Some thoughts from Boris S. Korczak, former CIA/KGB double agent, on Afghanistan:

This is my outlook at Afghanistan war. Of course, as a former intelligence operative, my opinion might differ from the rest of the population, but let’s try to chew through this very complex and senseless wars with an open mind.

A bit of history might help to evaluate the chances of our conquest of Afghanistan and creating a “mini-me,” or a poor imitation of a pro-American “banana republic.”

Since the seventh century different countries tried to conquer Afghanistan. There was a first conquest by Islam lasting from 637 to 709. Sunni Islam became a predominant religion in Afghanistan and stays there today.

First Anglo-Afghan war lasted for three years from 637 to 1842, to restart again in 1878, and ending in 1881, resulting in a bloody nose for the British.

Thirty eight years later, the British Empire started a new war all over again; and it lasted for four months, ending in armistice on 8 August same year.

In 1929, a civil war broke in when Habibullah Ghazi rebelled against the existing government and became emir.

The years 1978 through 1979 are known as a new civil war and Soviet invasion that ended with the Soviet troops withdrawal and a total collapse of the governing system, followed by Taliban takeover, which kept power until 2001.

The same year, in 2001, the socalled ISAF/NATO/USA coalition started the war with Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack on New York by 19 highjackers, most of them Saudis.

Of course there are many advantages some countries might have if they could pacify Afghanistan. Many empires tried and failed. What did they want from Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has natural gas, oil, coal, petroleum, copper, chromite, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, zinc, iron ore, salt, precious and semiprecious stones.

Wouldn’t we start drilling, mining and exploiting if only the Afghans would let us occupy their country and stop shooting for heavens sake.

There are of course some other interested parties besides US in pacifying Afghanistan. Particularly, Israel is concerned about the Iranian nuclear race, hoping that they will be able to install listening devices and advanced spy equipment adjacent to the Iranian border, especially since Iran completed development of the Shahab 3 ballistic missile, capable of hitting Israeli cities and American bases in the Middle East.

Afghanistan is divided into many different tribes with the war lords who govern them. Let’s see how many folks we have to deal with. There are 14 million Pashtuns with 12 percent Durrani semi-tribe, and about 15 percent Ghilazis, Tajiks that are about 25 percent of the population, 18 percent Hazaras, 18 percent Uzbeks, 2.5 percent Turkmen, Aimaqs, Baluchs, Nuristanis, 2.5 percent; Qizilbash, Kizilbashes and it barely covers the biggest of the tribes.

We put them all into one sack and call them Taliban, simply because we have no idea how to deal with so many people and many languages like Dari, Pashto, and gazillion of other lingos. Taliban is simply fundamentalist Islamic militia with its roots deep inside the tribes and Koran.

Afghans are Muslims with a majority being, Sunni and the rest belonging to all variations of Muslim religion and different interpretation of Koran. Their moral code is know as Pushtunwali, and a great part of it is honor called namuz, solidarity – nang, and mutual defense against the invaders. All they want is to get us out of their rocky country and let them be. Not to fight the enemy is the greatest shame and can be a suicidal idea. They all do not like the invaders and know how to fight them without the sophisticated weapons we have.

There is or was another factor in the Islamic struggle against US. It is called Al-Qaida, but as every intelligence officer knows, Al-Qaida, means literally “the database.” and was originally the computer file of the thousands of Mujahedeen who were recruited and trained by the CIA to defeat the Russians.

Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate in 2007 that the war on terror is “a mythical historical narrative.” He also called the American policy as driven by “imperial hubris and a disaster on historic, strategic and moral grounds.” Brzezinski also said that the invasion in Iraq would plunge the United States into a “spreading quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

So far we have created just two monsters; one in Baghdad and one in Kabul and none of them promises any positive changes and happiness to the people of Iraq or Afghanistan or USA.

Our military might is not even designed to fight these hillmen, and our experience dropping bombs on innocent civilians recruits even more angry tribesmen to fight the invaders.

There is no way to eliminate the Taliban through military actions. It is hard to comprehend how eight thousand miles away from US these tribesmen threaten US mainland, and a curiosity so natural to human beings make me think what would happen if we just pack our toys and get the hell out of Afghanistan and the rest of Islamic countries. It would make them happy and bring some sanity to us.

Are we seriously thinking that any of the Islamic countries can present any danger to the existence of the US? If the state of Israel has any problems with the above countries, let them deal with them themselves just like all predecessors.


His web site: www.boriskorczak.com


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