attacking prior divorce judgments and rights adjudicated in the judgment).

  • Sherrer v. Sherrer (1948) 334 U.S. 343 (prohibiting state judge from voiding prior divorce judgment).

  • Vanderbilt v. Vander­bilt (1957) 354 U.S. 416 (prohibiting state judge from voiding prior divorce judgment).

  • Estin v. Estin (1948) 334 U.S. 541 (prohibiting state judge from voiding prior divorce judgment).

  • Perrin v. Perrin, 408 F.2d 107 (3rd Cir. 1969) (prohibiting state judge from voiding personal and property rights adjudicated in foreign country judgment and refusal to recognize one day residence as basis for exercising jurisdiction or recognizing validity of judgment and adjudicated personal and property rights).  

  • In United States v. Guest (1966) 383 U.S. 745, the Supreme Court held: “The constitutional right to travel from one State to another [occupies] a position fundamental to the concept of our Federal Union.” The constitutional right to change residence without losing previously adjudicated or acquired personal and property rights has been held to arise under (a) the privileges and immunities clause of Article 4, § 2 of the Constitution; (b) privileges and immunities clause of the Fourteenth Amendment; (c) Article 1, § 8, clause 18 of the Constitution; (d) Ninth Amendment, in that the power to deal with violations of the right of interstate travel was "delegated to the United States by the Constitution; (e) the power to interfere with this right was not "reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."; (f) position fundamental to the concept of our Federal Union and a basic right under the constitution. (See e.g., Oregon v. Mitchell (1970) 400 US 112, 27 L Ed 2d 272, 91 S Ct 260; Slaughter House Cases (1872, US), 16 Wall 36, 21 L Ed 394.

Punishment for Exercising Due Process Defenses


Every attempt to halt the great and irreparable personal harm, and financial harm, resulting from the unprecedented number of violations resulted in California judges ordering Captain Rodney Stich to pay damages to the law firm filing  she sham action, sometimes thousands of dollars. This retaliation resulted in still more due process violations and constituted additional federal causes of action.

Bizarre Published California Court of Appeal Decision:

Later Unpublished


An initial bizarre and published decision was issued by the judges in the California Court of Appeal during the convoluted period. The decision implied that anyone moving to the State of California can be subjected to being remarried to someone from whom they were previously divorced while living in another state (and now maybe remarried). The basis, believe it or not: The above-the-law California judges could relitigate the priors court's jurisdiction, and invalidate that prior divorce judgment if the California judges felt that the parties in the prior divorce did not intend to live forever in the prior court's jurisdiction.


That stupid, illegal, and unconstitutional decision by Judges P.J. Low and J. Haning, was so bizarre, illegal, and unconstitutional, more suitable coming from inmates of a mental institution. Eventually, pressure from unknown sources caused it to be unpublished. That decision, In Re Marriage of Stich, 167 Cal. App.3d226—Cal.Rptr.—(Apr. 1985).


Since there was no marriage in fact or in law, the very title was bogus. Sampling of the order:

Complicity of California Supreme Court Justices:
Exception, Justice Stanley Mosk

The Justices of the California Supreme Court were complicit in the above atrocities, with the exception of highly respected Justice Stanley Mosk. In a 1983 appeal to the California Supreme Court, Justice Mosk voted to hear the appeal. The continued support by every other California Supreme Court Justice for the unprecedented violations and criminalization of the California judicial system continued the outrages for the next five years.


Ironically, when these and other matters, related to the same goals of silencing the corruption-fighter, were presented in an Emergency Petition to highly respected U.S. Supreme Court Justice Bryon White, he implied the gravity of the issues presented, and then apologized for being unable—as a  single justice—to help.


The California Supreme Court Justices at that time included Ronald George, Marvin Baxter, Armand Arabian, Joyce Kennard, Malcolm Lucas.


Criminal Aspects of the Attacks and Conspiracy
Of the California Judges and Justices

  • If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; ... They shall be fined ... or imprisoned ... or both;  

Unprecedented Civil Rights Violations by
California Superior, Appeal, and Supreme Court Judges


Under the Civil Rights statutes, anyone who knows of a civil rights violations, and has the ability to prevent them, and who fails to do so, becomes complicit and violates the law.

They violated in addition, Title 42 U.S.C. § 1986. 

  • Title 42 U.S.C. § 1986. Action for neglect to prevent conspiracy

Every person who, having knowledge that any of the wrongs conspired to be done, and mentioned in the preceding section [42 USCS § 1985], are about to be committed, and having power to prevent or aid in preventing the commission of the same, neglects or refuses to do so, if such wrongful act be committed, shall be liable to the party injured, or his legal representatives, for all damages caused by such wrongful act, which such person by reasonable diligence could have prevented; and such damages may be recovered in an action on the case; and any number of persons guilty of such wrongful neglect or refusal may be joined as defendants in the action, and if the death of any party be caused by any such wrongful act and neglect, the legal representatives of the deceased shall have such action therefore, and may recover not exceeding five thousand dollars damages therein, for the benefit of the widow of the deceased, if there be one, and if there be no widow, then for the benefit of the next of kin of the deceased. But no action under the provisions of this section shall be sustained which is not commenced within one year after the cause of action has accrued.

