Moral and Legal Responsibilities of People
Who Learn of A Federal Offense To
Report or Act To Halt the Resulting Harm

Morally, anyone who learns of a corrupt or criminal act that can be expected to inflicts, or enabled to be inflicted, harm upon others, should do whatever is in their power to report the matter, or take action that focuses attention on it and bring about corrective actions. The information presented to the American public was explosive, and the consequences so catastrophic, provided by competent insiders, that no responsible person could ignore!

As a matter of criminal law, anyone who knows of a federal crime must promptly report it to a federal official, or be guilty of a crime known as misprision of a felony (among others).

Person providing this information:

This information is being provided by corruption fighter, Captain Rodney Stich, who has been continually active in major national and international events since 1940 (when he joined the U.S. Navy,  a year before Pearl Harbor), with unusual credibility, and direct involvement in many of America's most significant covert and catastrophic activities. Even U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White acknowledged the gravity of the matters.


One of the many horrors enabled by endemic corruption in key government positions and those Americans who remained blissfully ignorant or indifferent.

Would Anyone, Who Learned of Corrupt or Criminal
Misconduct, and Did Nothing, Meet
The Criteria of A 9/11 Enabler?

There were many people in government and the media who definitely were criminal enablers of 9/11. They are addressed in other writings. This writing raises the question of whether certain members of the American public, who learned of corrupt or criminal acts from, for instance, whistleblowers, have personal guilt in the 9/11 events. Especially if the corrupt or criminal acts they learned about were primary enablers of the easily preventable airliner hijackings. (This would also apply in any of the prior harmful or catastrophic events resulting from corrupt or criminal acts, or subsequent harmful or catastrophic events.

This discussion is limited to whether segments of the American public have inadvertently, through their unresponsiveness to whistleblowers' reports of tragedy-enabled corruption in government positions, play an enabling roll in 3,000 Deaths on 9/11 (and other great tragedies)?

Indifference, As Enablers, to Decades of  Prior
American Tragedies—and Worse to Come

The horrorific events of 9/11 were simply one day's of tragedies in a 40-year history—with the unresponsive American public at the end of other enablers. The current  culture with the millennium generation, child-like approach to adult responsibilities, and now, child-like obsession with trivia, and no concept of prior events, they are being easily manipulated as puppets, and continuing the status  of the  American  public as a feeding trough.

Applicable Federal Law Pertaining To
Reporting a Federal Crime

If anyone becomes aware of a federal crime  and does not promptly report it to a federal official, that person becomes guilty of misprision of a felony.

Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Misprision of felony. “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.” 

[An endless number of people knew of the felonies, and not only concealed their knowledge of it, but some, as with federal judges, federal prosecutors, and cooperating lawyers, engaged in fraudulent conduct against the person seeking to make the reports. Those people are addressed in other reports.]

More information on relevant criminal statutes at

Corrupt and Criminal Acts That Enabled the
Success of the al Qaeda Perpetrators
Of 3,000 Horrific Deaths

The documented corrupt and criminal activities of two primary groups, and several secondary groups, were responsible for the success of the easily preventable aviation disasters on September 11, 2001. They were the primary enablers, and the evidence is overwhelming to anyone showing even the more primitive interest.

The primary enablers, again, supported by overwhelming evidence, were:

 The secondary enablers, as shown by overwhelming evidence, included:

Veteran Naval Aviator Suffering Far Worse Harm Protecting America
From Internal Corruption Than from Five Years of
Fighting in World War II

Another Veteran Who Suffered While the Public Stood Silent

All of the Above Crimes Were Known To
Millions of Americans

Although the above crimes started to be made known by Captain Stich to government personnel that had a responsibility to act, and were paid to act, starting in 1964, it was in 1978 that millions of American were provided with the start of this information. It was in 1978 that Captain Stich published his first not-for-profit book, Unfriendly Skies, and started appearing as guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs as guest and expert.

Many understood the gravity of the corruption Captain Stich reported, as shown by a sampling of reader comments to Captain Rodney Stich. Unfortunately, that was the extent of their reaction.

