Documented corruption bu California judges met criteria of RICO criminal enterpriseówith catastrophic national consequences.


Start of bizarre scheme to silence corruption-fighter.


Six years of unprecedented record-setting civil rights violations: California and federal laws


Absence of subject matter jurisdiction.


California statutes required recognizing the prior judgments that settled the matters  two decades earlier.


Absence of jurisdiction over separate property under the Family Law Act.


Repeated procedural due process violations.


Violated major federal laws and constitutional protections.


Bizarre published California Court of Appeals decision: later unpublished.


Complicity of California Supreme Court  Justices: exception, Justice Stanley Mosk.


Criminal aspects of the attacks and conspiracy of the California judges and justices.


Massive civil rights violations by California judges compounded by massive civil rights violations and criminal attacks by federal judges and DOJ personnel.


Complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Ripple effects upon the United States, its people, and people of other nations.


Documentaries on endemic U.S. corruption in not-for-profit books funded by corruption fighter.