Massive Civil Rights Violations by California Judges
Compounded by Massive Civil Rights Violations and
Criminal Attacks by Federal Judges and DOJ Personnel

The first stage of the scheme originating within the U.S. Department of Justice started in the California courts, and with the planned sabotage by his own attorneys (another indication  of the powerful people behind the scheme), it would soon be over. But Captain Rodney Stich's unexpected reaction, the plan misfired.


Intervention by Federal Judges to Protect the Scheme
And the Perpetrators


Sabotaged by attorneys that he hired, and already literate in legal matters from prior use of the courts (to expose the corruption that he and his group discovered), he exercised the defenses in the federal courts. The unprecedented massive violations occurring in the California courts constituted major federal causes of action for which federal defenses existed. Federal judges had a mandatory responsibility to provide a federal court forum and relief.


The powerful forces behind the scheme again surfaced. Over a dozen federal judges criminally misused their judicial positions to:

  • Protect the perpetrators in the California courts that were inflicting great and irreparable personal and financial harm through blatant and massive violations of state and federal laws.

  • Illegally and unconstitutionally denied Stich the right to a hearing in the federal courts.

  • Issued illegal and unconstitutional orders barring him from filing any legal papers in any federal district or appellate court. Those orders blocked him from reporting additional corrupt and criminal activities that he and his group were discovering, and enabled the massive civil and constitutional attacks to continue with immunity.

Criminal Contempt of Court Charge For Seeking Relief From The
Worsening Harm—and for Reporting Corrupt Activities
Enabling Start of Terrorist Successes

The criminal misuse of government power by Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, charged Captain Stich with criminal contempt of court after Stich filed papers under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, and simultaneously sought to halt the worsening personal and financial harm. That last tactic revealed the power of the secret force behind the scheme.

Kangaroo Court Proceedings

Federal judges—with the complicity of Department of Justice personnel—denied Stich the constitutional right to a jury trial, which then became a kangaroo court trial. He was charged, prosecuted, tried, judges, and sentenced by the same Department of Justice personnel and federal judges that were part of the groups involved in the corrupt activities that were enabling great harm, deaths, and catastrophic events. Worse catastrophic events would soon follow.

Seizing Life Assets That Had Funded Attempts
To Halt Corruption-Enabling Tragedies

Department of Justice personnel and federal judges seized and liquidated Captain Stich's life assets consisting of real estate, including his home, valued at $10 million (1988 values). The assets converted Stich from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty, through blatant violations of federal laws and constitutional due process, with indications of criminal misuse of those government positions.

When Stich exercised his legal and constitutional right to file objections, he was charged with contempt of court.

Complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court


 Starting in the 1970s, Captain Rodney Stich had filed federal actions under  federal crime reporting statute, seeking to halt the horrific aviation disasters resulting form the corruption he had discovered during his official duties as a federal airline safety inspector. As he personally discovered and also learned from his confidants of other corruption. In every single instance, Department of Justice personnel and federal judges blocked the reports that they had a mandatory duty to receive. These were obstruction of  justice  crimes that he reporting in his radio and hundreds of radio and TV appearances, lectures, and his not-for-profit books. (The probable reason for the scheme to silence him.)


In almost every instance, Stich filed appeals or Emergency Petitions with the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. They therefore were fully aware of the criminal acts that were crimes against the United States; the horrific consequences of the corrupt acts; the corrupt acts of federal judges over whom  they had supervising responsibilities. They repeatedly protected the perpetrators, became enablers of the corruption and the tragedies. Those acts provided further evidence that something very serious exists in the powers that control the functions  of the United States in a very harmful and subversive manner.


Never in the History of the U.S. Supreme Court!


One exception was  the highly respected Supreme Court Justice Byron White. In response to a 60-page Emergency Petition sent to him by  Captain Rodney Stich, that provided information on the corruption in government positions and the decades of resulting harm, and the corrupt attacks against Stich by Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, Justice Byron White sent Stich an unprecedented personal letter indicating his support, but apologizing. He said, "as a single justice, I can not help." That apology, in the face of such subversive misconduct and catastrophic consequences, raised still more questions abut secret powers in the federal government that can criminalize state and federal personnel.


One of many links to the misconduct by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court:

Direct Ripple Effects Upon The
United States and Its People


For several decades before the 1982 start of the scheme, the harm from the corruption was recognized by knowledgeable insiders:

Expected response from the American public after this is posted: ZERO!

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