Insider secrets revealing how 4,000 people were killed.
Mafia mole in key al Qaeda cell.
FBI-DOJ personnel deep-sixing advance notice of planned terrorist attacks.
Deadly consequences of the "Deep-Sixing."
Secrets relating to earlier blowback bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.
Terrorist successes are only one area of harm from culture of corruption rampant in the United States.
Self-inflicted problem of terrorist attacks.
Al Qaeda: terrorists to Americans—or patriots to Israeli-American victims?
One of thousands of victims resulting from Israeli-American brutalities.
Additional collateral consequences.
Murderous war against Afghanistan.
War against Iraq.
Prior related DOJ misconduct: 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Years of DOJ obstruction of justice and related tragedies.
Letters reporting murders involving FBI personnel and Mafia Capo known as "The Killing Machine."
Early letters reporting  murders involving FBI personnel and Mafia capo.
Criminal acts committed by covering up for conduct constituting federal crimes.
New York district attorney forced to file murder charges against FBI supervisor.
Pursuing other angles to circumvent the endemic cover-ups: Letters to New York officials.
Letters to members of Congress to report  criminal acts enabling terrorist crimes against the United States.
Continuing media cover-ups.
Secretly releasing Gregory Scarpa, Jr., from  long prison sentence.

List of documentary books on endemic corruption in the United States.