Vernon Bradley, Attorney Hired by
Corruption-Fighter, Captain Rodney Stich


In  1987, Captain Rodney Stich hired Vernon Bradley to represent him in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filling where Stich sought an order by the bankruptcy judge to halt the massive civil rights violations occurring in a sham California lawsuit that was filed by a CIA-front law firm of Freidman, Sloan and Ross.

Instead of protecting his client, Bradley joined Las Vegas attorney Joshua Landish in sabotaging their client and requested the court to seize and liquidate his assets.

Stich did not learn of Bradley's deception until a later date when he examined the court records and found a letter that Bradley sent to the court, dated January 7, 1988,that showed the deception. That letter to the court stated:

This letter is to state for the record that I am not representing Rodney Stich in any appeal from the above mentioned case, about which you inquired earlier this week.  Indeed, I have advised Mr. Stich that I am no longer representing him in any capacity.

I might add that my appearance for Mr. Stich on November 16, 1987 was part of an attempt to get him to cooperate with the Court in the matter of his filing of lawsuits. I remained unaware of his subsequent filings until late December  1987.

And I was not informed by Mr. Stich that he was quoting me or otherwise referring to me in his filed declaration.


Unprecedented Record of Orchestrated Attorney Sabotage

Brady knew that Stich's sole purpose of filing the Chapter 11 bankruptcy was to get a court order removing then lis pendens in a sham California lawsuit that were causing him to lose properties. On September 28, 1987, bankruptcy judge Robert Jones stated that he was going to do that. The judge's order stated in part:

Present were the Debtors and Joshua M. Landish and Vernon L. Bradley on behalf of the Debtors;

Having reviewed the pleadings on file herein and heard the arguments of counsel, it is the intent of this Court that it should abstain from hearing the above-captioned bankruptcy case and therefore pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 305. an order dismissing the case will be  entered within 60 days of the hearing. Pending dismissal of the case.

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the automatic stay is modified as follows:

  1. The automatic stay is hereby terminated with respect to all litigation pending by or against the Debtor in all state and federal courts, including  the California court of Appeal.
  2. The automatic stay is not terminated with respect the commencement or continuation of any foreclosure against any property oft he above-captioned bankruptcy estates.
  3. The Debtor shall forthwith do whatever is necessary to achieve refinancing of the secured notes held by Robil, Inc. and the parties shall appear before the Court for a status hearing on November 10, 1987 at 1:30 p.m.


That was exactly what Stich had sought when he filed Chapter 11 for his financially health assets. It was the removal of the lis pendens placed on the properties in the sham California lawsuit that prevented the periodic refinancing of loans that had come due. Every creditor was being paid.

The powerful force that acted to destroy the assets that funded Stich's expose efforts then enabled both attorneys hired by Stich to reverse that decision, and cause  bankruptcy judge Robert Jones to do that same.

Without Stich's knowledge, a hearing was held on October 8, 1987, prior to the scheduled November 10 hearing, at which Stich's Las Vegas attorney urged Judge Robert Jones to seize the assets—the exact opposite of what Landish was paid and entrusted to do. That action knowingly converted Stich from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty, with no chance of recovery at his age of 70.

Both attorneys and Judge Robert Jones knew that their actions would deprive Stich of the funds needed to continue his attempts to halt the corruption-enabled tragedies.

Captain Stich had experienced a total sabotage of his defenses by attorneys that he hired and paid, and after his assets were seized, by court-appointed attorneys. This continued from 1982 through 1995, and included about a dozen attorneys. They all knew that Stich was attempting to halt the corruption-enabled tragedies, and that Department of Justice personnel and federal judges were seeking to silence him..

The evidence strongly indicates that powerful force in the federal government was responsible for this unprecedented sabotage by so many attorneys.