Sampling of Several Recent Blog Entries On
Terrorist Matters At

The Making of Millions of Terrorists
Wanting to Kill Americans

U.S. politicians doing all the "right" things to generate the world's greatest growth of people willing to kill themselves while killing Americans!! What an accomplishment!!

Intelligence Failures Versus Congressional Oversight
"Failures" As Blame for
Series of Catastrophic Terrorist Attacks


Information on Prior Terrorist Attacks
Kept From American Public

Multiple Systemic Intelligence Failures
Compounded by Systematic Corruption

The presence of the underwear bomber on Northwest Airlines flight 253 on December 25, 2009, was widely blamed on multiple intelligence failures. The facts kept from the public indicate that the multiple systemic intelligence failures were compounded by far more serious problems: multiple systemic corruption.

Information on the corruption aspects aiding the terrorists, for which considerable evidence exists, includes, for instance:

Because of the severity of these criminal activities, the many resulting deaths, and the people and groups in government implicated, these matters are unlikely to ever become known to the public.


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