Table of Contents


Sampling of four decades of preventable harm, including aviation disasters and terrorist successes, upon the American people.


The above tragedies could have been prevented if the following additional corrupt conduct did not occur.


Awesome nationwide implications even if only a fraction of the heavily supported charges are true: They're all true!


Massive amount of supporting data.


Comparison between the German people under Adolf Hitler and the American people under their leaders.


Additional sampling of links for quick glimpse of corrupt culture among U.S. leaders.


Sampling of great tragedies caused or enabled by systemic corruption, systemic cover-ups, retaliation against corruption-reporting whistleblowers—and American public inaction.


Books by professional insiders on corruption-enabling American tragedies.


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List of Previously Prepared Files Addressing Legal and Judicial Complicity


Lawsuit filed in New York City reporting federal crimes enabling easy success of 9/11 hijackings


Lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C. reporting federal crimes that enabled the success of 9/11.


Lawsuits to halt high-level corruption


Lawsuits reporting criminal activities


Lawsuits reporting corruption


Miscellaneous legal filings.


List of legal files.


List of legal files


Miscellaneous legal briefs.


Index of Legal schemes


Index of legal submissions to U.S. Supreme Court


List of sequence.


Sequence of obstruction of justice tactics by lawyers and judges.


Index to the sham legal schemes


 Friedman, Sloan and Ross,




Sequence of obstruction of justice tactics by lawyers and judges.


23 years of attacks by hoard of lawyers


Stich in the 1990s, while under constant attack by dozens of lawyers and judges seeking to halt his exposure activities:


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