60 years of sophisticated aviation experience.

Naval aviator: Patrol Plane Commander.

International airline captain.

Captain Rodney Stich in cockpit of Japan Airlines aircraft.

Captain Rodney Stich hard at work in cockpit of Japan Airlines aircraft.

Joining the Federal Aviation Administration as a safety inspector-investigator.

Discovering serious safety problems and corruption related to continuing series of airline disasters.

Hired by Flying Tigers.

Airline disasters continued, motivating Stich to again act to expose the deep culture and corruption within certain key FAA offices.

Circumventing cover-ups with a book and radio-TV appearances.

Publicity caused other government agents to contact Stich with information on corruption in other government operations.

Grand Canyon as seen from an airplane. Click here for other similar pictures.

Free book segments. Click here to download at no charge segments from any of the explosive books written by Stich and other government insiders.

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