Two Examples of the Culture Among America's Leaders:

Navy pilot in World War II, helping defend against a foreign enemy:

The same former Naval Aviator fighting a more sinister internal enemy in the United States:

Highly decorated Vietnam War helicopter pilot who repeatedly risked his life to rescue wounded soldiers

Greatest harm came to Taus, not from external enemy, but from internal enemies within the U.S. government. Working as an "FBI agent in the New York City offices, under an FBI Supervisor involved in a series of murders with a Mafia capo known as "the killing machine," Taus reported misconduct to bribe-taking members of Congress, who did nothing but turn the information  over to the people in the FBI-DOJ that were involved in the murders. False charges were promptly  files against Taus, the first being using a government-issued credit card to buy $8 in fuel as Taus used his personal car in an official surveillance operation, closely followed by sham charges by a Brooklyn district attorney (an office identified in a series of New York Times articles in  fabricated charges against innocent victims). The FBI-DOJ personnel charging Taus with the sham charges that eventually resulted in a 40-year prison sentence for that Vietnamese hero, were the same bureaucrats that deep-sixed advanced information of planned al Qaeda attacks that enabled 4,000 initial deaths, followed by two wars and much more.

The American public, during these and countless other similar crimes by internal enemies, remained blissfully ignorantor too afraid to address the powerful  enemies within government.