Complicity in the Scheme by
California Attorney General John K. Van De Kamp

The scheme against Stich involved many people. It is probable that the scheme commenced by the San Francisco law firm, identified as a front for the CIA, had intended to be a simple and quick destruction of Stich's assets and thereby eliminate his ability to continue his costly publicity activities into the corrupt activities that he discovered and publicized through book publishing and hundreds of radio and television appearances. 

The value of understanding the actions of the Attorney General of the State of California and his assistants is to show their willingness to lie, which would be of concern to those against whom these same people have filed criminal or civil actions. It should reveal to jurors, if only they would get out of their state of ignorance concerning these matters and state of denial, that this is another example of the utterly corrupt culture in the legal fraternity and how their powerful government position can destroy anyone. Understanding this conduct can also help fill in one of the many pieces to the convoluted matters which Stich writes about in his various books and the actions taken to silence him. 

A quick thumbnail sketch may help to understand the convoluted sequence of events that eventually backfired on the participants follows:

Stich discovered as a federal investigator a pattern of air safety and criminal violations associated with a series of fatal airline crashes occurring in his area of federal air safety responsibilities. The corruption implicated key people at United Airlines, the world's largest airline, and key people within the Federal Aviation Administration. Stich documented the corrupt activities and their associated with specific airline crashes.

Stich made people in other government entities aware of these matters who had a responsibility to act. He documented their subsequent cover-ups and obstruction of justice, and the relationship of these obstruction of justice acts with subsequent crashes. The documented activities revealed the world's worst air safety scandals and required strong measures to contain the scandals.

Major violations of dozens of California statutes, rules of court, federal laws and constitutional rights and protections by numerous California judges who circled the wagon and in a bunker mentality escalated the unlawful conduct against Stich.

Stich filed a federal action against California judges, which were then defended by the Attorney General of the State of California, John K. Van De Kamp, assisted by Assistant Attorney General N. Eugene Hill and further by California Department of Justice attorneys Mary C. Michel and Lawrence J. Gumbiner. They continued the deception. Trying to simplify their involvement, they filed a July 10, 1986 appellate brief with the United States Court of Appeals after I filed a lawsuit against California judges that was promptly dismissed by San Francisco district judge Marilyn Patel.  Their deception and fraud upon the court consisted of the following:

  • Omitting any reference to the several dozen California statutes and rules of court that barred the cause of action.

  • Omitted any reference to the fact that the California judges were acting without personal and without subject matter jurisdiction.

  • Omitted any reference to the fact that federal statutes, landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions, constitutional provisions, were violated by the California judges.

In the attorney general's brief seeking to defend the rogue California judges described in Stich's complaint, Van De Kamp stated:

  • The California judges were immune from the consequences of their acts, were immune from the civil rights violations of the Civil Rights Act despite the fact that the Act clearly refers to people who violate a person's civil rights as "Anyone who ..."

  • Stated and implied that California judges, many of whom hold the position for only a few years and then go back to private practice, were totally insulated from the consequences of their wrongful acts.

  • Upheld the published decision of California Court of Appeal judges Haning, King, and ...., who approved of the massive violations of state and federal laws, the acting without personal and without subject matter jurisdiction, the taking of personal and property rights previously adjudicated and established in seven judgments.

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