Unprecedented Criminalized Government in Any
Modern Industrial Nation

The massive amount of documented evidence that Captain Stich and his dozens of insiders have brought together reveals a gross pattern of subversive corruption by the top leaders in the government of the United States. This is unprecedented and unknown in virtually any modern industrial nation.

"Credit" for the Above Monstrous Behavior

The primary responsibility for the total subversion of the checks and balances in the United States belong to the people in those positions. Second, the lapdog media, much of it receiving secret funding from the CIA and other government  entities, has a close responsibility.

But there  is no excuse for mentally capable Americans to remain  unresponsive to the corruption and  criminality that subverts the United States and the harm done to individual Americans, the nation as a whole, and what the corruption has done to other nations and their people.

Ludicrous Conspiracy Theories That Require No Mental Exertion
Receive Attention and Divert from Real Corruption

The segment of the American public that does complain of corruption focuses on simplistic matters, or ludicrous conspiracy theories, that require no mental effort. A key example are the bizarre conspiracy theories associated with the aviation disasters of September 11, 2001. And entire chapter is devoted to them in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

Sampling of Tragedies Associated with Corrupt Acts
Of Groups in Government That Was Known
To Millions of Unresponsive Americans

The aviation disasters of September 11, 2001, were preceded by decades of prior catastrophic events, and reliable information and considerable government documents showing corruption related to the events, or corruption enabling the events to occur.

The information made available to millions of Americans included facts, documents, references, and obvious enabling misconduct. Considering the gravity of the corruption, the gravity of the prior consequences, and the gravity of the continuing consequences, much of the American public that had the mental capacity to understand, had any excuse for remaining silent. Their silence made possible many tragedies, and enablers of the additional threats and harm coming from the Middle East.

The following is a sampling:

Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

Bombing of World Trade Center

Series of DOJ Officials Deep-Sixing
Advance Notice of Planned al Qaeda Attacks

The criminal misuse of the Department of Justice power to file sham criminal contempt of court charges against a highly decorated corruption fighter, Captain Rodney Stich. This was done after he filed a federal action under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, seeking to report several decades of criminal activities that were resulting in great harm to individual Americans, to national interests, and a continuing series of catastrophic events.

These reports included the findings of former professionals in covert and law enforcement positions and other insiders.

Despite the decades of tragedies that simply do not occur in a vacuum, and enabled by the corruption  made known to millions of Americans, nothing, absolutely nothing, was done by the American people. Simplistic issues relating to simplistic matters; like obsession with the thoroughly corrupt professional sports, and other trivia, which receive obsessive public attention.

Compare, for instance, the comparative reaction by:

The remainder of this posting is enlargement of information for serious people.

Comparison of the American people to the German people under Adolf Hitler.

System-Wide Need to Sequester Criminal Misconduct
 Inside the "System" That Enabled 3,000 Deaths

Role Played by FBI-DOJ murderous culture

Prior Corruption-Enabled NYC World Record Aviation Disaster

The Evidence Providers

The information and evidence for the above had been received from several sources during a ten-year period:

Highly Qualified and Creditable Mole in Active al Qaeda Cell

Information directly from the mole in that al Qaeda cell, whose father was that Mafia mole involved in several decades of murders of American citizens with the help of, sometimes at the suggestion of, FBI and other Department of Justice personnel, who were also providing immunity and money! That mole also provided this writer with FBI documents relating to much of the above.

Highly Decorated Veteran and Key FBI Special Agent

Combination Evidence Accumulator and Corruption-Fighter

Life-and-Death Assignment

Starting in the early 1960's as  a FAA airline safety inspector, his background and credibility resulted in being given the unprecedented life-and-death-assignment to halt the serious safety violations at a major politically powerful airline that was experiencing the world's record in number of deadly aviation disasters—including a world record aviation disaster in the heart of New York City.

Powerful political FAA management retaliated against him as he documented and attempted to corrupt the corrupt  and criminal aviation  safety matters that he uncovered. During these attacks, three more deadly crashes occurred that were enabled by the same corruption and criminal acts that he discovered. One of these was a classic textbook example of how people die from corruption in government.

These matters were initially made known to the American public (the silent generation and baby boomer generation) via hundreds of radio and TV appearances, and not-for-profit books. The do-nothing American public ignored the ongoing corruption, acting like puppets controlled by the cover-up forces in and out of government.

