Compare Acorn to Oak Tree Growth With
Corruption in Government to History of Great Tragedies

There is overwhelming evidence showing how the United States, with resources that should have enabled a comfortable life for most people, was made into one of the most corrupt, if not the worse, of any modern industrial nation.

Evidence of how corruption in the top layers of the three branches of the federal governmentincluding the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court—and cover-ups by every check and balance. For those who care there is a great amount of accurate information detailing the many areas of corruption,  cover-ups, and retaliation, starting in the 1960s and showing the escalation of the corruption and the consequences. Discover what this generation is passing on to its children abd grandchildren. (Warning, this sampling requires more than 140-character attention span.)

Sampling of Acorns to Oak Trees and the American Public as Victims

Corruption With National Individual Victims

Individual Victims in Non-Catastrophic Events

Overwhelming Support For Charges
Made by
Corruption Fighting Activist, Captain Rodney Stich

The See and Do Nothing by America's Feeding Trough:
The American Public

Probable Fate for Today's Children and Grand Children:
Result of Their Parent's Indifference to Corruption

Made possible by the media-dumbed-down and trivia-obsessed American public, the children and grandchildren will experience and suffer even worsening  consequences. For instance:

Not-for-profit books in the Defrauding America book series that reveal an entirely different view of the United States.

Sampling of Early Fraud-Related Consequences
Discovered by Captain Rodney Stich





"Tribute," or some sort of plaque,  to the American people; as people of no other nation would have remained so docile from serving as such a prolific feeding trough so that so many others may prosper!