U.S. politicians shifting enabling blame from 9/11 hijackings from themselves to Afghanistan.


Catastrophic boomerang effects from conduct of U.S. politicians.


Among the thousands of Afghan children killed by U.S. attacks.


The sordid enablers of the 9/11 hijackers.


Lone person's futile efforts to halt decades of tragedies.


The consequences of the above conduct.


Afghanistan a haven for fraud: using U.S. taxpayers' funds.


Continuation of the deadly hoax by President Barack Obama.


Complicity of the American public that supported or voted for President Bush's second term.


Documentary books showing corruption among U.S. leaders and the related tragedies.





Endemic corruption compounds other U.S. mistakes.


President Obama's position on Afghanistan.


Parallel views on Afghanistan.


Afghanistan, another American quagmire.


Afghanistan Index


U.S. catalyst for 40 years of war in Afghanistan.


Comments on U.S. involvement in Afghanistan







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