Even that former New York City Mafiosi, the mole in the al Qaeda cell that risked his life and that of his family, showed more responsibility and interest in protecting the nation and its people than any of the enablers listed here—and including the American public.

Deadly Corruption Generated
An Unprecedented
Corruption Fighter

Helped with his prior experiences as a U.S. Navy Aviator (joining the U.S. Navy in 1940, a year before the Pearl Harbor attack), he engaged in 40 years of unprecedented acts to halt the corruption, which revealed even worse misconduct. As an  unprecedented corruption fighter, exposing powerful people throughout government, he also became disposable and targeted by the corrupt culture in the U.S. Department of Justice and federal judges, and suffered years of great personal and financial harm. (Another veteran considered disposable! The attacks on him enabled the American public to suffer far more, which will continue for generations!)

Seeking to Halt Corruption-Enabling Harm and Catastrophic Events
Through Series of Federal Lawsuits

He filed federal lawsuits, starting in the 1970s, reporting evidence of corruption of key people and groups in the federal government that was enabling a continuing series of tragedies after tragedies, and direct harm upon individual Americans.

Reporting Deadly Corruption  to Members of Congress

Reporting widespread corrupt and criminal activities of people in key government positions since 1965, through federal lawsuits (suing members of Congress for covering  up the crimes) and through letters and faxes.

Bringing About the Termination of the Federal Aviation Agency

In the early stages, before the deadly consequences reached the stage where vast segments of the federal government These numerous communications, the resulting aviation disasters, and his role as an independent prosecutor, caused Congress to terminate the Federal Aviation Agency in 1967 and replace it with the Federal Aviation Administration (with the same corrupt personnel and culture).

Unprecedented Apology by Supreme Court Justice for Not Being Able to Help

Having accumulated evidence of far more extensive corruption during the next 15 years, and as the corruption became enablers of terrorist successes, he sent a 60-page Emergency Petition to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White. That  petition resulted in an unprecedented personal letter from Justice White, with an even more unprecedented apology by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.

Justice White implied the seriousness of the information in that Emergency Petition, and wrote that—as a single Justice—he could not help. (What unknown power exists in the federal government that a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court could not help in such a serious matter affecting the nation!) Massive evidence accumulated during the past 40 years strongly indicates that this awesome power is wielded by corrupt Department of Justice personnel and federal judges.

Credibility References

Massive amount of evidence exists to prove the above information (which is a small but overwhelming amount of data) A sampling of outstanding reports by personnel in the FAA, Flying Tigers Airline, Douglas Aircraft Corporation, and others is a good start.

Tragedy-Enabling Unresponsiveness By
Most of the American Public

The above information is only a small part of the enormous amount of material Stich made available to the American public since 1978. Although the blame for 40-plus years of tragedies is with the corrupt personnel holding important positions in government, and to those who covered up, and continue to do so, including members of Congress, the lapdog U.S. media, political pundits, the question remains as to whether most of the American public also helped in making these tragedies possible. That includes the 3,000 deaths on September 11, 2001. To be considered in answering that question:

Worsening Conditions Under the Millennium Generation

The millennium generation, coming of age with child-like videos, obsession with noisy music, and entering adulthood glued to a tiny screen held in their hand, with no basic understanding of the past, and 140-character mental concentration limit of Twitter, and wasting time on social sites, the ability or willingness of the this generation is worse than any prior generation. Any protests are of simplistic matters that do not require a great amount of mental energy. Now, with  a major segment of the world wanting to kill Americans because of what U.S. politicians have done in the Middle East, their future is dismal.

Their role as the feeding trough for the powerful forces in government, to be manipulated as puppets by the forces taking control of key government positions and their media protectors. Major segments of the world want to kill Americans for what U.S. politicians did to people and nations in the Middle East—while the American public remained silent. They now have a self-made dedicated group wanting to kill Americans!

Sampling of Related Writings

This subject, with such horrendous consequences, demands serious examination by everyone. A few of the many related articles are added here:

Catch-Up Material to Bring the American Public
Into the 21st Century To Understand the
Deep-Seated Corruption Affecting Their Future







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