California Judges (and former judges)
Involved in Scheme that Obstructed Justice by Halting Former Federal Agent from Reporting Corruption Continuing to Result in Airline Disasters and Other Consequences

The following California judges were among those California judges who repeatedly violated massive numbers of California and federal laws and constitutional protections as they aided and abetted the sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm. Arguably, they knew they were blocking the reporting of criminal activities that had already, and would continue, to inflict great harm in the areas affected by the corrupt activities being exposed by former government agent Rodney Stich.

  • Dennis W. Bunting, Fairfield, California.
  • Dwight Ely, Fairfield, California.
  • Michael McInnis, Fairfield, California.
  • Harold F. Wolters, Fairfield, California.
  • William Jensen, Fairfield, California.
  • J. Clinton Peterson, Fairfield, California.
  • Donald King, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.
  • Harry Low, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.
  • Zerne Haning, California Court of Appeals, San Francisco.
  • All justices of California Court of Appeals (except Stanley Mosk who initially sought to support Stich's defenses).

Lawyers and law firms involved included, among others, who were named in lawsuits and protected by federal judges:

  • Jeffrey S. Ross, San Francisco area.
  • Lawrence A. Gibbs, San Francisco area.
  • Stanley J. Friedman. San Francisco.
  • Paul G. Sloan, San Francisco.
  • Friedman, Sloan and Ross law firm, San Francisco (CIA-front ACLU member)
  • Joshua Landis, Las Vegas.
  • Lawrence Goldberg, San Francisco area.
  • Terrance C. Stinnet, San Francisco area.
  • Goldberg, Stinnet and McDonald, San Francisco area.
  • Christopher A. Goelz, San Francisco area.
  • Merle C. Meyers, San Francisco area.
  • Susan E. Weber, San Francisco area.
  • Rene Feinstein, Las Vegas.
  • Estelle Mannis, Oakland area.
  • Kent L. Mannis, Oakland area.
  • Vernon Bradley, San Francisco area.
  • Jerome Murray, San Francisco area.
  • Charles Duck, Trustee and embezzler.
  • And many more.

Key role was also played in the series of cover-ups by lawyers for the ACLU. From the time that I was encountering this pattern of corruption as an FAA safety agent, I contacted ACLU for assistance. I contacted them when I was being permanently stripped of the due process rights that even murders and terrorists possess. I contacted them with information showing the massive violations of constitutional protections in conjunction with the obstruction of justice activities. Never once did they offer to help, despite the moral and legal responsibilities to do so. They also played a role in the events making possible the murder of 3,000 people on 9-11.

Catastrophic Ripple Effects From
Corrupt Actions by Lawyers and Judges

The "Butterfly Effect" is the cumulatively large effect that a small force produces over a period of time. The theory arises from the notion that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings sets off currents that grow much larger. Another fitting term for the consequences of their actions would be "blowback." By their actions, and most knew that they were involved in schemes to halt Stich's exposure activities, they knew from the past what the blowback consequences would be.

More details at Lawsuits to Obstruct Justice.

Are the California Judges
Complicit in 3000 Deaths?

Consider the following:

  • Without addressing the other areas affected by the criminal activities that Stich and his group of former government agents sought to report, and addressing only the corruption that affected the aviation environment:

    • IF the culture and corruption within the FAA did in fact exist (as overwhelming documentation shows), which included a history of blocking the implementation of procedures addressing the known safety problems, such as hijackings);

    • It would explain why the known and obviously long overdue measures to prevent the hijackings of the four airliners on 9/11 were not taken;

    • And the preventative measures to prevent airline hijackings did exist (and Stich made such recommendations);

    • And the need for such preventative measures was obvious from years of airline hijackings, plus the knowledge that airline hijackings were planned by Middle East terrorists);

    • And if California judges did engage in legal actions knowing that they were blocking his reports, and most probably, intended to block the reports;

    • It becomes obvious that the long overdue preventatives measures were blocked by the legal tactics which constituted criminal obstruction of justice;

    • It then becomes obvious that if a citizen had perpetrated a minute fraction of these offenses that he would be criminally prosecuted for complicity in events that led to the 9/11 hijackings and 3,000 deaths. And these were only one-day's consequences, and only in the aviation area.

    • If these California judges are guilty of any complicity in these events, we also have the complicity of the dozens of members of Congress who knew not only about the underlying criminal activities, but also the criminal obstruction of justice and criminal retaliation against the former federal agent. And the others, in the media and elsewhere, who also knew! Talk about the ugly Americans, what about the criminal Americans!

    • The next question: What are you going to do about this blatant criminal and even subversive conduct by over a dozen California judges who were directly implicated?

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