Defrauding America Book Series (Kindle)


Unprecedented Series of Books Detailing and Documenting
How the American People Have Been Defrauded
By Their Leaders, with Detailed Examples


Starting in the 1960s, the  information was discovered by former professionals in such groups as the CIA, DEA, FBI, FAA, former Mafia insiders, former drug smugglers—working for government sources, and others. If this information had been known by responsive Americans, and acted upon, many of America's great tragedies could have been prevented. The same applies to future tragedies, made possible by an extension of this corrupt culture that includes key  people in every branch of the federal governmentand kept from the people by  America's lapdog media.

The following books in the Defrauding America series are available for purchase and download in the Kindle format at the Kindle Store for purchase: